Amarillo Life Insurance

How to Find Amarillo, TX Life Insurance

Learn to how to find the right life insurance for you.

This large Texas Panhandle city still has real working ties to its past as a center of the cattle industry. The city even remains an important part of the U.S. rail freight system just as it was in the late 1800s. If you live and work in this historical yet modern city, how can you find the right Amarillo, TX life insurance?

Independent agents in the Trusted Choice® network live and work in Amarillo and can help you get the best insurance for your needs and budget. These local agents can help you assess your coverage needs, select the right type of policy, and offer you free Amarillo life insurance quotes to compare. Find a local member agent today for personalized assistance.

Amarillo, TX Life Insurance Facts

  • Sample monthly premium for $250,000 of 20 year term life coverage for a 35 year old female preferred risk non-smoker: $23.90
  • Sample monthly premium for $500,000 of 20 year term life coverage for a 50 year old female preferred risk non-smoker: $86.98
  • An individual’s rates can be affected by profession, general health, and many other factors

The example prices are not meant to represent an actual price quote for any person or insurer. So many factors determine any individual’s rate that it would be impossible to publish a standard price that would include all people and all Amarillo life insurance companies.

For example, your profession may make your rates higher or lower than a neighbor who is your exact same age. A modern-day cowboy on a real working ranch may have job duties that make his job more hazardous than average. Even having a weekend hobby as a rodeo participant could be considered as a high-risk activity.

But this could be balanced out by healthy lifestyle choices that could earn a preferred-risk health rating. This is why it can be so important to shop around for an insurer who has underwriting policies that are friendly to an individual with your unique situation. Your local Trusted Choice member agent can help you compare competitive rate quotes that have been custom-tailored for you and your family.


Save on Life Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Understanding Life Insurance Policy Basics

  • Whole life insurance: This permanent coverage stays in force as long as you pay the premiums. It provides a death benefit plus it may grow a cash value.
  • Universal life insurance: This is also a permanent life insurance option. These policies are more flexible and transparent, but slightly more complicated than whole life.
  • Term life insurance: Term life can be purchased for a period of time, from 5 to 30 years, or up until a certain age, like 65 years old. In its simplest form, there is no cash value after the term expires. This is a lower-cost option due to the fact that it does not accrue a cash value.

These are just the basic and most common kinds of policies you might consider. You can also find many variations and hybrids of the above options, like variable life insurance, for example. After you discuss your requirements and goals with a local agent, you can compare the costs and benefits of various options.

Why Buy Amarillo Life Insurance?

  • Americans who do not believe they have enough life insurance: 39%
  • Americans aged 25 to 34 with life insurance: over 50%
  • Americans under 25 with life insurance: 18%
  • Number of new individual policies purchased in the U.S., 2009: 10,139

Most people purchase coverage primarily to provide financial security for their dependents in case they pass away unexpectedly. Some hope to provide for their spouse or children after they pass away, or even keep a business running or transfer wealth to the next generation. The right Amarillo life insurance can provide you with many benefits.

Compare Amarillo Life Insurance Quotes

An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you buy the right life insurance for your particular situation. These member agents can help you determine your needs, select coverage options, and compare multiple price quotes. Contact a local member agent today to learn more about Amarillo life insurance.

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