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Mansfield Ohio homeowners insurance

With a population reaching over 46,000, Mansfield has still managed to keep its all-American small-town vibe. With its endearing Main street, culture, and history, it's no wonder that so many have decided to call this place home. A top-quality homeowners insurance policy is the best way to protect your biggest investment.

An independent agent makes this process easy. They aren’t stuck to one insurance company, so an agent will do the comparison shopping for you. Whether you want to purchase a new policy or review your current coverage, an independent insurance agent will help. 

Do Property Crimes Impact your Mansfield, OH, Home?

Where you live and the amount of property crime in that area will impact your home insurance premium. A lower crime rate tells your insurance carrier that your home has a less likely chance of being burglarized, meaning it's less risky.

(Rate per 100,000 households)

  • Average number of burglaries in the US: 376
  • Average number of burglaries in Ohio: 412.2
  • Average number of burglaries in Mansfield, OH: 944.7

While the burglary rate is higher in Mansfield than the state and national averages, finding an affordable home insurance policy is still accessible. Connect with a local agent to find out how you can find a home insurance policy that fits your budget.

Catastrophes and Your Mansfield Homeowners Insurance

When natural disasters strike your home and leave it damaged, having a sufficient home insurance policy is critical. If you need to replace or repair your home, your coverage will protect you against a financial mess.

Frequent catastrophic events in Ohio:

  • Average number of tornadoes a year: 19
  • Most common natural disaster: Severe storms
  • Number of claims paid in 2016: 1,105,456,000
  • Number of federally declared catastrophes since 1953: 59

Your home insurance policy will provide coverage for the contents that are destroyed from a covered peril like fire, smoke, theft, falling tree, lightning, wind or hail. Let’s take a look at the top five risks you face as a homeowner in Mansfield.

#1 Severe Storms

#2 Flooding

#3 Tornados

#4 Burglary and property crimes

#5 Heavy snow

Enlist an agent to help you find the policy that will cover your home when a natural disaster strikes. Double-check with them to make sure you have enough coverage.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover You against Flooding in Mansfield, OH?

Unfortunately, your home insurance policy doesn’t cover damage caused by flooding. It will exclude coverage altogether, and with it being a top risk for you, you’ll need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

Your independent agent will make this simple. They’ll help gather quotes for flood insurance through FEMA-approved carriers and find a policy that fits your home's flood protection needs.

Liability Insurance for your Mansfield, OH, Home

As a Mansfield property owner, you are responsible to make sure the premises of your home and property are safe. Your home insurance policy comes with liability coverage to protect you against any injuries caused by your negligence. For instance, if you fail to keep your dog restrained and he bites someone causing a severe injury, you’ll be liable for any medical expenses the victim has.

Your liability insurance will potentially cover:

  • The cost of repairs to another person’s property
  • The medical expenses of an injured party
  • The cost of your legal defense when an attorney must defend you

If someone files a large lawsuit against you, it may exceed your liability coverage limit. To protect yourself financially you may want to purchase an umbrella liability policy. This will kick in when your home coverage limits are exhausted. Let an independent agent help you find affordable coverage.

How Much Will It Cost to Insure Your Mansfield, OH, home?

Mansfield homeowners insurance premiums tend to be less expensive than what others pay.

  • National yearly average: $1,211
  • Ohio yearly average: $862
  • Mansfield, OH, yearly average: $818

Of course, these average rates are just to give you an idea of what your premium may look like. Insurers will base their quotes specific to your home and neighborhood.

  • National median house value: $188,900
  • Ohio median house value: $144,200
  • Mansfield, OH, median house value: $88,014

On average, home values in Mansfield are lower when compared to other cities. This will help to reduce the cost of your home insurance policy. To get your exact quote, your insurance company will look at crucial details about your home, such as:

  1. Your claims history
  2. Your credit score
  3. Your home’s age and what it is made from (bricks, wood)
  4. The location of your home (ZIP code, county)
  5. If you home has a fence, garage, or a swimming pool

An independent agent in Mansfield can help you sort through different homeowners insurance policies. You’ll look over multiple high-quality homeowners insurance policies at an affordable rate.

How Can You Find Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Mansfield, OH?

Your Mansfield home is most likely your biggest investment, which is why you can’t afford to be underinsured. An independent insurance agent will help you get competitive quotes and answer all your questions about coverage. Get matched with an agent today to get started.

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