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Whether you use your trailer to haul agricultural goods in Cassia County or to carry your ATV from Boise to Soda City, Idaho is no stranger to all types of trailers, big and small. Chances are the items you haul in your trailer are valuable and you want to protect yourself from damage or losses. Only a comprehensive trailer insurance policy can give you that peace of mind. An Independent Insurance Agent can help you find the right trailer insurance for your particular needs. But before you seek quotes, there are several things to consider.

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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Idaho Trailer Laws and Regulations

According to the ID Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • You may pull a boat behind your trailer in Idaho, as long as the total length does not exceed 75 feet.
  • The 75-foot limit pertains to all types of trailers, including semis and tractor-trailers.
  • All non-stinger steered trailers are limited to 65 feet.
  • You must register your trailer before legally operating it on Idaho roads.

The following are approximate fees for various types of trailers:

  • Passenger car and motorhome: $35-$60 (depending on vehicle age and county of residence)
  • Motorcycle: $15 (except Ada County where the fee is $23)
  • Boat: (residents only) $30 for boats up to 12 feet (add $2 for every foot over 12 feet). Includes Invasive Species Fund fees.
  • Recreational vehicle: $9
  • Motorhome and RV trailer owners are required to purchase a recreational vehicle sticker. The cost of this sticker is $8.50 for the first $1,000 of market value and $5 for each additional $1,000 or portion thereof of market value. RV stickers are prorated on a quarterly basis for first-time issuance.

What Is Trailer Insurance?

Trailer coverage addresses any model and size of trailer that you might use to tow and transport goods, vehicles, equipment or animals behind your motor vehicle. Trailer insurance covers horse trailers, motorcycle trailers, ATV trailers, boat trailers, utility trailers, and many other varieties. If you are required to register your trailer in Idaho, chances are you will be able to find an insurance policy to cover it. You may be able to bundle your trailer insurance with your auto policy, depending on the type of trailer you own. Your homeowners insurance may cover your trailer if it is small or is kept on the property.

Why Is Trailer Insurance Important?

Trailer policies protect you in a number of ways. Some trailer owners in Idaho assume that their vehicle insurance covers the trailer towed behind the vehicle, only to discover that the trailer needs its own insurance policy once the damage is done and their claim is denied. Trailers range in size and cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a small equipment trailer to $100,000 for a large RV trailer or livestock trailer. These are expensive to replace and the contents they carry are often very valuable. If you carry expensive work equipment or valuable horses with your trailer, you may want contents coverage to protect you from any losses or damages to the things you carry.

travel trailer

Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does Trailer Insurance Cover?

The coverage you need will depend on the type of trailer you own and how you use it. Most ID insurance companies offer liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage as part of their trailer insurance package.

  • Collision is designed to pay for bodywork or other damage to your car after a crash with another vehicle or fixed object.
  • Comprehensive coverage will provide for things like severe weather damage, theft, and vandalism.
  • Liability coverage protects you from large financial costs from any damage or injury your trailer may cause another motorist or pedestrian. Trailers have been known to become unhitched and can cause extensive damage. Your auto liability may or may not cover damages from your unhitched trailer.
  • Commercial trailer insurance is a must-have if you use your trailer for business. This type of coverage would include auto haulers, side dump trailers, dump body and transfer boxes, concession trailers, dry freight trailers, flatbed trailers, gooseneck trailers, livestock trailers, logging trailers, and any other trailer you may use for business.
  • Contents coverage helps protect you from losses or damages to the items you carry in your trailer. It's a good idea to conduct a regular inventory of the items you usually place in your trailer to determine how much contents coverage you should buy.

What Will My Trailer Insurance Quote Look Like?

The quotes you will receive from Idaho insurance providers for trailer coverage will depend on a number of factors. Most companies take the following into account when calculating your quotes:

  • The size and value of the trailer
  • How often and where you use your trailer
  • The contents you will be transporting
  • The options you choose for your policy

It may be possible to add a small utility trailer to your motor vehicle insurance policy at no additional cost, whereas a large livestock trailer may be quoted at a few hundred dollars a year. It's best to get quotes from a number of providers to get the most competitive rates.

Where Can I Find Trailer Insurance?

You don't want to take the chance that any damage or losses to your trailer aren't covered by your traditional vehicle insurance policy. Knowledgeable independent insurance agents in our network are always available to help answer any questions you may have, suggest coverage options, and even help you file a claim. With years of experience working with Idaho insurance companies, they can provide you with a variety of quotes from a number of providers. 

Contact an agent in your area to find out how you can fully protect yourself with a comprehensive trailer insurance policy at the most affordable rates.

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