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Mississippi is well suited for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the wealth of wilderness and outdoor activities found in the state. Many people enjoy these activities with the aid of a trailer, whether it be a travel trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer or motorcycle trailer. And businesses rely on trailers to haul cargo, heavy equipment and vehicles. Whatever your reason for using a trailer, you may need Mississippi trailer insurance to protect your investment. MS trailer insurance protects you from liability claims and damage to your trailer.

An independent insurance agent can help you determine whether you need trailer insurance to protect your investment. A local member agent can help you compare several different insurance companies and coverage options and select the one that's right for you. Contact a local agent now for free Mississippi trailer insurance quotes.

What Types of Trailers Can You Insure in Mississippi?

  • Car haulers
  • Boat trailers
  • Cargo and enclosed trailers
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Travel trailers
  • Motorcycle trailers
  • Utility trailers

Do You Need Trailer Liability Coverage?

The cornerstone of any solid insurance program is liability coverage. A trailer insurance policy is no different. Towing a trailer is riskier than just driving a car in a number of ways. For example:

  • Trailers can become unhitched and cause damage when they roll-away or become disengaged while you are on the road.
  • A trailer can fish-tail, causing damage to other vehicles, or causing an accident.
  • Large and heavy trailers can cause significant damage if they collide with someone or something.

If you injure someone or damage someone's property while you are operating your trailer, liability insurance protects you by paying your claims. In addition to paying liability claims, liability insurance covers your court costs and your legal defense if you are faced with liability claims.

Coverage for Physical Damage of Your Trailer

Most trailer insurance policies provide two kinds of property damage coverage.

  • Collision: Covers your trailer if it is damaged by running into an object such as another vehicle, a fence, a building, and most other objects.
  • Comprehensive: Also called "other than collision" coverage, this portion of your policy protects you if your trailer is vandalized, stolen, or damaged by a weather event, such as a hailstorm.

What Specialized Coverage Options Are Available?

In addition to the basic trailer coverage options, such as liability, collision and comprehensive, you can choose specialized insurance coverage options customized to the use of your trailer. For example, if you operate as a car hauler and you store the vehicles you tow, you may need garage and operations coverage to protect your trailers against vandalism, theft or severe weather damage. You may also need cargo and on-hook insurance to cover the towed car while it is in transit or in storage. Here are some other specialized trailer types and trailer coverage options:

  • Boat trailer: Your home or boat insurance may provide limited coverage for your boat trailer, but a specialized boat trailer policy gives you extensive coverage. Trailer theft is fairly common, so make sure you have theft protection.
  • Cargo and enclosed trailer: Your car insurance may offer liability coverage for your trailer, but may not provide property damage coverage. And you may need to protect yourself against loss of your trailer's contents, injury to people who borrow your trailer, and damage to your trailer while it's unattached from your vehicle.
  • Flatbed trailer: Your vehicle policy may cover your flatbed trailer for personal use but not business use. If you use your flatbed trailer for business purposes, you may have to carry commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Utility trailer: Your car insurance can offer limited coverage for personal use of your trailer, but if you want to cover the contents you haul, you may need extra coverage. Plus, if you use your trailer commercially, you may need a commercial vehicle policy.
  • Horse trailer: Your auto policy may provide limited coverage, but a custom horse trailer policy can offer you additional liability coverage, equipment coverage, expanded roadside assistance, and, for trailer breakdowns on the road, coverage for added expenses.
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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Much Does Trailer Insurance Cost?

The cost of trailer insurance can vary widely based on the type of trailer, the contents, and the specialized coverage options. For example, you will pay more for insurance if you use your flatbed trailer to haul commercial products rather than use your utility trailer to carry trash. Costs for trailer insurance can vary from $100 annually or less to several hundred dollars per year for large commercial trailers.

Some insurance companies specialize in commercial trailers, while others specialize in car haulers or boat trailers. That's why having a knowledgeable independent agent who is well-versed in all the trailer coverage options is so important. An independent agent from our network can compare multiple policies from many different insurance companies based on your specific trailer type and use to get you the most affordable policy.

Get the MS Trailer Insurance You Need Today

Before you hitch up your trailer for your next haul, make sure you have the protection you need. Let an agent review your needs and risks and get you Mississippi trailer insurance quotes that fit your situation and budget. Contact a local agent now for Mississippi trailer insurance that is right for you. Then you can travel with peace of mind knowing you're fully protected from the risks of the road.

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