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How to Find Austin, TX Business Insurance

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Austin is a thriving and rapidly growing city with a diverse economic base. In addition to hosting nationally and internationally known companies, the city is the home base for many smaller, family-owned businesses. What do large and small Austin businesses have in common? They each need to find the right Austin, TX business insurance solutions to protect valuable assets.

How can Austin area business owners and managers find the right business policies? A local member of the Trusted Choice® network is available to advise you on coverage and Austin commercial insurance quotes. A Trusted Choice network agent can offer businesses multiple quotes and policy options from multiple carriers.

Austin Commercial Insurance Quotes and Costs

The amount you pay for Austin business insurance will depend on your company’s unique needs and concerns. For example, a small food co-op located near UT Austin will have different liability and security concerns than a national technology company with headquarters in a high-rise office building downtown.

The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) has some good advice for Austin area businesses that need to purchase commercial insurance coverage:

  • Check your coverage every year and adjust your policy as your business changes.
  • Write down any risk that may be unique to your business. For example, neighborhood crime, building types, possible natural disasters and other potential hazards could all cause loss to your enterprise.
  • Enlist expert advice to evaluate your business insurance needs.
  • Compare plans and packages from a variety of different carriers to find a highly-rated insurer with fair rates.

Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Types of Austin Business Insurance Are Available?

A local Austin bookstore, a Round Rock dentist, and a global pharmaceutical company will actually share some of the same concerns. For example, most types of companies need to cover business property against damage from storms, accidents, and crime.

Below are some examples of commercial policy types you may want to discuss with your local Trusted Choice member agent. Your agent will also be able to recommend coverage amounts that are sensible for your business based on your daily operations and company size.

  • General liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Group benefits for employees
  • Workers compensation insurance

What Type of Austin Business Insurance Does Your Company Need?

While there are similarities in coverage needs, each business is different and has its unique risks. For example, a website hosting company may be particularly concerned about cybercrime and data loss while a financial company may worry more about professional liability and fraud.

To assess the type of Austin business insurance you need, consider if any of these risk factors apply to your business:

  • Are you in a high-risk area for natural disasters, such as in a wind corridor or near a river or lake?
  • Are you subject to any liability issues, such as product liability, accident/injury liability, libel, malpractice, and professional liability?
  • Is your business in special risk of fraud, embezzlement, extortion, vandalism or theft?
  • Could cybercrime and data loss be a concern for your company?
  • Do you have adequate worker’s compensation insurance?
  • Are there business vehicles used by multiple people?
  • Does your building have any potential hazards, such as stairs, slippery floors, water sources, or heavy products and equipment?

These questions can help you identify the potential dangers for your company and ensure you get enough insurance coverage to keep your business running smoothly.


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Find and Compare Austin Commercial Insurance Quotes

It’s important to be sure you are protected if your property or inventory is damaged or your business operations are interrupted. A Trusted Choice member agent can be your go-to resource for all of your commercial policy needs. Members of this network are independent agents who can compare rates and coverage options from multiple carriers, as opposed to “captive agents” who only quote from one source. Contact a local Trusted Choice member agent today to set up an appointment.

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