Business Insurance in Saco, ME

A breakdown of the coverages you need, where to find them, how much it'll cost, and more.


With its population of about 20,000, Saco, ME is home to many customers who need the right business. But to help bring products and services to your customers, your business needs to be protected. Without enough business insurance, your company is vulnerable to everyday threats.

Maine as a whole is home to more than 147,270 small businesses. An independent insurance agent in your town can help you get set up with enough business insurance to help keep your doors open. Here's a closer look at business insurance in Saco, ME.

How Much Does Business Insurance Cost in Saco, ME?

The cost of business insurance depends on many different factors. Your business's niche and size are just a couple of them.

Business insurance costs in Saco, ME depend on:

  • Annual revenue
  • Employee payroll
  • Specific company operations
  • Coverages and deductibles selected
  • Business niche and size
  • Exact location

It's hard to predict exactly what your business insurance will cost because you may need more or fewer coverages depending on your company's needs. But an independent insurance agent in Saco, ME can help provide you with affordable options in your area.

Is Business Insurance Required in Saco, ME? 

While liability insurance and other coverages aren't mandatory, businesses in Saco, ME must carry workers' compensation if they have at least one employee. All businesses, with few exceptions, are required by law to provide workers' comp if they have one or more employees on the payroll.

Workers' comp is essential coverage that protects employees against death, illness, or injury on the job or because of work duties. Coverage also protects the employer against employee lawsuits for these claims. An independent insurance agent in Saco, ME can help your business get equipped with all the workers' comp it needs.

What Does Business Insurance Cover in Saco, ME? 

Again, your business will need specific coverages that match its operations. In general, the following coverages are chosen by many businesses across Saco, ME and other areas:

  • Cyber liability insurance: Sensitive data like employee records, customer credit card information and more are protected against hacking, breaches, etc., by cyber liability insurance.
  • General liability insurance: Businesses are protected against customer and other third-party lawsuits with general liability insurance.
  • Commercial auto insurance: Vehicles used specifically for business purposes, like delivery cars, are protected against fire, collision, and other disasters with commercial auto insurance.

Your business might also need the following coverages:

  • Pollution liability insurance: Businesses are protected against claims of polluting the environment and also reimbursed for potential cleanup costs with pollution liability insurance.
  • Employment practices liability insurance: Businesses are protected against employee claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and more with employment practices liability insurance.
  • Premises liability insurance: Businesses are protected against third-party claims of getting injured or experiencing personal property damage on the premises with premises liability insurance.

A local independent insurance agent in Saco, ME can help get your business protected with all the unique coverages it needs to remain functional.


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does Small Business Liability Insurance Cover in Saco, ME?

Because lawsuits can affect businesses of any size, even small businesses need to consider getting liability insurance. Small business liability insurance protects smaller companies against lawsuits filed by customers and other third parties for claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by the business. Without this coverage, a business would have to pay out of its own pocket for attorney, court, and settlement fees if it got sued.

Are There Any Small Business Health Insurance Plans in Saco, ME?

Several small business health insurance plans are available in Saco, ME. Your independent insurance agent can help you find one so you can provide your workers with a more affordable health care option.

Your small business might qualify for tax credits if it meets these criteria:

  • Contributes a minimum of 50% toward employee coverage
  • Has 25 full-time employees or fewer
  • Offers each worker an annual salary of less than $50,000

Small business health insurance tax credits in Saco, ME, are provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. These Federal tax credits can cover up to 50% of the health insurance premiums. Your business must meet the above criteria to qualify.

What Are the Best Small Business Insurance Companies in Saco, ME?

Hunting for the right business insurance policy can be time-consuming. That's why we're hoping to help by providing our list of just a few top recommendations for quality coverage. Check out our picks below:

Best Small Business Insurance Companies in Saco, ME Star Rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Liberty Mutual
4.5/5 star rating

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Saco, ME?

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all business insurance policy. With a wide variety of products and options at your disposal, you can put together a solid business insurance package that's custom-built for your company.

Independent insurance agents can help you choose the right policies and options to meet your company’s specific coverage needs. Because they're independent, these agents can work with several of the best business insurance companies in Maine to find you the right coverage at a great price.

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