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Lawrence, KS is known for its exquisite dining and downtown shopping. This place is an entertainer's delight, making it a sight to see. With over 96,892 residents, Lawrence is a big town.

If you're one of the 254,297 small businesses in Kansas, you'll be needing coverage. An independent insurance agent has access to local markets, saving you time. You can connect with an adviser today.

Does Your Lawrence, KS Commercial Property Have the Right Policy?

Did you know that many commercial property policies only insure up to 80% of the building value? This means you'll be responsible for 20% of the loss. That could be a considerable expense and potentially fatal for your business. Review your commercial insurance with an agent to get the right coverage. Take a look at the most common property risks in Lawrence, KS:

  1. Severe storms and lightning damage
  2. Flooding and water damage
  3. Tornadoes
  4. Wildfires and residential fires
  5. Burglary and other property crimes

Does your Lawrence commercial property have flood insurance?

Most business owners are not aware that their property insurance excludes flood damage. Flooding is a top concern in Lawrence, KS, and should be a policy in your plan. Get with an independent agent to quote FEMA-approved carriers. 

Why Your General Liability Isn't Enough in Lawrence, KS

In 2019, a whopping $4,012,555 in commercial claims were paid in Kansas. If you're only using a general liability policy to protect your asset, you may be short on coverage. To have adequate insurance, connect with an independent agent to begin. In the meantime, check out these policy options:

Is general liability insurance enough?

General liability insurance will protect your business from a lawsuit. This can be due to a slip and fall or a product recall. Either way, you'll need the right coverage. While a general liability policy is a great starting point, you'll want to discuss other options with your agent. 

It's easy to add business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance will kick in when a catastrophe or disaster shuts your operation down. This coverage can last up to 2 years, saving you from permanent closure. Get with an independent agent to add this to your general liability policy. 

Cyber liability insurance is always necessary

If you use email for your business, you need cyber liability insurance. This coverage will pay for a loss arising out of a lawsuit. When your system gets hacked and sensitive information is stolen, you're responsible. Speak with a Lawrence independent agent for more coverage ideas. 


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

The Right Coverage for Your Employees and Your Bottom Line in Lawrence, KS

Worker's compensation insurance can be confusing if you're not a professional. This state-mandated coverage is required in Lawrence, KS if you have any employees. It will protect your finances when a worker gets injured or becomes ill on the job. 

This policy will pay for medical expenses and lost wages, so you don't have to. To get the right insurance with the required limits, connect with an independent agent. 

How to retain staff with employee benefits coverage

Employee benefits will attract the right talent to your team. When you contribute to employee health insurance, it can add a lot of value. To show your employees you care, get a package put together with an independent agent.

When your employees' largest expense is paid for, they will want to work harder for your company. Employee benefits and worker's compensation are mutually beneficial. Contact a Lawrence independent agent to start quoting. 

How to Work with a Lawrence, KS Independent Insurance Agent

Business coverage can be easy to find when you work with an independent insurance agent. They have access to dozens of carriers, giving you options on policy and premium. 

When you want the best protection for a fair price, get a professional. You can connect with one of 423 local independent agents on TrustedChoice in minutes.  

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