How does your city measure up to the national average?

Commercial car insurance cost: $1,200 - $2,400 per year

Commercial truck insurance cost: $800 - $2,000 per year

Commercial bus insurance cost: $35,000 per year

Auto Theft Rate In the U.S. 2.37 (Per every 1,000 vehicles)

CityAuto theft rate per 1,000
Olive Branch3.01
Horn Lake5.76
Pass Christian0.35
Long Beach0.57
New Albany0.12
Ocean Springs2.32
Moss Point3.92
Yazoo City2.03
West Point0.27
Bay St. Louis1.8

Popular Questions About Mississippi Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance is the equivalent of your personal auto insurance policy, but it protects vehicles and drivers associated with your business. If your business owns vehicles, this policy will insure your business for costs associated with collisions or other vehicle damage. It also provides liability coverage for your business if one of your drivers is at fault for an accident.

You need commercial vehicle insurance to cover your business cars, trucks, and any other vehicles used in business operations. 

Your commercial auto policy can cover: 

  • Vehicles that your business owns
  • Vehicles that your business owns, hires, or leases
  • All vehicles that are used for business purposes, including those that the business does not own, hire, or lease (e.g., when you or your employees drive your own personal vehicles for business purposes)

If your business owns vehicles and employs drivers, one traffic accident can cause serious problems. Your business will be held accountable for any damages caused by one of your drivers, and you will have to pay to repair other cars, your own vehicle, and the medical expenses for anyone who is injured. You may also be sued for additional damages.

With Mississippi commercial auto insurance, you can be sure you are protected from the devastating costs of car accidents and other threats to your vehicles and drivers. 

Mississippi commercial auto insurance helps your business tackle expenses that are related to accidents or other mishaps with your commercial vehicles. It pays for physical damage to vehicles, medical bills for injured parties, and even to repair or replace stolen or vandalized vehicles. 

Fix Your Car

  • We call this “comprehensive & collision coverage.”

Fix Someone Else's Car

  • We call this “property damage liability.”

Pay for Someone Else's Medical Expenses

  • We call this “bodily injury liability.”

Pays You If an Uninsured Driver Causes An Accident

  • We call this “uninsured motorist coverage.”

Commercial auto insurance is designed for businesses that typically have several drivers and multiple vehicles. For this reason, there are several differences between commercial auto coverage and personal auto coverage. 

  • Commercial auto insurance typically has higher liability limits to protect the business from the much greater potential for liability claims. 
  • Commercial auto insurance typically costs more than personal auto insurance, because there are far more variables and risks to consider. The insurance company looks at what the vehicle is used for, the size and weight of the vehicle, the number of miles the vehicle is expected to travel each year, and even the items that are being transported. 
  • Commercial auto insurance rates are also higher because there are multiple drivers being insured. 

Mississippi commercial auto insurance premiums are based on a number of factors. Your costs are dependent on the number of vehicles your company owns and the types of coverage you need. Keep in mind that you may not need the same coverage for every vehicle. 

Costs for commercial auto insurance vary from business to business. A company with a fleet of trucks will pay more than a small business with a few cars used for sales calls or deliveries. 

Here are some ranges for commercial auto insurance premiums across the U.S.:

  • Commercial Car Insurance Cost: $1,200 - $2,400 per year
  • Commercial Truck Insurance Cost: $800 - $2,000 per year
  • Commercial Bus Insurance Cost: $35,000 per year
  • Commercial Taxi Insurance Cost: $5,000 - $10,000 per year
  • Commercial Tractor Trailer Insurance Cost: $2,500 or more per year

Your Mississippi commercial auto insurance rates will vary depending on:

  • The driving history of the drivers listed on your policy
  • The number of vehicles on your policy, as well as the age, make, and model of each
  • The number of drivers on your policy
  • The location of your business and vehicles (i.e., are they more likely to be stolen or involved in an accident in your city) 
  • Your company’s auto claims history

Independent agents in Mississippi can work with multiple insurance companies, so it is wise to call a local agent for help. Trusted Choice agents can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can choose the coverage that is best for your unique risks. 

  • There are 208 independent agents in Mississippi who are ready to help. 
  • Last year, our agents helped 1,427 Mississippi residents. 

An independent insurance agent compares policies from multiple companies to find the best coverage for your needs. 

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