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Your Complete Guide to Palm Coast, FL Hurricane Insurance

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Palm Coast Florida Hurricane Insurance

If you're one of the 89,800 residents that live in Palm Coast, FL, protection is necessary. Your assets will need a variety of coverages to avoid financial loss. Hurricane insurance is one of them that is especially essential in a coastal state.

Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can help. They have access to several markets so that you get the best deal around. Connect with a local expert and save big time.

What Is Hurricane Insurance?

Palm Coast, FL, is located in Flagler County, which has had 22 natural disasters. When you own a home or business here, the right coverage can mean the difference between whether a claim is paid or not. Hurricane insurance comes in many forms. 

  • Hurricane insurance: While there is no separate hurricane insurance policy per se, there is protection against the damage they cause. This will come in the form of your homeowners policy, flood policy, and more. 

What Does Hurricane Insurance Cover in Palm Coast, FL?

If you live in Palm Coast, FL, there is a good chance you'll experience a hurricane. Damage from a catastrophe can be significant and costly without the right insurance. Protection for a hurricane is spread across all your personal and commercial policies. Some coverages that may apply are as follows:

  • Replacement or repair of personal or commercial belongings
  • Replacement or repair of personal or commercial property/structures
  • Replacement or repair of personal or commercial vehicles 

Save on Hurricane Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Much Is Hurricane Insurance in Palm Coast, FL?

The cost of insurance will vary from state to state. Each person is given a unique rate because it's based on personal data and outside factors. Several items affect your hurricane insurance premiums in Palm Coast:

  • Your claims history
  • Your flood zone
  • The city you live in
  • Weather patterns
  • Property values

The exact pricing for hurricane insurance will be unknown until you obtain quotes. To save even more, ask your agent to bundle your policies with the same carrier. When you put your home and auto insurance with one company, they give you a big discount.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Storms in Palm Coast, FL, can cause a lot of damage. Nationwide, average insured losses due to hurricanes each year are $56.3 billion. Your homeowners insurance policy can help.

Coverage for a hurricane and any other storm will be insured under your homeowners insurance. Replacement and repair of your property will be covered. One area that your home policy can't insure is damage caused by a flood. 

Does Flood Insurance Cover Hurricanes?

Florida is the Number 1 state in the nation for hurricanes. If you have flooding due to a storm, your primary policies will exclude coverage. For adequate protection, you'll need separate flood insurance.

FEMA regulates the flood insurance industry across the country. They will assign a flood zone to your property and help set rates. There are FEMA-approved carriers to work with for your flood insurance needs.

How an Independent Insurance Agent Can Help

When you're searching for proper coverage in Palm Coast, FL, there are many policies to consider. Work with a trusted adviser to ensure that you are obtaining the right protection. Insurance for a hurricane is needed when you live in a state surrounded by water.

An independent insurance agent can help with carrier and premium offerings. They work on your behalf so that you get the best rates and coverage for an affordable price. Connect with a local expert on TrustedChoice for details.

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