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Since its beginning in 1779, Elizabethtown, KY has been a tight-knit community with a special kind of Southern hospitality. Today, locals call the city “E-Town” and choose to put down roots in the area thanks to the booming economy and easy access to Louisville and Nashville. Elizabethtown is a great place to live and work in, but it also has a high risk for tornadoes and severe storms. Make sure your home is protected with the best Elizabethtown home insurance.

Our Independent Insurance Agents specialize in helping Elizabethtown homeowners find the most reliable home insurance coverage. Our experienced agents can guide you toward the best coverage options and help you find the lowest rates by providing quotes on multiple policies. If you’re looking for home insurance in Elizabethtown, take the time to enlist the help of an experienced agent.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Kentucky yearly premium average: $916
  • 27th most expensive premium in the U.S.

How much will it cost? That is one of the first questions every homeowner asks when considering a home insurance policy. Ultimately, your rate for home insurance will vary based on several factors. Your home's location, size and age, and your claims history can all influence how much you pay for homeowners insurance. The best way to guarantee you get the lowest rate possible is to compare quotes with the help of an experienced Independent Insurance Agent.


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Elizabethtown Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Elizabethtown’s big events like Zombie Fest and the big Christmas parade draw thousands of tourists each year. That’s why many investors have chosen to buy second homes or vacation properties in this area. If you own a second home in Elizabethtown, you will have some unique home insurance needs. When you aren’t on the premises daily, it’s much harder to protect your property and stay ahead of routine repairs. Our Independent Insurance Agents can help you navigate your options for insurance on a second home and help you choose a policy that will offer the best protection for your investment property.

Number of Thefts in Kentucky

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Kentucky number of burglaries: 26,213

Overall, Kentucky has a much lower rate of theft than the national average, but no homeowner is completely immune from this threat. Just imagine how devastating it would be to come home from shopping downtown only to discover that your door is kicked in and your TV and computers are all missing. If you do become the victim of a robbery, your home insurance policy pays to repair your home and replace any valuables that were stolen so you aren’t stuck waiting on local police to try to find the thief.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Catastrophes in Kentucky

  • Number of catastrophes in Kentucky: 743
  • Number of tornadoes in Kentucky: 17
  • Amount of property damage in Kentucky: $12,300,000

Kentucky has some of the nation’s mildest annual temperatures, with warm summers and cool winters. However, residents of the Bluegrass state do have to worry about potential severe storms. In fact, Kentucky averages 17 tornadoes per year. If your home is swept away in a tornado, having a comprehensive home insurance policy will be the key to starting over after the devastation with a new home.

What Are the Risks in Elizabethtown?

For Elizabethtown, summer storms pose the biggest threat. Recently, a major tornado traveled down Hodgenville Road and did extreme damage to the local homes in its path. The constant threat of tornadoes makes it vital to take time to do your research and select a home insurance plan that will truly protect your Elizabethtown home in case of disasters.

Compare Elizabethtown Home Insurance Quotes

If you’re shopping for home insurance in Elizabethtown, take time to compare coverage options and to find a policy that covers your home against the biggest threats. Our Independent Insurance Agents can offer quotes on multiple policies so you can weigh the pros and cons and compare costs, giving you the best chances of selecting a plan that is right for your property. 

Contact an Independent Insurance Agent today to learn more about Elizabethtown homeowners insurance and to get your free rate quote.

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