Taylorsville Homeowners Insurance

Find out what factors determine Taylorsville, Utah homeowners insurance rates and where you can get the best policy for your home today.


The City of Taylorsville, UT, which is part of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, is home to approximately 60,000 people. Though it was only incorporated as a city in 1996, Taylorsville has a rich and vibrant history leading back to 1848 when it was founded by pioneers Joseph and Susanna Harker. Residents of this city enjoy an abundance of affordable housing options, a low unemployment rate, and schools within the Granite School District. 

If you are among the proud homeowners in this Utah city, you will want to be sure to protect your investment with a suitable Taylorsville home insurance policy. Our independent insurance agents are available to help you find an appropriate policy at the best rate. These agents can work with a number of competing insurance providers to gather a selection of customized Taylorsville homeowners insurance quotes that you can review and compare together. Find an agent in or near Taylorsville to learn more.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,034
  • Utah yearly premium average: $580
  • 49th most expensive premium in the U.S.

You may be pleased to learn that Utah residents pay some of the lowest home insurance rates in the country. This is largely because of the low risk of natural disasters in this state. Of course, it is still possible to pay more than you need to for your coverage, so comparison shopping is important. The average costs listed above can give you a ballpark idea of what your rates might be, but your actual Taylorsville homeowners insurance price is based on a number of different factors, including but not limited to the following:

  • The value and location (ZIP code) of your home, and the materials used in its construction
  • The type of property you are insuring (i.e., detached home, duplex, condominium, manufactured home, mobile home, etc.)
  • The use of the home you are insuring: primary residence, vacation home or second home
  • The amount of coverage you wish to purchase
  • The amount of your deductible
  • Your claims history and sometimes even your credit score

Our agents can help you compare quotes from a variety of reputable insurance companies. That way, you can choose the policy that offers you the best price for your coverage.

Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

If you own more than one home, you need to make certain that all of your properties are adequately covered. Second homes and vacation homes often have different insurance considerations from homes that serve as primary residences. Although you are likely to need less in the way of contents coverage, other considerations may make your additional properties cost more to insure.

For example, there are definite risks involved with leaving a property uninhabited for long periods of time, and if your extra property is located in an area of the country that has a higher risk of weather-related disasters, the costs to insure it may be much higher. Furthermore, if you lease out your extra properties, such as to students at Salt Lake Baptist College, when you are not using them, you have increased liability risks and need to purchase landlord insurance. You can discuss your particular situation with your agent, who can make appropriate policy recommendations and help you find affordable coverage.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Thefts in Utah

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Utah number of burglaries: 13,333

The burglary rate in Utah is lower than the national average; and in Taylorsville, the crime rate is low as well. This is something that is taken into account by insurance companies as they are calculating your home insurance rates. You can take preventive steps to protect your property such as keeping your doors and windows locked and stopping mail delivery service when you are out of town. In many cases, you can even qualify for a discount on your Taylorsville homeowners insurance policy if you install a burglar alarm system in your home.

If you should happen to discover that your house has been broken into, you should first ensure that you and your family are safe, and then you should call the police to report the crime. You need to submit a copy of the police report when you file a claim with your insurance company. Though it can be very stressful to be the victim of a property crime, it may give you some comfort to know that your Taylorsville home insurance policy compensates you for your losses.

Number of Catastrophes in Utah

  • Number of catastrophes in Utah: 106
  • Number of tornadoes in Utah: 3
  • Amount of property damage in Utah: $7,090,000
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year

Compared with the rest of the country, the risk of tornadoes and other natural disasters is quite low in Taylorsville. Still, it is important to have suitable Taylorsville homeowners insurance in the event that your house is damaged by a storm or other weather event. Catastrophes, like accidental fires in your home, can be particularly damaging, leading to a total loss of your home and everything in it. 

That is why it is crucial that your policy has high enough coverage amounts to enable you to rebuild and start over without sustaining a large financial setback. Your agent can help you determine whether actual value or replacement cost coverage is a better option for you and can recommend special endorsements if they are needed to cover your particularly valuable property.

What Are the Risks of Living in Taylorsville, UT?

Taylorsville residents have a low risk of sustaining damage to their homes caused by most weather-related disasters, such as tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. However, residents of this city do face a moderate risk of earthquakes and floods, neither of which is covered by home insurance policies. Taylorsville is located along the Taylorsville-West Valley Fault, which gives residents a moderately high risk of earthquake activity. In this city, the risk of damage-causing earthquakes is 280 percent higher than the national average but lower than the Utah state average. 

By supplementing your Taylorsville home insurance with an earthquake insurance policy, you have coverage if a quake damages your house. Additionally, residents should be wary of flood damage. Occasional floods in this city have caused damage to area homes, and residents in close proximity to the Jordan River are at the highest risk for sustaining damage to their homes. However, as too many homeowners learn only after it’s too late, home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by floods. Fortunately, your agent can help you secure an affordable flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Compare Taylorsville Home Insurance Quotes

When it comes to purchasing a home insurance policy for your house in Taylorsville, you have several insurance providers you can choose from. Comparison shopping enables you to get a decent policy at an affordable rate, but many homeowners find it to be too time-consuming to do on their own. That is why savvy homeowners choose to work with an agent. These agents can recommend appropriate coverage limits, identify and eliminate coverage gaps, and gather quotes from a variety of insurance providers to make it easy for you find a competitively priced policy that meets your coverage needs. 

Find an agent with an office near you to learn more about Taylorsville homeowners insurance.

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