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Las Vegas Nevada business insurance

Businesses in Las Vegas form an essential part of the area's economy. As one of the largest tourist attractions in the southwestern United States, this busy city has much to offer both residents and visitors. Running a company in Las Vegas has special challenges and rewards. You need an insurance company that you can rely on to be there if there's a disaster, major weather event, or if you are involved in a liability lawsuit. 

Working with a Las Vegas independent insurance agent has huge benefits for a business owner. You'll have access to their expertise even after you purchase your business insurance policies. When it's time to make a claim, your agent will be there with you to make sure things go smoothly. 

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Why Do Businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada, Need Liability Insurance?

Even the most careful and conscientious business owners run the risk of being sued. A business liability insurance policy is an essential part of your company's insurance. This coverage pays for legal fees, court costs, and financial damages when you are involved in a covered event. 

This type of lawsuit can be prohibitively expensive for a business. It's also time-consuming and stressful. Your agent may recommend certain types of liability insurance to further protect your business, depending on your situation. 

  • Premises liability insurance: This covers third-party injuries, illnesses, and property damage that occurs due to an accident on your business property. 
  • Product liability insurance:  This covers third-party injuries, illnesses, and property damage that is caused by defects in products your business produces, sells, or promotes.
  • Employment practices liability insurance: This covers lawsuits related to accusations of illegal employment practices such as discrimination, harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination.
  • Cyber liability insurance: This covers financial losses and liabilities if hackers access your computer systems and steal sensitive customer data such as financial information, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or personal data.
  • Pollution liability insurance: This covers cleanup costs and damage if your business is responsible for an accident that leads to the pollution of the ground, water, or air.
  • Commercial vehicle liability insurance: This is required by law if your business owns and operates vehicles. It can cover your company’s increased liability risks if one of your drivers causes an accident that results in third-party injuries or damage.

Your Las Vegas agent can walk you through all of your liability insurance policy options. They'll help you design an insurance package to protect your assets while customizing your coverage to meet your needs. 

What Insurance Products Cover Your Las Vegas Business Property?

In Clark County, the statistical likelihood of a natural disaster is about the same as it is across the country. Las Vegas business owners bear the greatest risk of damage to their property due to fires, flooding, and heavy rains. 

Even though your risk of being involved in a damage-causing natural disaster in Las Vegas is low, you may still need additional coverage to protect your specific business type. 

  • Inland marine insurance:  This covers portable business property while it is in transit or is stored away from your place of business, such as at a worksite.
  • Boiler & machinery insurance: This covers the repair or replacement of a broken-down furnace or other machinery, and can also cover any business losses associated with machine malfunctions.
  • Bailee's insurance: This covers valuable property owned by others whenever it is in your business’s care, custody, or control, such as when you are performing repair or maintenance services on it.

Your Las Vegas business isn't covered for flood damage with your regular business property policy, even if the flood is the direct result of a covered event. Talk with your agent about purchasing a commercial flood insurance policy to get the coverage you need. 


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Why Is Business Interruption Insurance a Good Idea in Las Vegas, NV?

Ideally, your Las Vegas business would never be involved in a disaster that would require you to close while you rebuild. Unfortunately, unexpected events frequently cause companies to shut their doors, causing severe financial stress. 

Business interruption insurance allows you to keep your monthly bills paid. With the financial support offered by your policy after a covered event, you may even be able to keep your most important employees on the payroll while you are shut down. 

If you are interested in exploring this option, talk with your Las Vegas agent about how business interruption insurance could work in your favor after a disaster. They'll walk you through your options and help you make sure that you have enough coverage to see you through any unexpected event. 

Do Businesses in Las Vegas Need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Las Vegas employers must provide workers' compensation insurance coverage if they have one or more employees. Sole proprietors who don't have employees can choose to cover themselves, but it isn't required. 

If you employ domestic workers or agricultural workers, you do not have to provide workers' compensation insurance. However, construction employers must provide coverage. 

In Nevada, there isn't a state-sponsored workers' compensation insurance program. You should talk with your independent agent about how to get reliable coverage at a great price from a private commercial insurer. 

What about Insurance Products for Employee Benefits Packages?

One of the most important things you can do to attract top talent in Las Vegas is to offer a great benefits package. Subsidizing your employees' life insurance and health insurance policies is one way to retain your current employees and get the attention of sought-after applicants for your open positions. 

Studies show that employers who offer subsidized health insurance and life insurance for their employees enjoy the cost-saving benefits of lower turnover because recruiting, hiring, and training employees is a major expense for many businesses. 

Talk with your agent about how you can design a benefits package that offers value to your employees while keeping your company's costs under control. 

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Las Vegas, NV?

Running a business in Las Vegas has its own special challenges. When you choose to work with a local independent agent, you'll get the benefit of their experience and you won't have to rely on internet searches to understand your options. 

For personalized service, contact a Las Vegas independent insurance agent

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