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How to connect with a local independent agent

Queens New York homeowners insurance

Queens, NY has a lot going on. From Mets baseball games to the US Open, this is a sport-centered city.

With over 2,277,251 residents, you may be one of them that owns a home. An independent insurance agent can get the right home policy to fit your budget. You can connect with a local expert about your policy needs.

What Is the Price of Home Insurance in Queens, NY?

Carriers determine your insurance costs based on various factors. Some are outside your control, while others are not. Let's take a look at rating factors used by the insurance companies:

  • The replacement cost of your home
  • Year, square footage, and materials of your home
  • Your credit score
  • Your loss history
  • Your address
  • Local crime rate

Home premiums are unique to you and your specifications. When you're price shopping, consider all that goes into your costs.

Home Insurance Average Premiums:

  • National yearly average: $1,211
  • New York yearly average: $1,309

Homeowners insurance in New York is the 23rd most expensive in the nation. Fortunately, it's right in the middle, which means your Queens rates will be less expensive. Connect with your local independent agent to get exact pricing.

Burglary and Your Queens, NY Home Policy

Your home insurance needs to respond when a break-in occurs. Local crime can affect your premiums as well. If you're unsure if your policy has coverage for a loss, get with your agent. Take a look at the number of burglaries:

  • National burglary average (per 100,000 households): 376.00
  • New York burglary average (per 100,000 households): 159.30

Theft in an area can negatively impact your premium. Carriers need to account for any future loss. They do this by surcharging insureds when there are more risk factors in an area. One way to combat higher premiums is by bundling. When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you can get a deep discount. Speak with your Queens independent agent about more policy savings.

Catastrophes in Queens, NY and Your Home Insurance

Catastrophes and severe weather can strike at a moment's notice. When you have adequate coverage, you'll be glad. It's important to have protection for the most common natural disasters. 

Most Common Natural Disasters in New York:

#1 - Severe storms and lightning

#2 - Flooding and water damage

#3 - Heavy snow

#4 - Hurricanes and tropical storms

#5 - Burglary and other property crimes

If you're unsure what your policy level coverages are, contact your local agent. Since they live in the same city, they know what your policy needs. Talk to a Queens independent insurance agent to get the right coverage.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why You Need a Separate Flood Insurance Policy in Queens, NY

Contrary to popular belief, your home policy does not include flood damage. With Queens having flooding being in the top five risks, this insurance is necessary. Take a look at how to get flood insurance in three easy steps:

  1. Have your independent agent pull your flood zone. 
  2. Have your agent quote flood insurance with FEMA-approved carriers. 
  3. Select the best flood insurance option presented.

Every property is at risk for a flood. No matter which zone your home is located in, you could still have a claim. Get the proper home insurance with your local independent agent today.

Homeowners Liability Insurance in Queens, NY

When you or a member of your household is sued, you'll want coverage to apply. Liability insurance can offer a defense when a lawsuit arises. Take a look at some liability claim examples:

  • A friend slips and falls on your property and sues for injuries.
  • A tree falls on your neighbor's roof, and they sue for property damage.
  • Your child is accused of bullying another party on social media, and they sue for damages.

For all the what-ifs that could occur, get the right coverage the first time. Another policy that will supply additional protection is umbrella insurance. 

Umbrella Liability Insurance: 

Umbrella insurance will provide additional liability coverage above and beyond your primary home policy. A more considerable liability loss could exhaust your primary coverage. When that happens, an umbrella policy will apply. Contact your independent agent for information on liability insurance.

A Queens, NY Independent Insurance Agent

Your home is your largest asset and needs to be protected. When you work with an independent insurance agent in Queens, you'll get the best of both worlds. 

An independent agent can offer a variety of coverage and premium options. Since they have access to multiple carriers, they can find you competitive pricing. Connect with a local expert on TrustedChoice.com to get started.

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