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Mount Pleasant is the 4th largest town in the state, home to more than 89,000 South Carolinians. The Ravenel Bridge is a famous cable-stayed bridge that connects Mount Pleasant to Charleston, SC, allowing motorists to travel over the Cooper River. It’s estimated that the legendary bridge carries an average of 96,300 vehicles each day. 

Of course, with so much hustle and bustle, you’ll want to be sure you have great car insurance coverage. It’s easy to do when you work with a Mount Pleasant independent insurance agent

Mount Pleasant, SC Car Insurance Costs

The average Mount Pleasant insurance premium, which is a bit higher than both the state and national averages, is only an estimate of your final rates. 

  • Mount Pleasant, SC average annual premium: $1,362
  • South Carolina average annual premium: $1,210
  • National average annual premium: $1,311

There are a few different factors that will influence the final price for your Mount Pleasant car insurance policy:

  • Driver’s age and motor vehicle record
  • Vehicle’s make and model
  • Age, condition, and mileage of the car
  • The deductible amount you pick
  • The type of coverage and benefit amounts you select

Common Car Insurance Discounts

The majority of American auto insurers offer their customers discounts that can lower the insurance premium. Typical car insurance discounts include: 

  • Safe driving 
  • Accident-free
  • New customer 
  • Low mileage
  • Safety features (e.g., air bags, car alarms)
  • Military or veteran
  • Senior 
  • Good student 
  • Professional organization membership
  • Bundling or combining of auto insurance with other policies through the same insurer

South Carolina Car Insurance Requirements

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) legally requires minimum liability amounts for every passenger vehicle on the roadways. Minimum liability insurance will cover property damage or physical injury caused to another person because of your negligence. Each state has its own car insurance rules and its own minimum liability insurance amount requirements. South Carolina motorists must carry the following coverage:

  • Bodily injury liability: This coverage is required. It pays for injury/death to others resulting from an accident you are legally responsible for causing. 
  • Property damage liability: This coverage is required. It pays for damage to other people's property from an accident you’re legally responsible for causing.
  • Minimum liability limits (25/50/25):
    • $25,000 liability coverage for the injury or death of one person
    • $50,000 liability coverage for injury or death of more than one person
    • $25,000 liability coverage for damage to another person’s property

The Palmetto State has fines for failure to have the minimum car insurance coverage. Drivers who don’t follow the law will have to pay $5 for every day their vehicle isn't insured, up to $200. If they don’t get the right insurance set up within 20 business days, then they could face suspension of their driving privileges, vehicle registration, and license plate, plus have to pay up to a $500 reinstatement fee.

South Carolinians aren’t required to get personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured motorist coverage. However, uninsured motorist benefits are usually worth considering, since there’s always a good chance that another driver could “run into” you.

South Carolina Uninsured Motorists

  • South Carolina uninsured motorists: 9.4%
  • National uninsured motorists: 13%
  • Average vehicle repair cost in South Carolina: $1,952

Uninsured motorist coverage can give you peace of mind knowing that if an at-fault driver doesn’t have liability insurance or the money to make things right, you’ll still get money to make repairs or cover your medical bills. 

Other Auto Insurance Options 

Besides the state’s legally required liability insurance, you can buy other types of Mount Pleasant car insurance for your vehicle like any of these:

  • Additional liability: You can opt for higher liability insurance benefit amounts, which will give you more protection. That way you don’t have to personally pay for damage you caused that exceeds your basic policy amounts. 
  • Collision coverage: This will pay for repairs on your vehicle or replacement of your vehicle if there’s a total loss.
  • Comprehensive coverage: This typically covers a list of specific risks that could harm your car, including theft, vandalism, fire and other hazards. It’s best to read through the car insurance policy you have to know which dangers your insurance company will handle. 
  • Medical payments coverage: Should you suffer physical injuries in a car crash, this benefit will reimburse you for bills caused by medical treatment and/or hospitalization, subject to your policy limitations.

Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Car Thefts in Mount Pleasant, SC

The rate for Mount Pleasant car thefts is much lower than in other areas of the state or country. 

  • Mount Pleasant, SC thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 0.82
  • South Carolina thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 2.81
  • National thefts per 1,000 vehicles: 2.28

No matter where you live there are plenty of common-sense steps you can take to prevent having your car stolen. It’s important to keep your car locked and parked in a secure, well-lit area. You may also want to buy anti-theft devices and GPS trackers for your vehicle. If none of these measures work and a car thief still strikes, then you can rely on your comprehensive auto policy to replace the stolen vehicle. 

How to Find Car Insurance in Mount Pleasant, SC

A local insurance agent can provide you with several comparable Mount Pleasant auto insurance quotes from reliable insurers. 

Contact an independent insurance agent to get your car insured and on the road today. 

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