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Louisiana is full of RV hotspots. When the children are out of school, and the parks are calling our names, it's a great feeling to be able to load up the RV and hit the road. If you enjoy traveling, or even living on the road, you can protect your recreational vehicle with Louisiana RV insurance. RVs come in different types and sizes, which means that there is no one Louisiana RV insurance policy that works for every RV and every family. This article will help you understand your risks and find a policy that works for you.

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Louisiana Vehicle Crash Numbers

  • Deaths in vehicle crashes cost $969 million, or $215 per person living in the state.
  • Eighty percent of these death costs were for adults aged 20-64.
  • Only $8 million of the total death cost in LA was for medical bills.

What RVs are Covered by Louisiana RV Insurance?

Virtually any vehicle that has some form of living quarters can qualify for an RV insurance policy.

  • Class A motorhomes, with an integrated driver cab
  • Class B motorhomes, or van conversions
  • Class C motorhomes, with a private truck cab
  • Bus conversions

The above RV types are all motorized, which means they require the state-mandated liability coverage, just like any other vehicle. An RV policy includes this liability coverage, plus protection specific to the needs of RV users, such as extra personal liability for accidents that take place inside the motorhome, and contents coverage, to protect your valuables.

The following RV types can be insured with an RV policy that functions like a trailer policy. They do not fall under state liability insurance requirements, because they are not motorized vehicles. However, an RV policy for one of these trailer-type RVs would include liability coverage for towing accidents, and for accidents that happen inside the RV, as well as contents coverage.

  • Travel trailers and fifth wheels
  • Toy haulers, with living quarters attached
  • Truck campers, which attach to the bed of a pickup
  • Pop-up trailers

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What Does RV Insurance Cover?

Much like automobile insurance, Louisiana RV insurance provides coverage for you, your RV and your assets in case of loss or damage, or injury to you, your passengers, your vehicle, or other vehicles in an accident. Many of the basic coverages are similar, including:

  • Comprehensive, for weather damage, fire, or theft
  • Collision, to repair your RV after an accident
  • Bodily injury liability, to pay medical expenses for others if you cause an accident
  • Property damage liability, to pay for repairs to other vehicles after an accident you cause
  • Underinsured motorist, to cover repairs if a collision is caused by a motorist with insufficient coverage
  • Medical payments, to get you back on your feet after an accident
  • Roadside assistance, to get towing and help on the highway

RV insurance has other optional coverages for accessories in your vehicle, and full-timer’s coverage for those who live in their RVs year-round. It also covers the items you keep in the motorhome, such as clothes, electronics, and small appliances, but if you have very expensive or irreplaceable items in your RV, you may need to insure them separately.

How Much Does this Coverage Cost?

Just like RVs, no single premium is the same or fits all situations. There are many factors that go into determining a quality Louisiana motorhome premium. Besides the size, make and model of your RV, some other factors that your insurance company will consider are:

  • Your age, gender and driving record
  • Whether you use the RV for seasonal or year-round use
  • The ZIP code in which it will be parked most of the time
  • The various coverages you elect to have on your policy
  • The value of your RV and its contents
  • The age of the RV

Get the RV Coverage You Need

RVs can add so much fun to summer vacations or family trips. But carrying the risk of a loss while on the road can add stress to a getaway. Enjoy your vehicle, and get the right Louisiana RV insurance policy for your family, your RV, and your financial life.

A local agent in the TrustedChoice.com network can help you get Louisiana motorhome insurance quotes tailored to your RV and your travel habits. Contact an independent insurance agent today, to get the best price and policy for you.

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