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Those who live in the town of Norwood, MA do not experience heavy traffic to the degree that a large city like Boston might, but there are still plenty of cars on the roads. Whether you are merging onto Interstate 95 for a trip out of town, caught up in congestion on Boston Providence Highway while out running errands or driving down Nichols Street on your way to cheer on the Mustangs at Norwood High School, you are at risk of being in a collision every time you drive your car. This risk increases when you are sharing the roads with a lot of other drivers. Fortunately, you can protect your finances in the wake of an accident by carrying a suitable Norwood auto insurance policy.

If you are looking for coverage at the most affordable price, you will want to be sure to compare a number of quotes. Comparison shopping is easy with the help of an independent insurance agent. These agents can answer your insurance-related questions and can gather an assortment of customized Norwood car insurance quotes for policies that meet or exceed the Massachusetts state requirements. Find an agent near you for help finding the best policy to meet your coverage and budgetary needs.

  • National average cost per year: $1,311
  • Massachusetts average cost per year: $1,460
  • 16th most expensive auto premium in U.S.

While the average cost of car insurance in Massachusetts is higher than the national average, the figures listed above can only give you a ballpark idea of how much you might expect to pay for your policy. Your actual Norwood auto insurance costs are calculated based on several different factors, including but not limited to such things as the following:

  • Information about the vehicle(s) you are insuring, as indicated by the VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Information about all licensed drivers in your household, including such things as age, sex and driving record
  • The approximate number of miles you drive your vehicles each month
  • The amount of liability and PIP coverage you wish to buy
  • The amount of your deductible
  • Your qualification for any offered policy discount

Massachusetts is one of the few states in which insurance companies are not permitted to consider your credit score when calculating your rates. Every insurance company you contact for a quote is likely to offer you coverage at a different price, so comparison shopping is a great way to find the most affordable Norwood auto insurance.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Requirements

  • Bodily injury liability: required
  • Property damage liability: required
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): required, in an amount of at least $8,000
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: required
  • Minimum liability limits: 20/40/5: Coverage up to $40,000 for all persons injured in an accident, subject to a limit of $20,000 for one individual, and $5,000 coverage for property damage

Failure to carry car insurance that meets or exceeds Massachusetts’s minimum coverage requirements is against the law, and it can have serious consequences. If you are caught driving an uninsured vehicle, you can face:

  • a fine of between $500 and $5,000 depending on whether you have had previous offenses.
  • the suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration, which you cannot remove from suspension without paying a $500 reinstatement fee and providing proof of insurance.
  • the possibility of up to one full year in jail.

Clearly, driving without insurance in this state is not worth the gamble.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Uninsured Motorists in Massachusetts

  • Number of uninsured U.S. drivers: 12.6%
  • Number of uninsured Massachusetts drivers: 3.9%

Perhaps because of this state’s tough penalties for driving without coverage, Massachusetts boasts the lowest rate of uninsured drivers in the country. If you are in a collision with an uninsured driver, you can rest assured that your damage is covered because you are required by the state to include uninsured motorist coverage in your Norwood car insurance policy. This coverage may prove particularly useful if you are driving your vehicle in a state with a higher rate of uninsured drivers.

Number of Auto Thefts in Massachusetts

  • National number of thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 2.94
  • Massachusetts number of thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 1.91

Auto theft rates in Massachusetts are lower than the national average, and they are even lower in the town of Norwood. In recent years, there were only 21 auto thefts reported in this town. That equates to about 0.72 thefts per 1,000 vehicles — well below the state’s rate. This is something that insurance companies consider when calculating your car insurance rates. If your car is stolen, you cannot receive compensation for your loss unless your Norwood auto insurance policy includes comprehensive, or “other than collision,” insurance. This insurance covers noncollision loss or damage, such as that caused by falling objects, floodwaters, noncollision fires, theft, and vandalism.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Find the Best Norwood Car Insurance Policy

If you buy a car insurance policy without first taking the time to get rates from some competing insurance companies, chances are good that you will find yourself overpaying for your coverage. That is why savvy car owners in Norwood turn to our agents for assistance when they are shopping for the best policies. Our agents make comparison shopping easy by contacting a selection of top-rated insurance companies for you. They can then present you with an assortment of customized auto insurance quotes that you can review and compare together. 

Find an agent with an office near you to learn more about finding the best Norwood car insurance policy.

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