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A solid car insurance policy protects your financial interests after an accident. Even a simple fender bender can be expensive, so it's crucial to make sure that you have the coverage you need with an insurance company you trust. 

When you work with a Dayton independent insurance agent, you'll get multiple car insurance quotes from different insurance companies. Your agent can help you understand Ohio's laws about minimum insurance requirements. They can also assist you as you build your ideal insurance policy. Reach out to a Dayton agent today to get started. 

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Dayton, OH?

In Ohio, drivers pay less on average than drivers across the country. When you shop around for insurance coverage, you can be sure that you are getting the most coverage for your money.

  • National average annual car insurance cost: $1,311
  • Ohio average annual car insurance cost: $789

Your insurance company quotes may differ from each other. They'll also be different from the national rates. Your auto insurance premium may be based on some or all of this information: 

  • The make, model, and year of every vehicle you are insuring
  • Your age, gender, occupation, and marital status
  • Your driving record and credit score
  • Information about other licensed drivers in your household
  • Whether you own or rent your home
  • The amount of your deductible
  • The amount of liability insurance you are purchasing
  • The coverage options you are including in your policy

If you decide to bundle your auto insurance with your homeowners or renters insurance policy, you could get deep discounts across all of your policies. Your agent can help you choose an insurance company that helps get you the best rates, including discounts. 

What Does Dayton Car Insurance Cover?

Your car insurance policy will most likely be a mixture of optional and required coverage. In Ohio, you must carry liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury. If you cause an accident, this coverage will pay for damage up to the policy limits. 

Ohio drivers are required by law to carry these minimum insurance amounts: 

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage of at least $25,000 per accident.

In Ohio, personal injury protection (PIP) is optional. Although you don't have to purchase it, this policy pays for medical expenses for you and your passengers if you are injured in a collision, regardless of fault. 

Uninsured motorist insurance is also optional in Ohio. This coverage pays for otherwise non-covered damage and injuries after an accident with an uninsured, underinsured, or hit-and-run driver. 

Collision and comprehensive insurance coverage are optional, but your lender or dealership may require you to carry these insurance policies if you have a loan or lease on your car. Collision insurance covers your car if it's damaged in a crash. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage if your car is in a non-collision event like a flood or fire. 

Roadside assistance and towing insurance are optional. They pay for assistance if you get a flat tire, your car breaks down, or you run out of gas.

Rental reimbursement coverage is optional, as well. It pays the bill if you need to rent a car while yours is being repaired after a covered incident. 

Your agent will walk you through your options and talk with you about how each may fit into your situation.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Is the Penalty for Driving without Insurance in Dayton?

Driving without insurance is illegal in Ohio. If caught, uninsured drivers can face the following:

  • Temporary revocation of drivers license
  • License reinstatement fee of $100
  • Suspension of license for two years or more if you are involved in an accident and don't have the right types and amounts of insurance

There are fewer uninsured drivers in Ohio than across the country.

  • US drivers who are uninsured: 13%
  • Ohio drivers who are uninsured: 12.4%

You don't have to buy uninsured motorist coverage, but without it, you'll have to take the other driver to court to get money for medical bills and car repairs if they don't have the right types and amounts of insurance. 

How High Is the Auto Theft Rate in Dayton?

The auto theft rate in Ohio is lower than the national average. Your risk of having your car stolen here is low. It's important to know that without comprehensive insurance coverage, you won't be reimbursed for your losses if you are the victim of auto theft. 

  • National auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 2.37
  • Ohio auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles: 1.79

Comprehensive coverage also handles damage for covered events such as fallen trees, hailstorms, and hitting an animal in the road. 

If you lease your car or have a loan, you may already have this coverage. If not, talk with your agent about how much it would cost to add this important coverage to your policy. 

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Dayton, OH?

Independent agents can help you get multiple quotes so you know you are getting the best possible rates on your car insurance. They can explain your options and help you meet your coverage and budgeting goals, as well. 

Discover the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent in Dayton. Reach out today to get started building your ideal insurance policy. 

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