San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Insurance

San Antonio, TX Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Find the right commercial vehicle insurance for you.

San Antonio, TX, is a large and rapidly growing city in the central part of the state. Two interstates and several U.S. and state highways give the city access to other parts of Texas and the rest of the country. If you plan to make your business grow in the city, explore San Antonio, TX commercial vehicle insurance alternatives with a local Trusted Choice® network agent.

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San Antonio, Texas, Business Facts

  • San Antonio population: 1.3 million
  • Fastest growing large U.S. city, 2000 to 2010: San Antonio
  • Private, non-farm business establishments in Texas: 522,146
  • Number of farms and ranches in Texas: 247,500
  • Fraction of Texas residents living in a city or urban area: 2/3
  • Texas annual full coverage auto insurance average costs: $1,031

Just like other Texas motorists, business owners in the city need to purchase proper coverage. The state requires business owners to satisfy financial responsibility laws. Most companies purchase a minimum required liability insurance policy to satisfy this regulation. Failure to comply could expose your company to fees, penalties and worse yet, expensive liability claims.

Local businesses also purchase commercial auto policies to protect their investments in vehicles, freight, supplies and people.

San Antonio Commercial Car Insurance for Small Business

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) posts a warning on its auto insurance page indicating that some personal auto policies exclude commercial use. Some San Antonio small-business owners use their personal cars for business. This may be the right solution for many small-business and home-business owners, but it is important to be sure your auto policy provides adequate coverage.

San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Insurance Costs

It is not possible to suggest one average rate for San Antonio commercial truck, van or auto insurance. This is because each business has distinct needs. Even two businesses that seem similar will probably have slightly different risks and costs.

You need to analyze your own business risks and then get competitive rate quotes. It may be obvious that a freight company with a fleet of trucks that travel on I-10 daily will pay more than a local San Antonio pizza delivery service.

San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Insurance Alternatives

Your best choice will depend upon a variety of factors like your business size, number of employees and the way you use vehicles in your daily activities. One of these solutions may work for you:

  • Some small-business and home-business owners can simply add extra coverage to their existing personal coverage.
  • Small businesses may be able to purchase a business owners policy (BOP) that includes commercial car insurance along with other required business insurance protection.
  • Large and complex businesses may even need to purchase different types of coverage from different business insurance companies.

Types of Commercial Car Insurance in San Antonio

Business car policies are generally similar to personal automobile policies. Some companies may have specialized needs. For example, a San Antonio International Airport taxi service may need extra personal injury and liability insurance because of concerns over passengers. A large freight company may be more concerned with the value of the freight they carry and never carry passengers that are not employees of the company. You can discuss these basic types of coverage with a local agent:

  • Property and injury liability: Pays for bodily injury and property damage after an accident
  • Collision insurance: Pays to repair or replace your vehicle after a collision
  • Comprehensive insurance: Pays for non-collision damage, such as damage from a garage fire, towing accident, storm, theft or vandalism
  • Personal injury protection: Pays for medical expenses and, in some cases, lost wages and other damage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Pays for damage caused by another driver who has nonexistent or insufficient coverage to pay for your medical bills and property repairs

How to Compare San Antonio Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes

A number of commercial car insurance companies operate in the city. The main problem may be figuring out the policy options to select and the company to purchase coverage from. A local independent Trusted Choice network agent can help you evaluate your business risks and compare quotes from multiple insurers.

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