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Salina Kansas homeowners insurance

In 2016, homeowners in Kansas claimed $549,229,000 in damage. If you're one of the 46,994 residents in Salina and own a home, make sure you protect it with a reliable homeowners insurance policy.

Let an independent insurance agent help you find your policy. Whether you want to review your current coverage, or you’re a first-time homeowner, they’ll assess your risks and answer your questions. Connect with an independent agent to get started.

How Much Is Home Insurance Going to Cost in Salina, KS?

The average price for homeowners insurance in the state of Kansas is $1,584, which leans higher than the national average. This rate isn’t a one size fits all, your quote may be above or below this depending on specific factors about you.

Each insurance company has its own way to make calculations to find your rate. They’ll look into things like:

  • Your claims history and credit score
  • What your home is made of and how old it is
  • The crime rate and weather risks
  • The amount of coverage you choose

You can talk to an independent agent and get an estimated quote for free. There are many different aspects that insurers consider so it can get complicated, but with the help of an agent, you’ll be guided through the process. Let an independent agent comparison shop for you.

Will Your Salina, KS, Home Insurance Protect You against Property Crime?

Your standard homeowners insurance has got you covered if you become a victim of property crime. The burglary rate in Salina is much higher when compared to the state and national averages.

(Rate per 100,000 people)

  • National average burglary rate: 376
  • Kansas average burglary rate: 430.6
  • Salina average burglary rate: 598.9

Your coverage will help you restore and replace anything that is damaged or stolen up to a limit. When you work with an independent agent, they’re going to ask if you have any high-value items (art, jewelry, antiques) because your policy might not cover their exact worth. You’ll want to make sure that those items are properly covered if they are stolen or damaged, and an independent insurance agent will make sure of that.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Will Your Salina, KS, Home Insurance Protect against Common Disasters?

Most of the frequent catastrophes in Salina are covered by your homeowners insurance. As a resident, you know that your home could potentially be damaged by severe storms, tornados and even the occasional residential fire. You won’t need to stress when you have a reliable home insurance policy there to financially protect you.

Your homeowners insurance will:

  • Reimburse for living expenses (hotel rooms or meals out)
  • Help repair the structure of your home
  • Help repair detached structures (garage, shed, fence)
  • Help replace your possessions

An independent agent knows the risks you face as a homeowner in Salina. They’ll make sure that you're covered, so you won’t need to worry when disaster strikes.

Your home insurance does not cover flooding

The second highest risk you face as a resident in Salina is flooding. Most homeowners don’t realize that their home insurance policy does not cover damage caused by floods. To make sure that you're protected when flooding happens, you’ll need to purchase a flood insurance policy.

Finding a flood policy can be confusing, but an independent agent will help do this step for you. They’re familiar with this area and can help you secure a policy that is up to code on damage control.

Salina, KS, Homeowners Insurance Comes with Liability Insurance

When you purchase your homeowners insurance policy, it comes with a limited liability portion. This protects you against legal fees if someone is injured on your property or if you damage someone else’s property.

Common examples of when your liability protects you:

  • If you’re having a barbeque and accidentally damage your neighbor's fence.
  • If you're staying in a hotel and damage the room you’re staying in.
  • If a guest is in your house and trips over loose carpeting and is severely injured.

Once your liability coverage has maxed out, you’ll be responsible for the rest of the bill. Your agent may ask if you want additional coverage or add-on to an umbrella policy. This policy will help cover the rest of the bill when a severe case arises. Let an independent agent assess your risks and help you decide if additional coverage is a smart move for you.

Why Work with a Salina, KS, Independent Insurance Agent?

It's simple because they’ll make finding a homeowners insurance policy easy for you. An independent agent isn’t tied down to one company, so they’ll compare coverage options to find you a policy that fits your budget. Chat with an agent for free to get started today.

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