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Tornado Alley is most famous for the number of storms that roll through during tornado season but in actuality, a tornado can happen anywhere. While many in South Carolina may be more concerned about hurricanes, tornadoes are a valid threat. Even a small storm can cause significant damage and an E5 twister can obliterate entire towns, similar to the one that recently hit Alabama. By the time you hear a tornado warning, it’s too late to worry about insurance. 

Now is a great time to review whether you are covered with South Carolina tornado insurance. Consider working with a local independent insurance agent in our network. These agents work with multiple insurance companies and help you compare South Carolina tornado insurance quotes. To get the information you need, contact a local member agent today.

South Carolina Tornado Facts

  • Average tornado volume per year: 12
  • In 1995, there were 54 tornadoes. This was the most in one year.
  • Average death toll per year: 1
  • Average number of injuries per year: 22
  • The deadliest SC tornado occurred in 1924 and killed 53 people.

How Much South Carolina Tornado Insurance Is Enough?

Tornado insurance is typically included in your homeowner policy or renters insurance and therefore does not require specialized coverage. It should also be covered as a part of your comprehensive auto policy, as well, but be sure to review your insurance policy. It’s still a good idea to consider how a tornado would affect your household, belongings and vehicles and determine if your coverage is adequate. You might want to ask questions like:

  • Is your home insured at actual cash value or replacement cost? If it’s leveled in a tornado and you only have cash value (depreciated) coverage, it may be difficult to restore your home and belongings to their former condition. Always factor in accumulated value and inflation.
  • Do you have adequate personal property coverage? Your belongings are subject to coverage limits in the event of a catastrophic loss; however, you the option to upgrade your coverage.
  • Are your valuables scheduled on your policy? Replacing high-value items such as fine art, heirlooms and collectibles will be expensive.
  • Do you have adequate comprehensive coverage on your vehicles? Many people forego this coverage to save money, but that means they will have to buy another car with out-of-pocket cash if it is destroyed in a storm.

Save on Tornado Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

South Carolina tornado insurance can help with the costs of rebuilding after a tornado hits. Even if you don’t live in a home, consider purchasing renters insurance. Your landlord or HOA is responsible for the main structure but you may be surprised what the main insurance policy doesn’t cover.

Tornado Risks and Safety

Even if you don’t live in Tornado Alley, you may still face some risk of a tornado. In fact, tornadoes have occurred on every continent except for Antarctica. South Carolina has an extensive coastline and often, powerful hurricanes will form violent storms inland. These can spawn tornadoes with high wind speeds, which is the most damaging aspect of the storm. Winds can sometimes reach over 300 miles per hour in severe storms. South Carolina tornado insurance can protect you after a storm has hit but during a tornado, seek shelter immediately. The best options are located underground; if that’s not possible try a basement or fully enclosed closet. Stay away from the windows.

Compare South Carolina Tornado Insurance Quotes

Weathering the storm means being prepared, but if you aren’t sure how much coverage you need or how much your house is worth, contact a local independent agent in our network. You can locate an agent right in your area who can sit down with you and review your current home or renters insurance policy as well as your auto insurance. Independent agents are dedicated to providing quality customer service. A local agent in our network who specializes in home and auto insurance can help you compare South Carolina tornado insurance quotes and find a policy that fits your needs. 

Find an agent today to get started.

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