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Natchez Mississippi homeowners insurance

This guide to homeowners insurance has all the important details that longtime homeowners, as well as first-time home buyers, need to find the best property coverage at an affordable price. We also recommend talking with your local independent insurance agent for personalized assistance, at no extra cost. Remember, your Natchez agent is invested in you finding an ideal home policy because they’re not only an insurance expert, but your neighbor too. 

Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Natchez, Mississippi 

Homeowners insurance is based on facts related to the neighborhood, the owner, and the home itself. These are the types of things that influence your final homeowners insurance premium: 

  • Location: Is your home in a region where there are natural disasters? 
  • Exposure to risks: Homes in areas where there may be rioting or looting (commercial zones), busy roads (car accidents), or the woods (fires) typically have higher premiums.
  • Home age: Older homes are more likely to have a broken pipe or home fire because of old pipe and wiring systems. 
  • Roof ages: The newer the roof, then the better the pricing. That’s because old roofs cause leaks. 
  • Fireplaces: Any open flames (e.g., fireplaces, wood stoves) within the home increase the pricing. 
  • Home’s building material: Building materials can either increase your premium or lower your premium, it all depends. For instance, wooden homes usually have higher priced premiums because they are more likely to catch fire. Yet wooden homes in coastal communities (hurricane territory) have lower priced policies because they are more flexible and able to withstand high winds. 
  • Proximity to fire hydrant/fire department: Your premiums will be lower, the closer your home is to a fire hydrant or fire department. 
  • Occupancy: Homeowners who lease their home or rent out space within their home will see an increase in their premiums. That’s because your tenant is unknown to the insurer and presents an increased risk. 
  • Credit score: The better your credit score, the lower your premium. 
  • Dogs: Premiums are higher for owners of dogs that are considered “aggressive” by the insurer. 
  • Claims history: If you’ve filed past home claims, you may see an uptick in your pricing. 

Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Natchez, Mississippi 

In Natchez, the average home value is $107,004 and homeowners insurance premiums, on average, are about ten percent of the property’s value.  Overall, Mississippians pay more than other states, and Natchez is no exception. In fact, homeowners within your community tend to pay the highest premiums within the Magnolia state. 

  • US average yearly premium: $1,173
  • Mississippi average yearly premium: $1,508
  • Natchez, MS average yearly premium: $1,437

Your local independent agent knows which home insurers are most competitive within your area. They also know the best carriers for Natchez car insurance and life insurance plans. 

Seven Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance in Natchez, Mississippi

An independent insurance agent will also know the tricks and tips to saving on premiums, as well as which discounts will benefit you the most. You’ll learn about multi-policy, claims free, monitored alarm and fire system, new home, etc. 

Seven ways to save on your Natchez, MS, homeowners insurance: 

  • Be sure your gutters and roof are in good shape
  • Upgrade stormproof windows and doors
  • Choose a higher deductible
  • Remove dead trees or loose tree limbs from your property
  • Use a specialty lock for your sliding glass doors
  • Be sure your yard is fenced if you have a swimming pool or dog
  • Living in a gated community or where there’s a homeowners association (HOA)

Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Primary Protections for Your Natchez, Mississippi Home

As an Adams County resident, you know that tornadoes and storms are a common occurrence within the area. In general, Mississippians most often file home claims because of damage from natural disasters. During the course of one year, Mississippi insurance companies paid out $414,000,000 in claims that were caused by severe weather. 

In light of all this, it’s no wonder Natchez homeowners need to get a robust homeowners insurance policy. Under a comprehensive home insurance plan, your home will be protected from a variety of risks like: 

  • Lightning strikes
  • Wind
  • Fallen trees
  • Fires
  • Power failures
  • Ice storms 
  • Rainstorms
  • Frozen pipes
  • Tornadoes
  • Hail

As a Natchez homeowner, it’s critical that you have a stand-alone flood insurance policy. That’s because your standard homeowners insurance plan will not include coverage for flood water damage. Give your local insurance agent a call about buying an affordable flood insurance policy.  

Protect Yourself against Liability Claims

Your homeowners policy’s personal liability benefit is meant to protect your assets should a guest experience a loss accidentally caused by you. This benefit pays out for the other person’s physical injury, as well as towards any property damage they experienced. 

Personal liability insurance is intended for these types of situations: 

  • A delivery driver hurts her arm when she slips on your icy driveway
  • Your next door neighbor’s garage is damaged by a tree from your yard
  • Your cousin breaks his ankle when he slips on your front staircase

Your home insurance will pay for the below claims items as they relate to a covered loss: 

  • Legal costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills for injured visitors
  • Lost wages
  • Death benefits

Your home insurance policy will only pay up to a specific amount. Your coverage will clearly state the personal liability cap. It’s always best if your liability insurance limit is high because you’ll be responsible for paying for debts that go beyond your policy’s limits. 

Or you could buy umbrella insurance to take care of the extra debts your home policy won’t cover. Your Natchez insurance agent will be more than glad to talk more with you about umbrella coverage.  

Personal Property Benefits for Your Belongings

Homeowners insurance benefits aren’t specific to the structure only. Each home insurance policy includes personal property protection for your belongings. Under the personal property benefit, all of your home’s personal contents will be covered if they’re damaged or stolen. Here are the types of personal property that are protected against covered losses: 

  • Computer
  • Musical instruments
  • Garden tools
  • Appliances
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Camera 
  • Gaming systems

Home coverage that includes personal property benefits will save you from having to replace missing or damaged belongings out of pocket. Talk with your Natchez insurance agent about how much coverage you’ll need for your personal assets. 

Homeowners Insurance: Shop and Save Today

Your local independent agent will be glad to answer all your questions, identify any risks to your home, gather several insurance quotes, and guide you through the claim process should you need it someday. The best part is that you won’t pay a dime for your agent’s professional help. 

Call a Natchez independent insurance agent now to get started shopping for home insurance and saving you money. 

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