Long Island Car Insurance

(When coverage and price matter)


From famous beaches to Gold Coast mansions, Long Island, NY, is iconic. When you live in a place with award-winning vineyards and charming downtowns, you'll need a car. 

Auto insurance is essential, and an independent insurance agent can help. They can find the best rates and coverage in town. Connect with a local agent to start saving.

Car Insurance Pricing in Long Island, NY

Your car insurance premiums are customized using your specific criteria. Each policy is not only unique in coverage but in personal data. Let's take a look at what carriers use to determine costs:

  • Coverage selection: The amount of coverage you choose
  • Discounts: If you qualify for discounts through the carrier
  • Claims history: How many claims you have filed in the past
  • Crime rates: The local crime rates will make your costs higher or lower
  • Location: Where you live
  • Credit score: If you have good credit, your rates will be lower
  • Motor Vehicle Records: When you have a record of violations, your insurance costs increase

Insurance companies look back three to five years on violations and past claims filed. The more losses and tickets you have accumulated, the more your car insurance premiums will rise. Speak with your Long Island independent agent to find the coverage you need. 

Long Island, NY, Auto Insurance Requirements

In Long Island, NY, you are required by law to carry the state-mandated limits of liability. If you forgo coverage, you will have to face the consequences of fines or worse. Let's look at the facts:

  • Minimum requirements in Long Island, NY: $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident/ $10,000 property damage

Car liability limits explained:

  • Property damage liability: This portion of liability will pay to replace or repair damaged property when you're at fault.  
  • Bodily injury liability: This pays for the other injured driver's medical expenses when you're at fault.

Liability insurance is one of the most used and essential coverages you have. The state minimum limits are usually not even close to enough insurance. The average vehicle these days costs over $36,000. At minimum limits, you'll have to pay out of pocket. Speak with your local agent on car, boat, RV insurance, and more. 

Uninsured Drivers in Long Island, NY

Uninsured/underinsured motorist or UM/UIM insurance is required in the state of NY. There are still rule breakers who go without insurance altogether, and for that, you need UM/UIM. Let's look at the percentage of uninsured drivers:

  • National average: 13.0%
  • New York average: 6.1%

UM/UIM will provide insurance when you get into an accident with an uninsured driver. When it's the other driver's fault, but they're without insurance, your UM/UIM coverage will kick in and pay for your expenses. Protect your loved ones while on the road and discuss UM/UIM coverage today. 

Umbrella insurance:

To further protect you and your family, speak with your agent about an umbrella insurance policy. It will provide an additional limit of liability above and beyond your underlying auto and home policies. For those more substantial auto accidents, umbrella insurance saves the day.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Theft Rates in Long Island, NY

Crime in Long Island will affect your car insurance costs. The more theft in an area, the more expensive your policy will be. Check out the average theft rates:

  • National average per 100,000 people: 228.90
  • New York average per 100,000 people: 67.20

New York, in general, has a lower rate of theft than the national average. This bodes well for you because Long Island likely has lower theft averages too. Whether you own a truck, snowmobile, or any motorized vehicle, crime affects us all. Connect with your Long Island independent agent to discuss how your policy pricing is impacted. 

Additional Auto Coverages in Long Island, NY

To have proper insurance, you'll want to know what optional coverages you can apply to your policy. There are several to choose from, and each will add cost to your car insurance. 

Optional auto policy coverages:

  • Comprehensive coverage: This will replace or repair your car if damage occurs when struck by an object.
  • Collision coverage: This will replace or repair your vehicle when a crash occurs.
  • Medical payments coverage: This will pay for your medical expenses if you are at fault for an accident and get injured.
  • Gap coverage: This will pay for the difference between the balance on your auto loan and the car's value when a total loss occurs.
  • Rental coverage: This will pay for a rental vehicle while your covered auto is in the shop due to a loss.
  • Towing coverage: This will pay for the tow of a covered vehicle.

The right auto insurance is key to coming out of a claim financially sound. If you lack in any area, you could have some out-of-pocket expenses. There are also auto and home insurance discounts that will help reduce premiums. Discuss optional coverages and discounts for your car insurance with an independent agent.

Do You Deliver Packages in Long Island, NY?

When you are a livery-for-hire driver and required to use your personal vehicle, your coverage may not be sufficient. Regular car insurance does not insure business operations, especially for drivers who deliver parcels or people.

For this, you'll need a commercial auto policy in place. Your Long Island independent agent can quote commercial insurance fast, making sure coverage is accurate. When you go without the right policy, you'll open yourself up for a large financial loss. 

Connect with a Long Island, NY, Independent Agent

If you choose to work with an independent insurance agent, you'll get unbeatable coverage for a fair price. They work on your behalf without charging you a dime.

An independent agent can shop policy and rates with multiple carriers at once, saving you time. Connect with a local agent on TrustedChoice.com to get started.

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