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Modular and mobile homes provide Hoosiers with a low-cost housing alternative. Currently, approximately 6.5% of Indiana’s residents live in mobile homes, slightly less than the national average of 8%. With the convenience of low mortgage payments, however, comes a higher risk of property damage due to inclement weather and fire. Be sure to protect your investment with a suitable Indiana mobile home insurance policy.

Independent insurance agents in our network can assist you when shopping for mobile or modular home insurance. Your local agent can help you determine your unique coverage needs and can then present you with a variety of competitively priced policies that can meet those needs. Contact us today to find an agent in your neighborhood and get several Indiana manufactured home insurance quotes in one place.

  • Fort Wayne: $45,015
  • Indianapolis: $30,610
  • South Bend: $29,943
  • Muncie: $24,562
  • Bloomington: $21,048
  • Gary: $19,483

Mobile home insurance is a type of homeowners insurance policy designed specifically to meet the unique risks faced by owners of manufactured homes. Manufactured homes come in two basic categories: mobile homes and modular homes. Mobile homes can be purchased “already assembled” – and can either be situated in a trailer park or other area permanently, but can be transported from site to site. 

Modular homes are typically built in a factory, transported by truck and anchored to the ground, instead of being constructed on a solid foundation like a traditional home. Though most modular homes look like traditional homes and are designed for permanent placement, insurance coverage typically falls under the mobile home insurance category.

Tornado Statistics for Indiana

  • Indiana ranks 15th in tornado activity and 2nd in the cost of property damages
  • An average of 20 tornados touch down in this state each year
  • The state averages nearly $36 million in damages from tornados each year

Furious winds, heavy downpours, and tornados are not uncommon occurrences in Indiana. These inclement weather events can cause serious damage to manufactured and modular houses built with lighter materials because heavy winds can cause their anchoring mechanisms to loosen or break.


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Average Property Loss From Residential Fires

  • In Indiana: $4,848
  • Nationwide: $7,957

Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the risk of fire. Typically, mobile homes burn more easily and the fires spread more quickly than in conventional homes. However, homes built since 1976 and those upgraded to meet HUD standards have proven 54% safer when threatened by fire. Even with these safety standards in place, residents of modular homes should understand fire safety. Most importantly, ensure that smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are located conveniently throughout your home and are in proper working order. Always have an evacuation plan in place for you and your family and practice safe use of candles, space heaters, and cigarettes.

Burglaries per 100,000 Homes in Major IN Cities

  • Bloomington: 743.7
  • Fort Wayne: 740.4
  • Gary: 3,244.0
  • Indianapolis: 1,870.6
  • Muncie: 785.0
  • South Bend: 2,296.3

Nationwide, the burglary rate is about 713 burglaries per 100,000 people. Indiana’s burglary rate of 761.5 exceeds the national average. Protecting your home with dead-bolt locks, burglar alarm systems, and well-lit entryways will do more than just decrease your chances of becoming a victim of a robbery; it may also lead to lower rates on your Indiana mobile home insurance policy.

How Can You Find the Best Mobile Home Insurance Policy?

Obtaining mobile or manufactured home insurance quotes can often be time-consuming and frustrating. Working with an independent agent can simplify the process. Your local agent will understand your unique risks and can help you obtain an Indiana mobile home insurance policy that will meet your coverage and budgetary needs. Our agents can do more than just help you find your mobile home insurance policy. Your agent will also be available to assist you with all your insurance-related questions and needs and will advocate for you during the claims process. 

Call today to find an agent in your neighborhood and to obtain your obligation-free Indiana mobile home insurance quotes.

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