El Paso Mobile Home Insurance

El Paso, TX Mobile Home Insurance

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Manufactured homes provide affordable and convenient housing for many residents of this far west Texas city. The latest census reports that over three percent of local housing is provided by mobile homes. If you live here, you can find the right El Paso, TX mobile home insurance right in the city.

An agent in the Trusted Choice® network will be available to help you find the right coverage and the right price. These local agents will offer you professional advice and El Paso manufactured home insurance quotes to compare. Contact a member agent right away for personal service and fair prices.


Local Manufactured Home Ownership Costs

  • Average local mobile home price, 2009: $30,709
  • Average Texas homeowners insurance premium: $1,560
  • Local yearly estimated homeowners insurance average premium: $1,118
  • Estimated cost of new mobile home insurance vs. home insurance: 50% of the cost of a similarly sized house
  • Estimated cost of mobile home insurance: $1200/$100,000 value

These figures may give you a rough idea of the cost of typical coverage in the city. Your own rates will depend upon more than just your house’s value. Insurers are also likely to consider your house’s age, building type and ZIP code within the city. A Trusted Choice member agent can provide accurate rate quotes for free.

Mobile Homes Versus Traditional Houses

  • Texas mobile homes as a ratio of all housing units, 2008: 7%
  • Local mobile home rates, 2010: 3.3%
  • Number of mobile homes in the El Paso, 2010 census: 6,426
  • Average manufactured home building costs per square foot, 2006: $40
  • Average traditional home building costs per square foot, 2006: $100

Manufactured houses may cost more to insure than a house of a similar value. Since these manufactured houses usually cost less, it might be hard to understand why El Paso mobile home insurance might be more expensive than standard homeowners insurance.

The reason is that the building materials and construction methods differ from site-built homes. Mobile and manufactured homes are built in a factory and transported by truck to a site. There, the home is anchored to the ground using straps and other mechanisms. Mobile and manufactured homes must be light enough to transport by truck, so the construction materials are lighter weight. Unfortunately, these lighter weight materials can cause mobile homes to be more susceptible to major damage in a storm or fire. This is one of the reasons El Paso mobile home insurance rates are higher than homeowners insurance rates in the area.

Can You Find Cheaper El Paso Mobile Home Insurance?

You might be able to find mobile home insurance discounts that are similar to discounts offered for traditional houses. These discounts could include lower prices for installing burglar and fire alarms, general safety improvements and even choosing automatic billing.

3 Ways a Modular Home is Different from a Manufactured Home

  • Manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory per the federal building code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These homes include double-wides and expandable manufactured homes.
  • Modular homes consist of factory-built parts that are delivered to a site. The houses are constructed on site according to local building standards. These homes may be cheaper to insure because they are built with sturdier materials.
  • Both mobile homes and manufactured homes are constructed in a factory and delivered to a home site. These two terms, "mobile" and "manufactured," usually refer to the same type of pre-built homes.

Types of Manufactured Home Coverage

Typical El Paso mobile home insurance may be similar to coverage for a traditional home. It could include a basic package of property and liability insurance along with some other policy options.

  • Liability: Liability coverage protects you when you're legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This insurance can help pay for a legal settlement, judgment, and your court costs.
  • Building property damage: This option covers your actual home and possibly other structures on your property.
  • Personal property: This option covers the contents of your house. Personal possessions like your clothes, jewelry and furniture that have high value may need to be covered by a rider or endorsement.
  • Medical payments: This option can help pay medical billsfor a covered reason, in case a resident is injured.

This list of possible coverage types is not meant to be all-inclusive. For example, you may have to purchase separate flood insurance if your house sits in a flood-prone area. You can ask your local agent for more information.

Compare El Paso Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes

Finding the best deal on your home policy does not have to be difficult. You can simply contact a local agent in the Trusted Choice network. These independent agents will offer you professional advice and custom-tailored El Paso manufactured home insurance quotes.

Contact one of these member agents right away for more information about El Paso mobile home insurance.

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