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Your Complete Guide to Odessa, TX Homeowners Insurance

(And how to find an Odessa independent agent.)


If you're looking for the cowboy culture and Texas gold, Odessa is the place to be. Home to the inspiration for Friday Night Lights and rodeos, this town does Texas proud. 

If you are among the 116,869 residents of this city, you know you need homeowners insurance to be protected. A local independent insurance agent can help find coverage for the price you want.

What Does Home Insurance Cost in Odessa, TX?

How your homeowners insurance premiums are calculated can make you aware of more ways to save. Let's take a look at your home insurance rating factors:

  • Your address: Every town has risk factors, and the carriers use that to determine your rate. So if the crime rate is high, you can bet your homeowners premiums will be, too.
  • Loss history: The more home insurance claims you've filed in the past, the more the carriers will surcharge you. Your claims history will follow you around like a credit score.
  • Coverage: The amount of coverage you need to insure your property will impact your premium.
  • Insurance score: Carriers use an insurance score to measure how good you are at paying your bills. If your credit score is low, your insurance score will reflect an equally low score. 

These rating guidelines will help the carriers set your rate, but knowing the average premiums won't hurt.

Home Insurance Average Premiums:

  • National annual average: $1,173
  • Texas annual average: $1,991
  • Odessa annual average: $1,170

Texas is ranked number five in most expensive home insurance premiums in the US. Odessa is lower than the national and state average, making it a pretty inexpensive place to have home insurance.

Burglaries in Odessa, TX and Your Home Insurance

The number of burglaries in Texas as a whole is not as high as in some other states. You'll still want to be well-protected when it comes to theft and property crime. Let's take a look at the burglary rates:

  • National burglary average (per 1,000 households): 4.69
  • Texas burglary average (per 1,000 households): 5.34

Check coverage options with your Odessa independent agent to safeguard yourself from burglary. If you are the victim of a property crime, you'll want to at least have enough coverage to replace or repair your stolen items. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Natural Disasters in Odessa, TX and Homeowners Insurance

If you are caught in a natural disaster, then you want your Odessa home policy to respond. When severe weather strikes, the last thing you want to hear is that you don't have coverage. A knowledgeable agent will make sure the most common exposures in Odessa are insured. 

Most Common Natural Disasters in Odessa, TX:

  1. Fires
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Floods

Your homeowners insurance needs to protect you from these top three natural disasters. If your current policy lacks coverage for any of these, it might be time for a new agent. Get with an Odessa independent insurance agent to discuss your home insurance policy.

Why Flood Insurance Is Different in Odessa, TX

Since you live in a city that has the potential for flooding, you'll want flood insurance. Contrary to popular belief, flood insurance is a separate policy from your home insurance. Let's discuss how to get flood insurance in three easy steps:

  1. Have your independent agent pull your elevation certificate to determine your flood zone. 
  2. Have your agent quote flood insurance with your flood zone. 
  3. Select which flood insurance quote provides the best coverage and pricing with your agent. 

Connect with your local independent agent to get flood insurance quotes and see what zone you're in. If you're purchasing a new house in Odessa, your lender will require flood insurance, depending on the zone where the property is located. FEMA sets the flood zones in the US and will have FEMA-approved carriers that write insurance. Your independent agent should have a few options when running quotes through these approved carriers.

Homeowners Liability Insurance in Odessa, TX

Your homeowners policy will have personal liability insurance. This will protect you and your household members from a lawsuit. Any number of claims could trigger your homeowners liability limits. Take a look at some liability claim examples:

  • A friend slips and falls on your property and sues for medical expenses.
  • A tree falls on your neighbor's roof, and they sue for property damage.
  • Your child puts a video on social media that causes controversy and is construed as slander, causing a lawsuit.

Adequate liability coverage is very important, and your homeowners policy can respond if you're appropriately insured. Your independent insurance agent can check your liability limits and make recommendations on coverage options.

Umbrella Liability Insurance: 

The US is a litigious society, so good insurance protection is needed. Sometimes your home insurance limits may not be enough. In this case, you'll want to look into an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance will provide additional liability coverage above and beyond your underlying home and auto insurance policies. Any larger insurance claims could quickly exhaust your primary policy limits, and umbrella coverage would be needed. Contact your independent agent for more information on umbrella insurance. 

How an Independent Agent Can Help in Odessa, TX

Homeowners insurance is protection for you and your family. A valuable independent insurance agent will make sure all your exposures are well insured.

They can shop multiple insurance carriers at once, so you are presented with the best coverage and rates. Go to TrustedChoice.com and get connected with an Odessa independent agent now. 

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