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As the second biggest city in the state, it’s no wonder that over 200,000 people have decided to call Chesapeake home. Created  recently in 1963 when a former independent city became part of Norfolk County, this city is rich in history and outdoor activities. But Chesapeake homeowners face risks. Whether they are from wind damage or flooding, you’ll need a proper homeowners insurance policy to be protected.

Chat with an independent insurance agent to see how simple it is to find affordable home insurance. They’ll comparison shop and show you numerous policies until you find the one for you. Find an agent today to get started.

How Much Is Home Insurance Going to Cost in Chesapeake, VA?

  • National average homeowners premium: $1,217
  • Virginia average homeowners premium: $1,051
  • Chesapeake average homeowners premium: $1,673

Home insurance in Chesapeake is on the high end when compared to the state, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an affordable policy. Your individual homeowners policy will be designed to cover your unique risks and specific factors. Insurers will look at factors like the age and location of your house  and your claims history.  Chat with a reliable agent who can help you go through the process and find a comprehensive policy.

Burglaries in Chesapeake, VA

  • National average of burglaries per 1,000 homes: 3.76
  • Chesapeake average of burglaries per 1,000 homes: 2.46

Even with a low number of break-ins, you should take precautionary measures to make sure you're protected. Installing a high-tech security system or leaving lights on will always help, but to be sure that your property and possessions are secured, you’ll need a home insurance policy. A comprehensive policy will compensate you for any damaged or stolen property.


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What Will Your Liability Coverage Help with in Chesapeake, VA?

Your homeowners insurance policy will include liability coverage. This will help if someone is injured on your property. The five most common liability claims that homeowners face are:

  • Dog bites: If your dog breaks free from your yard and runs to the house next door and bites the neighbor, you’ll be covered.
  • Home accidents: If someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, your liability insurance will pay for the resulting medical bills.
  • Falling trees: If a severe storm brings gusty winds and knocks over a tree that falls on your neighbor's car, liability coverage will pay the bill.
  • Intoxicated guests: If you have a party and one of your guests drinks too much and injures someone, your liability insurance will protect you.
  • Injured domestic workers: If you hire people to clean your house or do landscaping and they get injured on the job, your liability insurance will cover the costs.

You may want to purchase additional liability coverage to make sure you're fully protected. An independent insurance agent can help you decide the right amount of coverage you'll need to be financially safe if disaster strikes.

Is Flooding Covered by Chesapeake, VA Homeowners Insurance?

Heavy rains in Chesapeake bring yearly flood damage to homeowners, and sadly your homeowners insurance won't cover that damage. Purchasing a flood insurance policy will make sure you're protected when flash flooding happens. It will cover damage such as:

  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and built-in appliances like dishwashers
  • Detached garages
  • Cabinets, paneling, and bookcases

How to Find Affordable Home Insurance in Chesapeake, VA

Your Chesapeake homeowners insurance should be unique to you and your family. Let an independent insurance agent help you find a policy within your budget and with the coverage that you want. An agent will explain the options and find a policy that works for you.

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