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Watertown, SD offers residents and visitors a lot in the way of shopping, dining, and entertainment. With its abundance of parks, lake activities, and small-town feel, it is a great place to settle down and raise a family. If you own a house in Watertown, you will want to be sure to protect your investment with reliable home insurance coverage. Independent insurance agents in Watertown can help you find a comprehensive, competitively priced homeowners insurance policy. Contact an insurance agent near you to get started.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Watertown, SD?

The average home insurance rate in this state is lower than the national average, and in Watertown, the rates are even lower. You still have room for big savings when you comparison shop before making a purchase.

  • National average yearly premium: $1,211
  • South Dakota average yearly premium: $1,180
  • Watertown average yearly premium: $1,165

Rates can vary significantly from one homeowner to the next because they are calculated individually according to several factors such as:

  • The age, size, value and other details about your house
  • The type of home you are insuring (e.g., single-family detached house, condo, mobile home)
  • Whether the property is your primary residence or a second home
  • The crime rate and common weather hazards in the ZIP code where the property is located
  • Your claims history and credit score

If you bundle your home insurance with other policies such as auto insurance or life insurance, you can often get all of your policies at a discounted rate. An independent agent in Watertown can help you find the right home insurance policy to meet your coverage and budgetary needs.

Coverage against Burglary in Watertown

The burglary rate in South Dakota is lower than the national average, and in Watertown, the risk is even lower. Of course, as with any city, the risk still exists. Residents of this city report about 75 burglaries a year. 

  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in the US: 3.76
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in South Dakota: 1.73
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in Watertown: 3.29

Although the risk of burglary is low, some Watertown residents have opted to install home security systems in their houses. Of the many preventive steps you can take to lower your risk of being targeted by thieves, burglar alarms are the most effective. That is why many insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders who use them. If you do become the victim of a burglary, it may bring you some comfort to know that your home insurance can compensate you for your losses. Let your local insurance agent help you review your policy’s contents coverage to ensure that your most valuable possessions are appropriately covered. 

Coverage against Weather Damage in Watertown, SD

Your homeowners insurance is designed to cover loss or damage to the structure of your house as well as to the personal property you have inside it. You will want to be sure that your coverage limits are high enough to enable you to repair or rebuild if your house is damaged by a catastrophic event like a fire or a tornado.

  • Number of federally declared disasters in South Dakota: 83
  • Most common reasons for disasters in the state: Severe Storms
  • Average number of tornadoes per year in South Dakota: 36
  • Average amount of property damage per year in SD: $93.3 million
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year.

Hail, wind, and fire pose the biggest threat to homeowners in Watertown. Tornadoes pose a smaller but very real risk and can cause significant damage. In 1983, an F3 twister touched down just 2.4 miles from the Watertown city center and caused more than millions of dollars in damage to area homes and businesses. Flooding is also a very real risk in Watertown, especially for residents who live close to Lake Kampeska and Pelican Lake. Unfortunately, home insurance does not cover flood damage. If you are at risk, your local insurance agent can help you supplement your home coverage with an affordable flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Liability Coverage for Watertown Homeowners

Your homeowners insurance does more than just cover your property. It also protects you with personal liability insurance. This coverage is designed to cover the associated expenses—including court costs, legal fees and damages—if you are sued for a covered event. Some examples of times that you may need to use your homeowners liability insurance include:

  • A visitor is seriously injured on your property and sues for medical costs and suffering.
  • Your dog breaks loose from his leash and bites a neighbor.
  • Your child accidentally breaks a window while playing baseball with friends.

If you have a lot in assets, you have a lot to lose. You may, therefore, want to have more liability coverage than your home insurance policy can provide. Umbrella insurance is an affordable way to significantly raise your liability coverage limits. Your local insurance agent can explain more and can help you find an affordable policy.

Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

If you are among the Watertown citizens who own an extra house, this property is likely to have additional risk factors that insurance companies will take into consideration when calculating rates. In some cases, this may result in higher costs for coverage. Perhaps you own a lakeside property that you rent out to tourists. Or maybe you own a small house that you rent to young couples. Whenever you have renters occupying your property, your liability risks are higher, but your contents coverage needs are lower. This type of home would need the specialized coverage you can only get with a landlord insurance policy.

Or maybe your family owns a winter vacation house in a warmer climate. If the house is left vacant and unattended for several months out of the year, your risk of property damage is higher. Your insurer may, therefore, require you to purchase vacant home insurance during the times the house is unoccupied. A local independent agent can help you review the coverage needs of all of your secondary properties and can help you find the best homeowners insurance coverage to cover them.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Watertown?

Independent insurance agents are ready to assist you with all of your insurance coverage needs. You can contact a local agent when you want help finding the best and most affordable policy to cover your home, or even if you are simply seeking trustworthy advice from an insurance professional.

Find an independent insurance agent in Watertown to learn more. You will soon discover how easy it can be to compare customized, competitively priced homeowners insurance quotes.

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