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Tornadoes are some of the most destructive weather events. With violent, swirling winds, these storms can move at 30 miles per hour for as long as 50 miles. Damage can be wide-spread or haphazard and focused on only a few areas. It is difficult to imagine the devastation unless you’ve seen it firsthand.

Illinois is the sixth-most likely state to experience tornadoes, so protecting your home, vehicle and other possessions from this destruction is vitally important. Because of the risk, it is a good idea to review your coverage needs and make sure you have the right policies in place. If you are looking for Illinois tornado insurance quotes and information, contact an independent insurance agent in our network for assistance.

  • Recent years were the deadliest for tornadoes.
  • There were eight deaths and 111 injuries reported from 39 tornadoes in Illinois during recent years.
  • The previous most deadly year was 1990, when 365 people were injured (30 killed) in 50 twisters.
  • The 39 tornadoes in recent years were the fewest since previous years.
  • Only once in the last 23 years has there been a year with fewer than 20 Illinois twisters.

What Is Tornado Insurance?

Tornado insurance is not a separate policy you can purchase, but you should make sure that damage from tornadoes is covered in your auto and home insurance policies, or your renters policy if you are a tenant. Make sure that your home, auto, and personal belongings are protected from tornado damage by checking the wording of your coverage, and reading the fine print for any exclusions. You may need to add an additional “rider” to get the coverage you need. Some insurance companies do not automatically provide this coverage if you live in a particularly high-risk area.

Automobile insurance is required by state law in Illinois. However, your vehicle can only be covered for tornadoes if you have an adequate level of comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. If you only have the required minimum liability coverage, you probably won’t be covered if your auto is damaged or destroyed in a tornado. If you rent a home, apartment or condo, your landlord may have a policy that protects the structure. It is unlikely, however, that your personal belongings are included in that coverage. You may need to buy renters insurance to ensure that damages caused by tornadoes are covered by the policy.


Save on Tornado Insurance

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How Much Coverage Will I Need in the Next Tornado?

Your homeowners policy generally provides coverage for your house’s structure and an additional amount for personal belongings, up to a certain limit. It’s a good idea to envision how much coverage you’d need if you lose all of your belongings, since tornadoes can cause complete destruction. If you own expensive electronics, antiques, jewelry or artwork that would bring your total personal property value above the limit offered in the policy, you might need to add riders on your policy for each item of value.

If you have upgraded accessories in your car, such as a pricey stereo system or custom wheels that add value to the vehicle, you may not have enough comprehensive coverage with a standard policy to replace your upgrades if they are destroyed after a tornado. If this situation applies to you, it might be a good idea to look into getting additional insurance riders for each accessory of value to ensure you’re covered in the event of a tornado.

Renters insurance is written for your personal property, so it’s important to get a custom policy that fits the total value of all your belongings. If you have priceless or very valuable pieces, your policy should include these items with additional endorsements. Finding the right Illinois tornado insurance coverage can be complicated. Contact a member agent in our network to help you compare options to find what works best for your needs and budget.

Is Illinois Tornado Insurance Coverage Expensive?

Depending on where you live in the state and the history of tornadoes in your area, tornado coverage can be very affordable, though high-risk areas will cost more. The premium also depends on the value of your assets and the number of riders you have on the policy. Many homeowners in IL decide that the risk of losing everything is not worth the costs saved by skimping on coverage.

Where Can I Get Illinois Tornado Insurance Quotes?

To find the right coverage for your needs, turn to a local independent agent in our network. Member agents are familiar with your tornado risk, can assess your financial situation, and can research dozens of companies to provide you with quotes for each of your policies. No matter which company you choose, your local agent can work with you every step of the way if you need to file a claim. 

Contact a local agent today for personal assistance.

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