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Most Popular Coverages in New Mexico

Home Insurance

The coverage you need to protect your home and everything in it.

Auto Insurance

The right protection for you, your car and others on the road.

Business Insurance

Broad protection that covers you, your employees, and customers.

Workers' Compensation

Valuable employee coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Home insurance provides a backup plan in case a catastrophe strikes in the neighborhood. Whether it's a fire, high winds, or a burglary, it's covered by a suitable homeowners insurance policy in New Mexico Home insurance will pay for repairs to the home and replacement of belongings, pay for someone else's injuries on the property when it's the homeowner's fault, and may pay for temporary living expenses if the home is so badly damaged that it's uninhabitable. 

New Mexico drivers pay a bit less for car insurance than the average national driver. The average American driver pays $1,318 each year for auto insurance. In New Mexico, the average rate is $1,237. The way to get the best deal is by comparing compare rates from a variety of insurance companies before choosing a policy.

In New Mexico, the Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to purchase worker's compensation insurance that provides benefits to injured workers regardless of fault. It also protects employers, because injured workers can't sue them for liability for their injuries. Employees receive the medical care and wage replacement benefits they need, and employers can better predict costs based on their worker's compensation premiums. 

Restaurants in New Mexico need three basic types of insurance: property, liability, and employee coverage. Keep in mind that each type of insurance has sub-types of more specialized insurance depending on the type of restaurant and the services offered. Many restaurants have added policies for delivery and buffet services. Food spoilage is also a popular add-on policy for restaurants.

Depending on the policy chosen and the added coverage included in the policy, commercial auto insurance in New Mexico can include the following coverages: bodily injury, personal injury, collision and comprehensive coverage, and medical payments. There may be other options available depending on the type of business. Insurance companies offer policies tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

Last year alone, commercial insurance providers paid out more than $751 million in business insurance claims in New Mexico. Without insurance, business claims have to be paid out of pocket, meaning they have to be paid out of a business’s revenue. A comprehensive insurance plan can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is protected if something unexpected happens.

There are more than 24,000 farms covering 43.2 million acres in the state of New Mexico. The combined market value of the agricultural products sold in this state exceeds $2.5 billion. Farmland in New Mexico is subject to destruction by forces like fire, hail, flooding, and tornadoes. If a wildfire decimates crops or a tornado flattens fields, crop insurance can help a farm owner recover from their financial losses.

An umbrella insurance policy increases the amount of liability coverage on existing policies that include this type of coverage. If a policyholder is deemed liable for property damage or third-party bodily injury, the appropriate policy will go into effect and cover the costs. If the amount of coverage offered by these policies is not enough to fully cover those costs, an umbrella policy will then kick in and cover the difference. An umbrella policy picks up where the other policy left off, so that policyholders are not left with extreme out-of-pocket liability expenses following a large verdict against them.

There are no state laws requiring occupants of rental properties to purchase renters insurance. However, some New Mexico landlords may require this coverage as one of the terms of a lease. In most cases, this coverage is completely optional. This is not to say that it is unimportant. If a disaster were to cause damage and destruction in a rental home, the landlord would be responsible only for repairing or rebuilding the structure of the home. Renters insurance is needed to pay for repair or replacement of the tenant's personal property.

Life insurance is all about preparing for the unexpected. It is important for everyone to think about how their dependents would fare if they  were to meet an untimely demise. If they are married, they may want enough coverage so their spouse can afford to keep the family home. If they are a parent, they are likely to want to ensure that their children are well cared for and that they have many of the opportunities they might otherwise need to forgo due to lack of funds.

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