Huntington, WV Homeowners Insurance

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Huntington West Virginia homeowners insurance

Known for one of the US's busiest ports, Huntington, WV, is a place full of hustle. Historic, and home to heavy industry and commerce, this town is on the move.

If you own a home in the 47,079 resident city, then you'll want protection. An independent insurance agent can help you find the coverage and price you need. Connect with a local agent to get started.

The Crime Rate in Huntington, WV

The local crime rate will tell a lot about the city. It will also dictate how much you spend on home insurance. The safer the place, the less you'll have to pay. Let's look at the burglaries per 100,000 homes:

  • National average: 376
  • West Virginia average: 296.5
  • Huntington average: 1,250

Huntington is higher on break-ins than the state and national averages. When you are shopping for home insurance, keep in mind that a higher crime rate will impact your premiums. The best course of action is to connect with a local independent agent. They can shop multiple carriers at once so you can save in other areas. 

The Cost of Your Huntington, WV, Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance prices are different for everyone. No matter if you own an upscale condo or a mobile home, your rates will be unique to you. Premiums will be specific to the year your home was built, materials, and updates. It will also take into account your credit score, past claims history, and coverages selected. 

Homeowners insurance premiums:

  • National average: $1,211
  • West Virginia average: $940

The cost for homeowners insurance in West Virginia is lower than the national average, which is only good for you. The exact price for your homeowners insurance can be found through your Huntington agent.

Home Risk Exposures in Huntington, WV

A catastrophe or severe weather can wreak havoc on your home. If you're without proper coverage, then you could be in a financial battle. Let's look at the most common property exposures in Huntington, WV: 

  •  Floods
  •  Storms
  •  Landslides
  •  Mudslides
  •  Winter storms

Flood insurance in Huntington:

Most homeowners aren't aware that flood insurance is a separate policy altogether. Your home policy excludes coverage for flood damage, meaning that you could be in hot water if you forgo a flood policy.

Your independent agent has access to FEMA-approved carriers and can quote your flood insurance. An agent will locate your flood zone and give you the best options on flood in town. With Huntington having floods as their number one exposure, you won't want to be without a policy.


Save on Home Insurance

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Liability Insurance for Your Huntington Home

The primary coverage on your home policy is liability insurance. This coverage will supply protection if a member of the household gets sued. Many different claims could trigger a liability loss. Some cases where liability coverage could apply:

  • A dog bites another person
  • An injury occurs on your property, and medical payments are made
  • A member of the house is libelous online or slanderous in-person
  • A tree falls and damages your neighbor's property

These are just a few instances that could qualify. As common as they are, some get larger than your policy may have coverage for. In this case, you'll need more liability limits in the form of umbrella insurance. Connect with your independent agent on your homeowners insurance today.

Umbrella Insurance in Huntington, WV

Umbrella insurance is necessary when you have a more extensive liability claim that exhausts your underlying limits.

An umbrella policy will usually start at an additional $1,000,000 in coverage and increase from there. Go over these items with your independent agent concerning liability insurance:

  • What risk exposure does your household have?
  • What is the value of all your assets?
  • How many claims have you reported in the past?
  • Do you have children that are active on social media?
  • Do you have any teen drivers?
  • Does your home have any other exposures that could cause a large claim?

Your Huntington independent agent can make sure your home has the coverage it needs. When the worst happens, you'll be glad you have an agent with options. 

Connect with a Local Independent Agent in Huntington, WV

When you're on the hunt for the best homeowners insurance, an independent agent can help. They work with several carriers, giving you the most policy choices.

A local independent insurance agent can be hard to find if you're not sure where to start. can match you with a Huntington, WV, agent in minutes. 

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