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Your Complete Guide to Edmond, OK, Homeowners Insurance

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Located just north of the capital, Edmond is home to nearly 100,000 people. With low crime rate, great public education and a thriving economy, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen to make Edmond their home. A top-quality homeowners insurance policy is the best way to protect your biggest investment.

An independent agent makes this process easy. They aren’t stuck to an insurance company, so an agent will do the comparison shopping for you. Whether you want to purchase a new policy, or review your current coverage, and independent insurance agent will help. 

How Much Is Homeowners Insurance Going to Cost in Edmond, OK?

Edmond homeowners insurance premiums tend to be costlier than what other states pay.

  • National yearly average: $1,211
  • Oklahoma yearly average: $1,885

Of course, these average rates are just to give you an idea of what you might pay. Insurers will base their rate specific to your home and neighborhood.

  • National median house value: $188,900
  • Oklahoma median house value: $142,220
  • Edmond median house value: $245,839

Because home values in Edmond tend to be higher, your premium will most likely be greater. To get your exact quote, your insurance company will look at crucial details about your home, such as:

  1. Your claims history
  2. Your credit score
  3. Your home’s age and what it is made from (bricks, wood)
  4. The location of your home (ZIP code, county)
  5. If you home has a fence, garage, or a swimming pool

An independent agent in Edmond can help you sort through different homeowners policy. You’ll look over multiple high-quality homeowners insurance policies at an affordable rate.

Edmond, OK, Homeowners Insurance Covers Your Property

Your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage against most of the risk you face as a property owner in Edmond. For severe storms, tornadoes, hail, and even the rare chance of a hurricane, your homeowners insurance will have you covered.

Catastrophic events in Oklahoma

  • Number of federally declared disasters in Oklahoma: 173
  • Most common reason for disasters in OK: Tornadoes
  • Average number of tornadoes per year: 60
  • Average number of claims each year: 1 in 20

Your home insurance is created to cover loss or damage to the structure of your home, along with your person property you keep inside (contents coverage).

Its important to note that your policy will have coverage limits. So you’ll want to make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild, repair, or replace your damaged property if your home is impacted by a covered catastrophic event.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Home Liability Insurance, What Does It Cover in Edmond, OK?

One of the most important components of your homeowners insurance policy is your personal liability coverage. This will provide protection against accidents that you are at fault for, or that happen on your property that result in bodily injury or property damage.

Examples of times that you may need to use this liability insurance include:

  • Dog bites: If your child forgets to close the fence and the dog gets loose and bites a neighbor, you’ll be liable for the costs. Homeowners insurance policies cover claims of roughly $400 million a year because of dog bites.
  • Slips and falls: If someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, it can result in costly medical bills, and maybe even legal fees.
  • Neighborhood damage: If you're mowing the lawn and a rock is kicked up and damages your neighbors house or car, you’ll be covered.

Your liability coverage will have a limit on how much it will pay out, so chat with an independent agent to find out how much coverage you need.

Property Crime Rate in Edmond, OK

The property crime rate in Edmond will be a factor in the overall price that you pay for your homeowners policy. Let’s look at the average number of burglaries per 1,000 in Edmond.

  • National average: 3.76
  • Edmond average: 3.03

1 in 63 residents have a chance of falling victim to a property crime. Edmond’s burglary rate is lower than the state's average, but that is not to say that the risk does not exist.

There are many preventative measures that you can take to lower your risk of being targeted, such as an updated home security system. Many insurers offer discounts to policyholders who have burglar alarms installed as a preventative measure.

If you do fall victim to a property crime, you’ll be provided with compensation for your losses with your homeowners insurance. An independent agent can make sure that even your expensive belongings (jewelry, antiques, art) will be covered.

Are Floods Covered in Your Edmond, OK, Homeowners Insurance?

Your homeowners insurance will not cover against flood damage. Warm weather tends to bring heavy rains that lead to flash flooding. They have even caused Arcadia Lake to rise 11 feet above normal at one point. With this becoming a yearly trend, it’s a smart idea to purchase a flood insurance policy.

This coverage will cover the cost to rebuild your home that includes things like:

  • Your home and its foundation
  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, and other built-ins)
  • Debris removal

How to Find Affordable Homeowners Insurance in Edmond, OK

Your Edmond home is probably your biggest investment, which is why you can’t afford to be underinsured. An independent insurance agent will help you get competitive quotes and answer all your questions about coverage. Chat with an agent to get started.

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