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A tornado is one of the most interesting and devastating natural disasters that affect the U.S. A tornado can form in a matter of minutes and sometimes, an advance warning isn’t even possible. Tornadoes vary in strength, measured as an EF-1, which is the weakest, all the way up to an EF-5. The damage caused by an EF-5 tornado is catastrophic, with the ability to wipe towns off the map. In case of a warning, the most important thing to do is protect yourself and your loved ones, but before the storm hits, make sure your home and car are protected with Louisiana tornado insurance.

Facts About Louisiana Tornadoes

  • LA lies at the heart of Dixie Alley, the southern region known for tornado outbreaks.
  • February to April is a high-risk tornado period.
  • Louisiana gets an average of 37 tornadoes per year.
  • The worst LA tornado fatality rate is 47 people.
  • The highest number of injuries recorded is 510 people.

Louisiana Tornado Insurance for Home and Business

Tornadoes typically cause damage with the strong winds themselves, as well as flying debris, both of which should be covered under standard homeowners or business policy. However, there are other things to consider. For instance, tornadoes often occur alongside brief, intense rains, and if your roof is torn, your belongings can be ruined by water damage. Some homeowner policies will cover this kind of water damage while others, possibly in more risk-prone areas, will have exclusions.

It’s important to know exactly what is and isn’t covered by your homeowners or business policy. A local agent can pinpoint areas where you need more coverage, and tell you how certain exclusions can affect your claims. When deciding on a coverage amount, it’s always a good idea to go with replacement cost versus actual cash value for your house and personal belongings. Replacement cost takes inflation and equity into account if your house is totaled. Some expensive personal belongings need to be covered with their own endorsements.


Save on Tornado Insurance

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Louisiana Tornado Insurance for Cars

If you’re in a car when a twister touches down, experts recommend finding the nearest underpass for safety. Unfortunately, that means your car might be a victim of the twister, but having the right policy will get you back on the road in no time. While liability insurance is required, it won’t cover tornado damage. A comprehensive policy will cover your total loss, or help pay for any damage caused by falling tree limbs or flying debris. It can provide for medical treatment payments also, but your injuries must be sustained while in the car.

Finding Louisiana Tornado Insurance Quotes

Whether you’re trying to find a new policy or renew your old one, a member agent in our network is a reliable resource of information. Your agent can help you understand your current policy. Do you need a higher coverage limit? Is your secondary structure covered? A member agent answers these questions and more. If you need an affordable homeowners or business policy, get in touch with an agent right away. An independent agent can compare policies from multiple Louisiana tornado insurance companies and compare Louisiana tornado insurance quotes to find the best fit for your family. 

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