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Your Complete Guide to Pass Christian, MS, Business Insurance

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Pass Christian Mississippi business insurance

The 5,878-resident city of Pass Christian, MS, is known as a year-round resort town with a lot of history. Once a presidential stop for some of the most famous forefathers, Pass Christian, MS, is a nostalgic spot to own a business. 

This small town has a variety of industries, but the most common are entertainment, hospitality, and professional services. If you're a business owner in Pass Christian, you'll want business insurance. Connect with an independent insurance agent at to help navigate the coverage your business needs.

What Your Business Property Needs in Pass Christian, MS

Your Pass Christian small business may own commercial real estate. If you own a commercial property, commercial property insurance is the best way to protect it. Your commercial property insurance will provide coverage for things like storms, burglary, hurricanes, and tornadoes. It will also offer protection for your business's belongings, such as furniture or inventory. 

Your property is at significant risk for flood damage being so close to the Gulf. Every property has a flood exposure no matter where it's located, but one of Mississippi's top claims is flooding. Unfortunately, your property insurance policy excludes flood coverage, so you'll need a separate policy. 

How flood insurance works in Pass Christian, MS:

Your commercial property is assigned a flood zone determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each flood zone is higher or lower on the scale for risk. Your independent insurance agent can pull up your elevation certificate to determine what zone your property is located in.

Your agent will run flood insurance quotes and come back with the best solution for your business. Keep in mind, most leases and loans will require flood insurance to purchase or occupy the property. Contact your independent agent to find out what flood zone you are in and how to get flood insurance. 

How Liability Insurance Works for Your Pass Christian, MS, Business

Most business owners will have to prove that they have commercial general liability insurance to do business. Whether your lender, landlord, or state wants to see proof of insurance or not, it's a good idea to have it.

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL):

CGL insurance protects your business's financial interests in the event of a covered loss due to your operations or employee's negligence. This could be a slip and fall incident, slander, property damage, or advertising injury. 

Your employees are an extension of your business. Whatever your employees do represents your business and could make you liable. A CGL policy can protect against lawsuits aimed at your company by clients or the general public. It's best to discuss CGL options with your local independent agent. 

Business Interruption Insurance in Pass Christian, MS

In a small town like Pass Christian, you may not think you need all the coverages on a CGL policy. If you're going to stick with any coverage, business interruption insurance is important to have. This coverage is typically included on your CGL at minimum limits. 

Business interruption insurance:

This pays for business expenses for a preselected amount of time when a covered loss occurs. This can be coverage for employee wages, rent, or mortgage payments, utilities, and more.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the town of Pass Christian, business interruption insurance helped business owners reopen when the storm passed. It's a small price to pay to be able to survive when a disaster happens. Speak with your local independent agent to get quotes on business interruption coverage.


Save on Business Insurance

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Do Your Pass Christian, MS, Employees Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

After twelve weeks, an injured employee will collect disability insurance from an unresolved work-related injury. That's a long-term bill that your business would be on the hook for without workers' compensation insurance. 

In Mississippi, the requirement is that you have to obtain workers' compensation insurance if you have five or more employees. Coverage is essential to have even with one employee. Your small business could be at serious risk when an employee gets injured physically or mentally while working.

Workers' compensation insurance will help pay for injuries and lost wages of employees hurt on the job. Speak with your local agent to see how workers' compensation will work for your business. 

How Employee Benefits Can Help Your Pass Christian, MS, Business

Pass Christian has several small businesses, and they all need employees. What separates your company from another will be what you have to offer. If your employees have the same opportunity, but would have better employee benefits down the street, you may have a hard time finding and keeping talent. Here are the annual health insurance premiums for an employee:

  • Average annual health premiums for family employee coverage in 2019: $20,576
  • Average annual health premiums for single employee coverage in 2019: $7,188

The employer health insurance contribution in the US as of 2018 was at 77%. That's a large number of private business owners that help lighten the expenses for their employees. Your independent agent can help you put together an employee benefit plan that will attract and retain the right employees. 

Cyber Protection and Your Pass Christian, MS, Business

The number of US identity records that have been exposed in 2019 alone is 164.68 million. That's a significant number of business owners just like you who were vulnerable to cyberattacks. Every business is liable if they share or leak customer information. That puts your business at risk, even by having only an email account. 

Identity theft and data breaches:

  • Number of US data breaches in 2019: 1,473
  • Identity theft reported each year in MS: 2,409

Most business owners don't have enough (or any) coverage for cyberattacks. This poses a threat to your business and your clients. All it takes is for one employee to accidentally click a link, and your whole system could be compromised. Discuss cyber liability insurance with your local agent and get the protection your business needs. 

How to Work with an Independent Agent in Pass Christian, MS

In Pass Christian, MS, your business has risk exposures, and knowing how to cover them can be daunting. When you work with a trusted adviser, they have the knowledge you need to insure your business correctly.

An independent insurance agent works with multiple carriers, and they do the coverage and price shopping for you. At , you can find an independent insurance agent for all your business needs.

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