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Jersey City, the second-largest city in NJ by population, is an important manufacturing and distribution hub. It also has one of the largest downtown areas in the country. As you travel the Jersey transit system to one of the many shopping areas, you might look out and see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. The Statue became a symbol of hope and security for many coming to these shores. Your hope and security are also a major concern, so make sure you protect them by covering your house and possessions with a Jersey City, NJ homeowners insurance policy.

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Cost of Homeowners Insurance in New Jersey

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • New Jersey yearly premium average: $981
  • 21st most expensive premium in the US

Number of Catastrophes in New Jersey and the US

  • National number of catastrophes: 19,033
  • Number of catastrophes in New Jersey: 60
  • National number of tornadoes: 1,233
  • Number of tornadoes in New Jersey: 0
  • National property damage from weather: $5,511,270,000
  • Property damage from the weather in New Jersey: $13,780,000

Number of Thefts in New Jersey

  • National average for burglaries: 37,814
  • New Jersey number of burglaries 35,873

Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Make It Easier on Yourself

Home insurance is not the easiest of issues to deal with by yourself. There are many different types and factors to consider and more possible risks than you would first imagine. The obvious things that are likely to affect your premium rates are the location of your home and its type and value. The perils you want to insure against and the extent and value of the contents will also help determine the cost.

That might sound simple, but most Jersey City homeowners insurance policies don’t cover earthquakes and flood damage, for example. Flood damage, in particular, might be important to you in the wake of the Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy events. While most standard home insurance policies do cover fire, burglary and personal liability, you could face penalties if you don’t take precautions to protect and secure your home. Conversely, you might be eligible for discounts if you have a good security system installed.

Basic Jersey City Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Standard policies include common coverage types such as these:

  • Building property coverage: Pays to repair the structure of your home and other structures like garages and fences after a disaster
  • Home contents coverage: Pays to replace your stolen or damaged clothes, furniture and electronics
  • Liability insurance: Pays medical expenses and court costs for bodily injury and property damage claims if you are at fault or someone sues you due to injury or property damage while they are on your premises
  • Relocation assistance or "loss of use": Provides temporary lodging if the home is rendered uninhabitable because of a covered event

You want to make sure you have at least this basic Jersey City homeowners insurance coverage. Your agent can also help you review and select other insurance coverage for even better protection.

City Limits

Jersey City, like most cities, has a higher than average crime rate. It is near the top 25 percent of worst cities in the U.S. Its additional exposure to natural disasters means that failing to get home insurance is a risk not worth taking for the average family.

Think and Act Now

Imagine the alternative to not having insurance – medical bills, legal costs, possible compensation, replacing your home and belongings, starting from scratch. An independent insurance agent from our network can get you Jersey City home insurance quotes from various insurance companies and advise you regarding your options.

Contact one of these agents right away to get the insurance that fits your needs and your budget.

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