Top US Farm Facts


Number of farms in the US: 2.02 million 

Contractors Equipment

Average farm size: 444 acres

11-30 Employees

Provides 965,000 jobs

CityAverage Crop Value per farm in CountyTop Two Weather Risks
Jackson$70,106Severe Storms and Tornados
Gulfport$10,417Hurricanes and Floods
Oxford$19,904Tornados and Severe Storms
Columbus$104,277Severe Storms and Tornados
Southaven$115,385Floods and Severe Storms
Hattiesburg$58,074Hurricanes and Floods
Biloxi$10,417Hurricanes and Floods
Meridian$14,453Tonados and Floods
Tupelo$85,765Severe Storms and Tornados
Leland$955,762Severe Storms and Floods
Olive Branch$115,385Floods and Severe Storms
Horn Lake$115,385Floods and Severe Storms
Clinton$70,106Severe Storms and Tornados
Pearl$165,989Floods and Severe Storms
Pass Christian$10,417Hurricanes and Floods
Long Beach$10,417Hurricanes and Floods
Fulton$39,623Severe Storms and Tornados
New Albany$24,785Tornados and Severe Storms
Flowood$165,989Floods and Severe Storms
Pascagoula$35,164Hurricanes and Floods
Brandon$165,989Floods and Severe Storms
Kosciusko$50,686Severe Storms and Tornados
Gautier$35,164Hurricanes and Floods
Laurel$234,062Hurricanes and Floods
Clarksdale$657,798Floods and Severe Storms
Ocean Springs$35,164Hurricanes and Floods
Natchez$52,226Floods and Hurricanes
Greenwood$806,193Severe Storms and Tornados
Forest$378,269Severe Storms and Tornados
Cornith$52,226Severe Storms and Tornados
Hernando$115,385Floods and Severe Storms
Moss Point$35,164Hurricanes and Floods
Canton$48,599Severe Storms and Tornados
Grenada$36,776Severe Storms and Tornados
McComb$140,021Tornados and Floods
Brookhaven$117,404Tornados and Floods
Cleveland$661,121Floods and Severe Storms
Byram$70,106Severe Storms and Tornados
Yazoo City$225,109Floods and Tornados
West Point$219,654Severe Storms and Tornados
Indianola$782,282Severe Storms and Tornados
Bay St. Louis$10,988Hurricanes and Floods
Booneville$30,835Severe Storms and Tornados
Senatobia$78,024Severe Storms and Tornados
Amory$76,070Severe Storms and Tornados
Aberdeen$76,070Severe Storms and Tornados
Madison$48,599Severe Storms and Tornados
Ridgeland$48,599Severe Storms and Tornados
Starkville$37,673Severe Storms and Tornados
Vicksburg$128,722Floods and Severe Storms

Popular Questions About Mississippi Crop Insurance

The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) is managed by the Risk Management Agency (RMA), which is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Crop insurance has been supported and regulated by the federal government since 1938. Since then it has undergone a number of changes and improvements. 

In 1994, crop insurance became mandatory for agricultural land owners, but this mandate was repealed in 1996. However, farmers who do not have crop insurance are not eligible for other federal disaster benefits, so this coverage is highly recommended. 

Since 2000, private insurance companies have been permitted to offer crop insurance products. These companies must contract through the RMA. Local independent insurance agents can help you review your coverage options so you can compare quotes and policies that are available to you.

There are more than 35,000 farms covering 10.7 million acres of land in the state of Mississippi. The combined market value of the agricultural products sold in this state exceeds $6 billion. 

Unfortunately, all this valuable farmland is subject to forces of nature outside your control. If a tornado destroys your crops or if an extended drought causes large financial losses, crop insurance can help your farm to stay financially solvent.

There are three different types of coverage offered by crop insurance: crop-hail coverage, multiple peril crop coverage, and crop revenue coverage. You may elect to purchase any or all of these coverage types.

Crop-Hail Insurance

Crop-hail insurance is not part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program, so it must be purchased through a private insurer. This can prove to be a very valuable coverage option for farmers who live in areas that frequently experience hailstorms. This coverage typically comes with a very low deductible because hail has the potential to destroy crops in one part of your farm while leaving other parts unscathed. 

Crop-hail insurance can be purchased at any point in the growing season.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Most farmers who opt for crop insurance purchase MPCI. This insurance is part of the Federal Crop Insurance Program and is therefore government regulated. It is designed to cover crop losses related to natural events including:

  • Destructive weather
  • Disease
  • Drought
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Insect Damage

MPCI is available for more than 100 different types of crops, but some crops are only covered in certain geographical areas. An independent insurance agent can help you review your agricultural products to determine whether you are able to get MPCI coverage for them.

MPCI must be purchased each growing season before your crops are planted.

Crop Revenue Insurance

Some years your farm may not produce as much as others. Crop revenue insurance can provide compensation in years that you have a low yield or when the market price of your crop is significantly lower than usual. This coverage was strengthened by the 2014 Farm Bill. 

A local independent insurance agent can help you review your various options so that you can get the coverage that is right for your farm.

The cost of crop insurance in Mississippi is dependent on several different factors including the size of your farm, the types of crops you are insuring, the inherent weather risks in your area, and the types of coverage you wish to buy.

An experienced independent insurance agent can help you purchase Mississippi crop insurance. Independent agents can help you evaluate your coverage needs and options, and can find an insurance company that can meet your needs and budget.

There are currently 208 independent agents in Mississippi. Find an agent near you to learn more about finding the right crop insurance.

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Mississippi Farm Facts