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Your Guide to Buying Homeowners Insurance in Rockford, IL

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Though it has many of the amenities typically found in big cities, Rockford has a small-town feel. Furthermore, the cost of living in this city is 16.4 percent lower than the national average. Perhaps that is why so many people choose to settle down and raise families here in Forest City. If you own a home in this vibrant Midwestern city, you will want to be sure to protect your investment with a suitable Rockford, IL homeowners insurance policy.

When shopping for a policy, you can depend on the help of an independent insurance agent. With agencies in more than 27,000 locations nationwide, it is easy to find an agent near you. These agents have relationships with several different insurance carriers, and this enables them to quickly provide you with a variety of competitively priced policies that meet your needs. Find an agent in your ZIP code now and start comparing Rockford home insurance quotes.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Illinois yearly premium average: $881
  • 28th most expensive premium in the US

As a resident of Illinois, you can expect that your homeowners insurance rates will be more affordable than in most parts of the country. Of course, average rates should be used as guidelines only. How much your policy will cost you is dependent on several factors including the value of your home and its contents, the liability limits you have selected and the amount of your deductible.

What Is Rockford Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the financial burdens associated with property damage and loss. If you finance your home, your mortgage company will require you to carry homeowners insurance for the duration of your loan. While policies may differ a bit between insurance companies, you can expect your homeowners insurance to provide the following coverage:

  • Liability coverage: This will provide compensation to third-parties if they are injured or suffer property loss while on your property due to negligence on your part. It will also provide compensation if you are sued for slander or libel. Court costs and legal fees associated with covered events are also included in this coverage. A special rider may be necessary if you are a pet owner.
  • Contents coverage: This provides coverage for loss or damage to property within your home due to fire, theft, vandalism, water damage or natural disasters. It will not cover damage caused by floods.
  • Structure coverage: This covers the costs of repairs to the structure of your home if it is damaged by fire or certain weather events. For damage caused by floods, you will need flood insurance.
  • Other structures coverage: This provides coverage for damage to outlying structures such as a detached garage, storage shed or fencing.
  • Loss of use coverage: If your home becomes uninhabitable after a covered event, your homeowners policy will provide compensation for housing and meals while your house is being repaired.

Number of Catastrophes in Illinois and the US

Natural disasters and inclement weather can sometimes lead to expensive damage to your home. A hailstorm with hail larger than two inches in diameter can severely damage roofs or siding, and tornadoes or earthquakes have the potential to completely destroy a home. Fortunately, a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy can protect you from the resulting financial losses. Here’s some additional data on catastrophes in Illinois:

  • National number of catastrophes: 19,033
  • Number of catastrophes in Illinois: 618
  • National number of tornadoes: 1,233
  • Number of tornadoes in Illinois: 81
  • National property damage from weather: $5,511,270,000
  • Property damage from weather in Illinois: $255,700,000

Most policies will provide for damage caused by wind, hail or lightning. Some will require special endorsements, or riders, for coverage of events such as tornadoes or earthquakes. Always be sure that you are aware of what your policy covers and be certain to purchase any additional coverage for disasters that could damage your home.

As mentioned above, homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. For that, you will need to purchase an NFIP-backed flood insurance policy that is separate from your homeowners policy. Rockford residents have seen a record number of flood events in recent years, so flood insurance is an extremely good investment. A Trusted Choice agent can assist you in securing this type of policy as well.

Rockford Homeowners Insurance Covers Property Crimes

Property crime, including burglary, vandalism and arson, can result in expensive loss or damage. Burglars can do more than just steal valuable property; they often leave broken doors or windows and damaged personal belongings in their wake. A homeowners insurance policy will provide you with compensation for these losses.

Number of Thefts in Illinois:

  • National average for burglaries: 37,814
  • Illinois number of burglaries: 58,237

Rockford is a beautiful city, but unfortunately it has a rather high crime rate as does the rest of the state. Residents should take precautions like installing deadbolt locks on all exterior doors, locking windows securely and installing burglar alarm systems. These precautions can even lead to discounts on your insurance policy.

Find the Right Policy at a Great Rate

When looking for a suitable homeowners insurance policy, it is a good idea to obtain a minimum of three insurance quotes. This will allow you to be certain that you are purchasing an inclusive policy at a competitive rate. Shopping for rates can often be time-consuming and it is sometimes difficult assess which policy is best. Fortunately, you can turn to an local agent for assistance. These agents can do the comparison shopping for you and present you with a variety of competitively priced policies from which to choose. Your local agent can also answer your insurance-related questions and provide you with ethical advice. 

Find an agent in your neighborhood today to get more information and to receive Rockford home insurance quotes.

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