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From fender benders on Huguenot Street to multi-car collisions on the New England Thruway, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone —even to the most cautious and experienced drivers. Fortunately, a dependable car insurance policy can shield New Rochelle drivers from the expensive costs associated with vehicle collisions. 

An independent insurance agent with an office in or near New Rochelle can help you find the best and most affordable auto insurance policy to meet your coverage needs.

New York Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

In New York, resident vehicle owners must carry car insurance that meets or exceeds the following requirements:

  • Bodily injury liability: Required
  • Property damage liability: Required
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Required
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: Required
  • Minimum liability limits: 25/50/10; coverage up to $50,000 for all persons injured in an accident, subject to a limit of $25,000 for one individual; and $10,000 coverage for property damage.

Although these requirements may seem like a lot of coverage, if you only have a basic minimum-coverage policy, you may find you do not have enough insurance to handle the cost of a serious collision. If the expenses you are responsible for are higher than your coverage limits, you will be expected to make up the difference out of pocket.

That is why many New Rochelle drivers purchase liability coverage in amounts that are significantly higher than the state requires. Some residents want even more liability coverage than their car insurance will allow, so they also purchase an umbrella insurance policy.  Your local insurance agent can help your review costs for different levels of liability coverage.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in New Rochelle, NY?

New York is one of the least expensive states for auto insurance. However, the average cost for coverage in the city of New Rochelle is greater than the national average. Shopping for the best rate can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year.

  • National average annual car insurance cost: $1,311
  • New York average annual car insurance cost: $1,013
  • New Rochelle average cost per year: $1,512

Every insurance company you contact will likely provide you with a different quote for coverage. This is because each has its own method for calculating costs. Your rates may be influenced by a variety of factors such as:

  • The number of vehicles you are insuring
  • Your vehicle’s make, model, trim, and year
  • Whether you own or rent your home
  • Your age, gender, occupation, and driving record
  • Information about other drivers in your household
  • The amount of your deductible, and how much liability insurance you are purchasing
  • The auto theft and accident rates in the area where you live and park your car

If you are bundling your auto insurance with another policy like homeowners insurance or renters insurance, you may qualify for discounts for all of your coverage. Independent insurance agents in New Rochelle can help you get any discounts you are entitled to and can make comparison shopping easy by requesting a selection of customized car insurance quotes on your behalf. 


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Number of Uninsured Motorists in the State

Driving without insurance in New York is illegal, but nearly one out of every 20 motorists you are sharing the roads with in this state is uninsured. While that is a lot, this state has one of the lowest rates of uninsured drivers in the country.  

  • How many US drivers are uninsured? 13%.
  • How many New York drivers are uninsured? 6.2%.

If you are in an accident that is caused by an uninsured driver, that person is responsible for paying for your damage and injuries. Collecting the money owed to you by such an individual can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. That is why uninsured motorist insurance was created. 

Although uninsured motorist insurance is optional in many states, it is required in New York. Therefore, you can rest assured that if you are in a collision with an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver, your insurance company will provide you with the coverage you need up-front, and will absorb the costs if unable to collect reimbursement from the at-fault driver.

Auto Theft Rate in New Rochelle

The auto theft rate in New York is lower than the state’s average rate, and in New Rochelle, it is even lower. The risk, though rare, still exists, however. There are about 50 cars stolen in this city every year.

  • National auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 2.28
  • New York auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 0.67
  • New Rochelle number of auto thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 0.78

Comprehensive insurance must be included in your auto policy in order for you to be reimbursed for auto theft. This optional insurance is often required by lenders until your vehicle is paid in full. Though the risk of car theft is low in New Rochelle, this “other than collision” insurance can prove beneficial.

Comprehensive insurance covers you against more than just car thefts. It also covers loss or damage caused by several other non-collision hazards such as falling objects, flash floods, wind damage, structure fires, and vandalism. This coverage is especially important if you are insuring a high-value vehicle.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent insurance agents can be a great source of information when you are shopping for the right auto insurance coverage. These insurance professionals can explain your various options, answer your insurance-related questions, and help you review offerings from a variety of providers. That way you can choose the policy that offers you the best value.

Contact an independent insurance agent with an office in or near New Rochelle to start comparing customized car insurance quotes.

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