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The capital of New York, Albany is home to more than 98,000 people. Residents are attracted to this cultural city because of its parks and recreation, ample shopping, top-notch medical facilities, and climate, which offers four distinct seasons. If you own a house in Albany, you will want to be sure to protect your investment with a suitable home insurance policy.

When you are shopping for the right insurance coverage for your home, a local independent agent can help. Contact an insurance agent near you to begin your search for the best homeowners insurance policy in Albany.


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Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Albany, NY

New York is the 15th most expensive state for homeowners insurance. Home insurance rates in this state are higher than the national average, but in Albany, the average rate is considerably lower. 

  • National average yearly premium: $1,173
  • New York average yearly premium: $1,287
  • Albany average yearly premium: $847

Your actual home insurance quotes will likely be different from the average rate shown above. In a city like Albany, which has a wide range of property values, rates can fluctuate significantly. Home insurance costs are calculated on a case-by-case basis and are based on several factors such as: 

  • The size of your house, the year it was built, and the materials used in its construction
  • The type of home you are insuring (i.e., single-family detached house, townhouse, condo, etc.)
  • The crime rate and weather risks in the vicinity of your home
  • Your claims history and credit score
  • The amount of your deductible
  • Whether you are bundling your homeowners coverage with other policies like car insurance or business insurance

Comparing rates lets you choose the homeowners insurance policy that offers the coverage you want at the most competitive rate. Independent insurance agents in Albany make comparison shopping easy.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Burglary Rate in Albany

The burglary rate in New York is significantly lower than the national rate, but in Albany, it is higher. There are more than 500 burglaries reported in this city in a typical year. 

  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in the US: 4.69
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in New York: 1.66
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in Albany: 5.04

You can reduce your risk of burglary by taking precautionary steps such as putting lights on timers while you are away, keeping entryways well-lit and unobstructed, and using deadbolt locks. Home security systems make especially good theft deterrents. In fact, many insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who have them installed in their homes.

If you are the victim of a burglary, your homeowners insurance can reimburse you for the resultant loss and damage. Be sure to keep a copy of the police report because you will need it when you file a claim. Your independent insurance agent can provide guidance throughout the claims process if you have questions or need support.

Catastrophic Events in New York

Your home insurance policy is designed to provide coverage against many of the risks you are likely to face as a homeowner in Albany. This includes hazards such as accidental fires, property crimes, and severe weather events like storms and freezing temperatures. 

  • Number of declared disasters in New York: 58
  • Most common reasons for disasters in the state: Severe Storms and Heavy Snows
  • Average number of tornadoes per year in New York: 9.6
  • Average amount of property damage per year in NY:  $2,170,228,000
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year.

Severe storms and heavy snow pose the biggest threat to residents of Albany. Strong winds and hail can damage roofs and windows and can cause trees to uproot. Heavy snow on the roof of your house can cause damage to your roof and gutters. Also, in the bitter cold that winter can bring, pipes can freeze and burst, causing extensive damage to your home. Fortunately, these hazards are covered by your home insurance policy.

It is important to note that flood damage is excluded from home insurance. Fortunately, your insurance agent can also help you obtain a flood insurance policy through the NFIP. These policies take 30 days to go into effect, so do not wait until a storm is imminent to buy your coverage.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Liability Insurance for Albany Homeowners

Your home insurance also provides personal liability insurance to cover you against many of the common liability lawsuits homeowners may face. This liability insurance is designed to cover expenses such as court costs, legal defense fees, and damages, if you are sued for a covered event. 

Examples of times this liability insurance can cover you include:

  • If someone is severely injured on your property.
  • If your child or pet causes injury or property damage to others.
  • If you are accused of libel or slander after posting a negative review online. 

If you want more liability coverage than your home insurance can provide, your insurance agent can help you purchase an affordable umbrella insurance policy. Talk to your agent to learn more about homeowners liability insurance.

What about Insurance for Second Homes and Vacation Homes?

Maybe you own a vacation home in the Adirondacks. Or perhaps you own an additional house that you rent to students at SUNY Albany. If you own more than one house, your independent insurance agent can help you find the best policies to cover all of your properties.

A house that is not your primary residence has specific risk factors and considerations, which insurance companies will take into account when calculating rates. In some cases, these extra properties may need to be covered by different types of insurance. 

  • Vacation homes are often unoccupied for several months of the year. This increases their risk of property damage and burglary, so these properties may need to be covered by vacant home insurance during these times.
  • Second homes that serve as rental properties have higher liability risks but require less in the way of contents coverage. In this case, these homes need to be covered by a landlord insurance policy.

Your independent insurance agent can help you find the best and most affordable policies to cover all of your homes.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent insurance agents make it easy to quickly find the best policy to cover your Albany home. These agents are free to work with several different insurance providers, so they can make sure you are getting the coverage you need at the most competitive rate. 

Contact an independent insurance agent in or near Albany to learn more. You can soon be comparing customized home insurance quotes from an assortment of highly rated insurers.

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