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Binghamton, NY is home to six of the world's antique carousels. Known as "The Carousel Capital of the World," Binghamton is a charming place to own a home.

When your house needs adequate protection in this town of 45,179 residents, an independent insurance agent can help. Find the best coverage and pricing with a local expert today.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Binghamton, NY?

When you're shopping for homeowners insurance in Binghamton, your coverage and premiums are individualized. Take a look at the average annual home insurance pricing:

  • National average: $1,211
  • New York average: $1,309

Your costs could be less or more than the state and national averages depending on your specifications. Let's look at what the carriers' rating factors include:

  • The year, construction type, and square footage of your home
  • Severe weather in the area
  • Your claims history and insurance score
  • The coverages you select
  • Discounts that may apply
  • The local crime rates 

Homeowners insurance is an essential policy that needs to be accurate in the event of a loss. Discuss how your coverage works with a Binghamton independent agent.

Does Homeowners Insurance in Binghamton, NY Cover Theft?

Local theft will impact your homeowners insurance premiums. Carriers take into account how many crime-related claims occur in a city. If Binghamton has a higher rate, your costs will likely be more expensive. Take a look at the number of burglaries per 100,000 households:

  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in the US: 376.00
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in New York: 159.30
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 homes in Binghamton: 951.50

Binghamton has more burglaries than both the state and national averages, which could mean your costs will be more. Your local independent agent can run options on your home and auto insurance so you can get the best price for coverage. 

Different Kinds of Liability Insurance in Binghamton, NY

There are a couple of different ways you can protect your assets and livelihood. When you're shopping for liability insurance, it's key to know what it will cover:

  • If a guest injures themselves on your property and sues.
  • If a household member is accused of slander and someone sues.
  • If a household member harms a person or property while away from home and someone sues.
  • If a household pet causes injury or damage to another person or property and someone sues.

Additional coverage can be found in umbrella insurance. An umbrella policy will give you an extra liability limit starting at $1,000,000. When your underlying home policy limits are exhausted due to a larger claim, umbrella insurance will apply.

Get with your Binghamton independent agent to discuss options on your coverage. 


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Risk Exposures in Binghamton, NY and Your Insurance

For home protection against the what-ifs, your policy should have coverage for all of Binghamton's exposures. Catastrophes can occur anytime, and when they do, your insurance needs to be ready. 

Catastrophic Events in New York:

  • Number of federally declared catastrophes since 1953: 101
  • Most common disasters: Severe storms
  • Number of tornadoes: 10
  • Homeowners claims paid in 2016: 2,170,228,000

Whether you own a million-dollar masterpiece or a mobile home, your coverage needs to be sufficient. Some of Binghamton's top property risks are as follows:

  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Tropical storms
  • Heavy rains
  • Hurricanes

Flood damage can be expensive, and a separate flood policy is what you'll need to have coverage. Your independent agent can discuss options for all life throws at you.

Binghamton, NY Flood Insurance Explained

Flooding is Binghamton's number one property risk. Your primary homeowners insurance excludes flood damage. To have adequate protection, contact your agent on flood insurance. 

How to Get Flood Insurance in Binghamton, New York:

#1 - Get connected with a Binghamton, NY independent agent.

#2 - Have your agent pull your property's flood zone.

#3 - Obtain flood quotes from your independent agent.

Protection for your largest asset should be accurate and sufficient. Every home is liable to flood. Get with your independent agent to go over your coverage.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Binghamton, NY?

A Binghamton, NY independent insurance agent can find your home the best coverage and rates. They work with several carriers so that you can get the most policy for your money.

To connect with a local expert, go to You can use the find-an-agent tool to get started in minutes.

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