Richmond, VA Homeowners Insurance

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Richmond Virginia homeowners insurance

As the capital of Virginia, its no wonder Richmond is bustling with over 230,000 residents. With so much history to explore, trails to trek, and restaurants to try, this city is a great place to call home. Protecting your property with a homeowners insurance policy is a smart investment.

An independent insurance agent can help you with that. They’ll comparison shop and find you a policy within your budget. Chat with an agent today to get started.

Why Is Richmond, VA Homeowners Insurance a Good Idea?

Homeowners insurance will provide financial protection for your home and its contents. It will cover disasters, theft, and accidents that damage your home.

Burglary Rate

  • National burglary rate per 1,000: 3.76
  • Richmond burglary rate per 1,000: 5.00

If your home is broken into, home insurance will replace and repair any damage that occurs. One in 24 households in Richmond will become the victim of a property crime. With such a high rate, it’s a good idea to invest in a policy that will reimburse you quickly, so you can feel secure.

Will Your Richmond, VA Homeowners Insurance Cover Liability?

Yes, there is a portion of your home insurance that covers personal liability. If an accident happens at your home, you may be liable for medical bills and legal fees. With liability insurance you’ll avoid paying the bill. To be exact, it will cover:

  • Any lawsuit you face because of an accident on your property, or even while you're out
  • Bodily injury to an individual
  • Property damage because of your negligence

So, if someone slips and falls while walking up to your door and is injured, you may be responsible for the bill. With your homeowners insurance, you’ll be covered up to a limit. You might want to consider purchasing additional coverage to make sure that you're financially secure. An independent insurance agent can help you work through it.  


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Does Your Richmond, VA Homeowners Insurance Protect You from Common Disasters?

Your Richmond home insurance will protect you from most natural disasters. It will reimburse and replace damage caused by:

  • Fire or smoke
  • A falling tree that damages your home or structure
  • Tornadoes
  • Severe weather like lightning, wind, hurricanes or hail

One very frequent disaster in Richmond that is missing from the list is flooding. Unfortunately, your home insurance won’t protect your from damage caused by floods. You’ve seen how heavy rains cause the James River to flood downtown and destroy hundreds of properties. Talk with an independent insurance agent about purchasing a flood insurance policy.

Your flood insurance policy will cover:

  • Detached garages
  • Carpeting and cabinets
  • Foundation walls and staircases
  • Refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers

How Much Will Your Richmond, VA Homeowners Insurance Cost?

Homeowners insurance rates vary from one insurer to another. With an independent agent, you’ll be able to easily find an affordable policy.

  • National average annual premium: $1,092
  • Richmond average annual premium: $1,011

Your exact rate is going to be different than your neighbor's. Insurance companies want to know how much it will cost to replace and repair your home when they’re deciding on the rate. They take into account the cost of building materials, value of your personal belongings, and overall value of the home.

It’s always a good idea to comparison shop, and luckily an independent insurance agent will do that for you. They’re connected with numerous insurers and will find you a policy with the coverage you like, without breaking the budget. An agent will even look into home discounts that you may qualify for.

Work with a Richmond, VA Independent Insurance Agent

If you’re looking to find better home insurance that fits your budget, an independent insurance agent is there for you. They have access to numerous carriers and can find you the best rates in Richmond. Connect with an agent to get started.

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