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Brookings South Dakota Workers Compensation

In Brookings, SD, there are approximately 24,415 residents that make up this mid-sized town. If you own a business here, there are many policies to choose from that could benefit your operation. Workers' compensation insurance can not only help, but it's mandatory. 

An independent insurance agent will be able to access several carriers at once, saving you time and money. They do the shopping for you at no additional cost as well. Connect with a local expert for details in minutes. 

What Are the Basics of Workers' Compensation Laws in SD?

In Brookings, SD, workers' compensation insurance is regulated. The state requires you to carry insurance with just one employee or more. Check out what it protects.

  • Workers' compensation insurance: Pays for an employee's injury or illness resulting from doing their job. It may also have coverage for disability and even death. 

Where Can You Purchase Coverage in Brookings, SD?

You can obtain workers' compensation insurance in one of three ways in Brookings, SD. Almost all of them require a licensed professional for help. Take a look at your options regarding workers' compensation insurance.

  • You can purchase workers' compensation through a private market. Local professionals represent these carriers, and they have options on policy and premiums. 
  • If you meet specific financial criteria, you can self-insure. This means a group of employers pool their funds to offer coverage to their staff.
  • The last resort is through the assigned risk market. This group of companies will write your workers' compensation policy with a higher rate and usually lower coverage. It can only be utilized when two other private carriers have denied you.

How Experience Modification Rating Affects Your Premium in South Dakota

If your workers' compensation premium in Brookings hits a specific amount in two years, you'll have an Experience Modification Factor (X-mod) assigned. An X-mod is figured from the actual claims reported and the expected claims to come. It works like this.

  • When you have an X-mod of 1.0, it doesn't affect your premium. Every employer will start with a 1.0 X-mod, and it's the baseline.
  • When you have an X-mod greater than 1.0, it is considered a debit mod. That means you had losses, and your premiums will increase.
  • When you have an X-mod less than 1.0, it is the credit mod. This is the best spot because your loss history was better than expected, and you get lower premiums because of it. 

What Does Workers' Compensation Cover in Brookings, SD?

A Brookings workers' compensation claim could last for years. If you're trying to get the coverage necessary for a loss, you'll want your protection limits to be adequate. Check out what a workers' compensation policy can cover.

workers' comp

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Who Does Workers' Compensation Cover in Brookings, SD?

Others can use specific policies like your commercial auto, workers' compensation, and general liability. You'll have to be careful when obtaining evidence of insurance from contractors you use so that your policies are protected from a claim. Take a look at some of the people your workers' compensation policy can insure.

  • W-2 employees
  • Non-exempt owners, partners, members, and officers
  • 1099 contractors

How Much Does Brookings, SD, Workers' Compensation Cost?

The cost of your commercial insurance varies depending on several risk factors. Carriers will look at your workers' compensation policy and figure a unique price for your business. Check out some items the companies consider when deciding your costs.

  • Classification codes: These are determined by how dangerous your job duty is. The more risk involved with your task, the more premiums you'll pay.
  • Loss history: Your loss history will affect your premiums. The frequency and longevity of your claims, the more expensive your costs will be.
  • Experience level: The longer you have workers' compensation coverage, the better policy and rates you will get. 

The National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) sets the base rate per classification code. The riskier the job, the more the base rate will be for that specific task. The carriers will then determine what your costs are from that range. Check out some examples of base rate ranges per $100 of employer payroll.

  • 0035 Farms-Planting & harvesting - $1.81 low rate / $3.34 high rate
  • 0042 Landscaping service - $3.05 low rate / $5.64 high rate
  • 0106 Tree trimming - $6.80 low rate / $12.57 high rate
  • 0917 Residential cleaning service - $3.69 low rate / $6.82 high rate
  • 2121 Breweries-Craft beers - $0.74 low rate / $1.37 high rate
  • 2143 Winery-Wine makers - $1.46 low rate / $2.70 high rate
  • 2585 Carpet cleaning - $2.35 low rate / $4.34 high rate
  • 2589 Dry cleaning services - $1.49 low rate / $2.75 high rate
  • 3632 Machine shop - $1.65 low rate / $3.05 high rate
  • 5022 Masonry construction - $5.56 low rate / $10.27 high rate

Most Common Workers' Compensation Claims in South Dakota

With 964.47 million dollars in workers' compensation benefits paid by South Dakota and federal programs, the risk is high that a claim will occur. The most common losses that are reported in the workplace are falls and cuts. Take a look at the top items that will help reduce injury or illness on the job site.

  • Hold regular safety meetings with staff
  • Assign a safety officer to keep guidelines monitored and abided by
  • Be proactive in workplace safety measures to avoid injury or illness
  • Have posted safety protocols for all to see and follow
  • Have a risk consultant review your business policies and safety measures

How a Brookings, SD, Independent Agent Can Help 

Your commercial insurance policies are unique to your business and should be reviewed by a professional. With all the coverage on the market, it can be confusing to know what's best. Workers' compensation insurance can be the hardest to figure out of them all. 

Fortunately, an independent insurance agent can help with the entire process so that you're well protected. If you need to save time, hire an adviser for free so you can get back to the tasks at hand. Connect with a local expert in Brookings, SD, on for custom quotes today.

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