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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent in Utah?

Home insurance provides a backup plan in case a catastrophe strikes in the neighborhood. Whether it's a fire, high winds, or a burglary, it's covered by a suitable homeowners insurance policy in Utah. Home insurance will pay for repairs to the home and replacement of belongings, pay for someone else's injuries on the property when it's the homeowner's fault, and may pay for temporary living expenses if the home is so badly damaged that it's uninhabitable. 

Utah requires its drivers to stay protected with minimum coverage up to $65,000 for all persons injured in an accident, $25,000 for an individual, and $15,000 for property damage. But chances are these limits won't be enough if an accident occurs. Many vehicle owners opt for higher liability limits to protect themselves and their finances.

Business insurance in Utah will pay for damage to a building - this is called commercial property insurance. Business insurance will also pay for damage to business property - this is referred to as business personal property insurance. General liability covers damage to someone else's property as well as any medical bills. Utah businesses can also be covered with commercial vehicle and worker's compensation insurance, which protect work vehicles and employees. Sometimes, these coverages are not enough to properly protect a business against risk. Your business most likely faces unique risks and may need additional coverages.

Exceptions are rare when it comes to workers' compensation insurance in Utah. Unless a business is a sole proprietorship or partnership with no other employees, they will have to carry workers' compensation insurance for their employees. The following are required to carry this coverage: both construction employers and all other employers who have one or more employees; and agricultural employers with a total annual payroll of more than $50,000 for non-immediate family employees.

It depends on the type of restaurant and a few other factors, such as the number of employees, and whether the restaurant offers delivery services, operates a drive-thru, or serves liquor. However, a typical range for coverage starts at the low end of about $10,000/year for a smaller establishment with fewer employees and hits the high end of more than $100,000/year for a much larger restaurant, like a chain.

With commercial vehicle insurance, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” The variables that affect the kind of coverage needed include the size of the company and whether it has one company car, a dump truck, a fleet of limousines or freight trucks, or a few delivery vans. Also, coverage in the policy must comply with the state and local regulations. That's why each policy is different , and why different companies will pay different premiums.

It depends. An older inn near the coast might pay around $5,000/year. But a fancy high-rise hotel just a few miles away might pay as much as $1,000,000/year. To make things even more interesting, if these same two hotels were located just 10 miles further inland, their premiums might drop by half. In another state altogether, further away from the coast, the small one might pay $1,200/year, while the big one might pay $150,000/year

Insurers sell umbrella insurance policies in $1 million increments. The prices can vary greatly depending on the amount purchased and individual risk factors. A typical $1 million liability policy can cost between $200 and $300 per year. Some of the factors that determine price quotes include the desired amount of coverage, the deductible chosen, and what is covered in the policy.

Most Utah insurance companies provide a few of the following options for building a renters insurance policy. Liability coverage protects policyholders and their finances from lawsuits, up to the coverage limit -- typically $100,000. Personal property coverage , sometimes called contents coverage,  can help pay for repairs to or replacement of belongings damaged or lost due to fire, severe weather events, theft, or vandalism. Additional riders may be needed to provide coverage for things like ATVs, snowmobiles, or expensive art or jewelry collections.

Life insurance is all about being prepared for the unexpected. It is important for everyone to consider how their dependents would fare financially if they were to meet an untimely demise. If they don't have sufficient coverage in place, their spouse might not be able to afford to stay in the family home, their children might not be able to afford to go to college, or their family might suffer difficult financial setbacks.

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