Popular QuestionsPopular Questions About New York Car Insurance

How much does New York car insurance cost/yr? $1,013

New York residents pay lower than average rates for car insurance. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for big savings. Independent insurance agents can help you find the lowest costs on the coverage you need. 

The average cost for car insurance nationwide is $1,311. In New York, residents pay an average of $1,013 per year. You'll get the best rates if you compare quotes from multiple companies before you choose a policy.

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What does New York car insurance actually do for me?

Driving on New York roads can be dangerous. Accidents happen; and there are a number of risks you may not even know about. Here's what car insurance will do for you...

  • Fix Your Car - Not Required. We officially call this “Comprehensive & Collision Coverage.”
  • Fix Someone Else’s Car - Required/Min. $10,000.  We officially call this “Property Damage Liability.”
  • Pay Your Medical Bills - Required/Min. $25,000. We officially call this “Personal Injury Protection” Or “Pip.”
  • Pay Someone Else’s Med Bills - Required/Min. $50,000 Per Person. We officially call this “Bodily Injury Liability.”

You'll notice that New Yorkers with a vehicle are required to have a certain amount of auto insurance that will pay for someone else's vehicle damage and medical bills. Most states have similar laws to ensure that drivers are prepared for accidents they cause, so it isn't out of the ordinary. 

Who pays if the accident wasn't my fault?

The driver who caused the accident is responsible for covering the cost of damages. 

How many New York drivers are uninsured: 5.3%

Considering that 12.6% of the U.S. population is uninsured, New York's average rate may look good. But it's still a reality that sometimes people drive without any insurance and without a financial backup plan for accidents.

That's where "Uninsured Motorist Coverage" comes into play. If you are hit by an uninsured driver, this insurance coverage will pay to fix your vehicle and handle your medical bills. 

Typically, your insurance company will attempt to collect compensation from the offending driver. But collecting can be extremely difficult. 

In fact, New York does require you to have uninsured motorist coverage, so we strongly advise you talk to your local Trusted Choice® agent about your insurance options.

Which are the best insurance companies in New York?

An independent insurance agent compares multiple companies to find the best policy for your needs. 


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InformationFind the Best Insurance in Your City

Now, let's take a quick peak at what’s going on in your city. Insurance companies look at a lot of factors when determining car insurance costs. 

One of many factors is location. Crime rates and time spent in the car will factor into how much your car insurance will cost.

How does your city measure up to the national average? 

  • National average car insurance cost - $1311 / year
  • National average car thefts per 1,000 - 2.37
  • National average time spent commuting - 25.4 min

CityCommute time (min)Auto theft rate per 1,000Annual insurance cost
Hudson Valley21.50.62$1,124
Long Island42.10.53$1,470
Mount Vernon34.41.73$1,731
New Rochelle30.70.78$1,512
New York City39.60.9$1,422
Richmond Hill40.30.53$1,494
Saratoga Springs21.31.19$1,028
Staten Island43.10.12$1,488
Tupper Lake12.91.13$810
White Plains26.80.43$1,407

Long Island, NY Car Insurance

Residents of Long Island pay an average rate of $123 for their auto insurance coverage. As a vehicle owner, you should be receiving a customized policy that is designed to meet your particular needs. 

Because each policy’s cost is calculated on an individual basis, your rates may be significantly higher or lower than the average Long Island policy. Simply put, the more time you spend on the road, the more likely it is that you'll be in an accident. And since Long Island drivers spend more time driving to and from work than most Americans, rates are somewhat higher in this part of the state. 

Low auto theft rates make the cost of adding comprehensive coverage to your policy more affordable. This optional coverage provides compensation for loss or damage caused by such things as falling objects, floods, non-collision-related fires, and property crimes.

Buffalo, NY Car Insurance

The average monthly cost ofcar insurance in Buffalo is $114. Depending on your vehicle, your driving record, your deductible amount and several other factors, your actual monthly cost could be significantly higher or lower than this amount. A Trusted Choice agent can help you compare rates so that you know you are getting your policy at the right price. 

Did you know that Buffalo drivers spend less time commuting to and from work than most Americans? This can help keep insurance rates for most area drivers affordable because the less time you spend behind the wheel, the lower your chance of being involved in collision. The more dangerous your area is, the more likely it is that your vehicle will be stolen or vandalized. 

The theft rate in Buffalo is much higher than the national average, which may increase insurance rates. Be sure that your policy included comprehensive (“other than collision”) coverage or you will not receive compensation for losses caused by property crimes.

Syracuse, NY Car Insurance

Residents ofSyracuse pay an average of $102 per month for their car insurance coverage. Do you know how auto insurance rates are calculated? Your vehicle's age, make and model, as well as your own claims and driving history are just some of the many factors that insurers take into account when providing your cost for coverage. For that reason, you can expect your actual rates to be considerable higher or lower than the city’s average. 

