Conway Hurricane Insurance

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Hurricane Katrina was one of the most expensive disasters in U.S. history.

As most residents of Conway are well aware, hurricane season in South Carolina runs from June 1 through November 30, and peaks between mid-August and late October. Hurricanes bring with them powerful winds, heavy rains, and flooding, and they leave extensive damage in their wake.  That is why most Conway residents are covered by hurricane insurance. Are you?

A local independent insurance agent can help you review your home, auto, and business insurance policies to help you be certain that you have sufficient coverage against hurricanes. Find an insurance agent with an office in or near Conway to get started.

What Is Conway Hurricane Insurance?

Hurricane insurance is not a stand-alone policy. It is something that is either automatically included in, or can be added to, the policies you already have. This coverage is designed to cover the cost of replacing lost or damaged property and to cover associated expenses if a hurricane should cause property damage in Conway.

It is essential that you be aware of what your current insurance policies do and do not cover, so you can be sure that you are not left with unexpected financial losses in the wake of a hurricane. A quick review of your current coverage may reveal that it is time for you to add supplemental coverage or to start shopping for a new insurance provider. Independent insurance agents can help you find the best and most affordable hurricane coverage in Conway.

Hurricane Insurance for Your Conway Home

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you can get coverage against hurricane damage through any of the following policies:

  • Homeowners insurance: Your home insurance might include hurricane coverage as a standard policy offering, or you may need to buy a special endorsement, which is likely to come with a higher deductible. Your homeowners hurricane insurance can cover damage to both the structure of your home and to the property inside it.
  • Renters insurance: If you rent your home, your landlord is responsible for handling damage to the structure of the building.  However, you need to cover your own personal property against damage and can do so by carrying a renters insurance policy.
  • Condo insurance: If you live in a condo or townhouse and pay HOA fees, your condo association’s master policy will cover damage to the structure of your building. However, you are responsible for covering everything inside your unit. A comprehensive condo insurance policy can provide coverage against hurricane damage to interior walls, floors, and ceilings as well as to your personal belongings.

No matter which type of policy you have, if your home is so severely damaged by a hurricane that it is made uninhabitable until repairs can be made, your insurance can cover your temporary living expenses, including meals and accommodations.


Save on Hurricane Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

A Note about Flood Damage to Your Home

As a resident of Conway, it is important for you to know that homeowners, renters, and condo insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for flood damage. This is true even if the flood was the direct result of a covered hurricane.

Local independent agents will be aware of the risks you face in Conway, and they can help you supplement your home coverage with flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). A flood insurance policy takes 30 days to go into effect, so don't wait until a hurricane is imminent to secure your coverage.

Conway Hurricane Insurance for Your Vehicle

Hurricanes can cause a great deal of damage to vehicles. Trees can be uprooted and fall onto them, flying debris can damage windows and paint, and rising floodwaters can wash them away. Regardless of how a hurricane damages your vehicle, you cannot be compensated for your loss unless your car insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage.

Although comprehensive coverage (also referred to as "other than collision insurance") is not mandatory by law, it is typically required by lenders if you are still paying for your vehicle, and by dealerships, if you are leasing it. Comprehensive insurance can cover your car or truck against a wide assortment of non-collision-related damage, including floods, heavy winds, hail, and even theft.

Sometimes, hurricane damage results in a total loss. Because you cannot be compensated more than your vehicle is worth, if your car loan is greater than the vehicle’s blue book value, you might also want to consider purchasing gap insurance. This can bridge the gap between what you owe and what the car is worth so that you aren’t stuck making payments on a vehicle you no longer own.

Hurricane Insurance for Your Conway Business

From the shops and bistros near the Riverwalk to construction and lawn care companies, a lot of businesses are located in Conway. If you own one of these businesses, you will want to be sure that your company is properly insured against hurricane damage. You will want to be sure that your business insurance includes all of the following coverage:

  • Commercial property insurance: This is designed to cover damage to your business assets, including inventory, furniture, and equipment. It can also cover damage to the structure of the building in which your business is housed if your company owns it.
  • Business interruption insurance: If hurricane damage results in long-lasting power outages, road closures, or severe damage to your business, you may need to close shop for an extended period. This insurance will provide your business with a continuation of income until you are able to resume normal business operations.
  • Commercial flood insurance: Like home insurance, business insurance does not cover flood damage. For that, you will need to invest in a supplementary commercial flood insurance policy. Business owners can purchase up to $500,000 in contents coverage.

An independent agent can help you review your business insurance policy package to ensure that it provides sufficient coverage against hurricane damage.

Why Work with an Independent Agent in Conway?

Reviewing the coverage in all of your insurance policies every few years can help you be sure that your policies have kept up with changes in your life and financial situation. If you are checking to see if you have sufficient hurricane insurance, you can benefit from the assistance of an independent insurance agent.

Independent insurance agents in Conway are happy to answer your insurance-related questions and can help you find the best and most affordable coverage against hurricanes and any other risks that threaten your financial well-being. Find an insurance agent near you to learn more.

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