Syracuse drivers spend slightly less time commuting than the average national driver, and this may help decrease insurance rates. But you're still at risk of getting into an accident whenever you're behind the wheel, so it’s a good idea to have the proper insurance to back you up in case something happens. 

Because the theft rate in Syracuse is fairly close to the national number, insurance rates for drivers in the area may be close to average. In addition to carrying comprehensive coverage, you can protect yourself against losses related to property crimes by taking precautionary steps like parking in well-lit areas and keeping valuables hidden out of view.

Hempstead, NY Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of auto insurance in Hempstead is $74. Several factors, such as your vehicle’s make and model, your driving record, and your average annual mileage will all be considered when calculating your customized rate. Because of this, your actual costs may be considerably higher or lower than the Hempstead average.

Hempstead drivers spend a big chunk of their day on the road going to and from work. You should keep that in mind when considering how much your insurance covers for fender benders and hit-and-runs.

The cost of adding comprehensive coverage in this area may be right on par with the national averages, considering the auto theft rate in Hempstead is close the U.S. rate. Comprehensive (or, “other than collision”) coverage is designed to protect you against auto thefts and vandalized property as well as cover damages caused by other non-collision events such as floods and falling objects.

Yonkers, NY Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Yonkers is $158. Of course, you should take this amount with a grain of salt. Your own rate will be personalized to your own risks and insurance needs, so it can be significantly above or below this rate.

Many of this city’s drivers spend quite a bit of time commuting. It's never the most exciting part of the day unless an accident happens. If you are among the Yonkers residents who spend a lot of time traveling to and from work, you may want to consider a policy with higher coverage limits than most average insurance plans. Fortunately, the auto theft rate in Yonkers is much lower than the national average. 

This low rate helps to decrease the cost of adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy. This coverage will give you peace of mind if your car is lost or damaged due to property crimes or through another non-collision event such as a falling object or flood.

Brooklyn, NY Car Insurance

Residents of Brooklyn pay an average of $75 for their car insurance coverage. Your actual insurance rates will be based on a variety of factors including your age, education level, and driving history as well as information about the vehicle you are insuring. Because so many factors go into calculating costs, rates can vary significantly from one driver to the next. 

A Trusted Choice agent can help you compare rates so you know you that the coverage you purchase is competitively-priced. Brooklyn residents have long commute times. If you are traveling to and from work in your car, you have a high risk of being involved in a collision. Commuting via public transportation — as many Brooklyn residents do — can help to keep your insurance costs in check. 

You can only receive compensation for a stolen or vandalized vehicle if your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage. This insurance is also designed to cover loss and damage caused by other non-collision events such as fires, floods, and falling objects.

Queens, NY Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Queens is $100. Your actual quoted rates may behigher or lower than this average depending on a number of factors such as how much insurance you are purchasing; the age, make and model of the vehicle you are insuring; and the driving histories of all licensed drivers in your household unless you specifically exclude them from coverage.

It's fairly straightforward: The longer you're on the road, the more chance there is that you'll get into an accident. And considering commuters from Queens are spending nearly an hour and a half each workday behind the wheel, you may want to reconsider how much insurance you need. Of course, opting to commute via public transportation can save you a bundle on your auto insurance costs.

If your car is stolen or damaged by vandals, your insurance company can only provide compensation if your policy includes comprehensive coverage. This optional insurance also covers other damages that don’t result from collisions, such as flood and fire damage.

Staten Island, NY Car Insurance

Residents of Staten Island pay an average rate of $98 a month for their auto insurance coverage. Your car's age, make and model, as well as your gender, driving record and average annual mileage are just some of the many factors that will be taken into account by insurers when calculating your customized policy rates. That means your monthly cost could be higher or lower than this average. 

Staten Island commuters spend much more time on the road than the average national driver, which may increase insurance rates. But it's always a good idea to have proper coverage that gives you 360 degrees of protection if something were to go wrong. Using public transportation instead of driving into work can save you a bundle on your car insurance. 

Having your car stolen can be stressful. Learning that your car insurance policy will not cover your loss makes it worse. The only way you can get compensation for non-collision damages such as theft, vandalism, falling objects, and floods is to include the optional comprehensive coverage in your Staten Island car insurance policy.

Bronx, NY Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in the Bronx is $79. Your monthly cost could be higher or lower than this, depending on your many considerations including the make and model of the vehicle you are insuring, your gender, your driving record, and the amount of coverage you wish to purchase. Comparing rates helps you be sure that the policy you purchase is competitively-priced. 

Spending more than 40 minutes going to and from work is never ideal. But it's the way of life in New York City's boroughs. Many commuters opt to use public transportation rather than drive. This is one of the reasons that car insurance is so inexpensive in the Bronx. The fewer miles you log on your vehicle each year, the less your insurance premiums will be. 

Unless you still own money on your vehicle, comprehensive coverage is optional. However, without this added coverage, you cannot receive compensation if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by vandals. Comprehensive coverage also provides compensation for losses related to other causes such as flood and falling objects.