Oshkosh, WI Homeowners Insurance

Your Complete Guide to Oshkosh, WI, Homeowners Insurance

(How to find a reliable home insurance policy at an affordable price)


Oshkosh is one of the safest towns in America. Like other areas of Wisconsin, Oshkosh has frigid winters and hot, humid summers. Home insurance premiums are much lower in Oshkosh than the average rates across the country. It's important to make sure you have coverage for weather events and theft, though. 

An independent insurance agent can help you understand which coverages a homeowner in Oshkosh needs. They can talk with you about your situation and make sure you meet the requirements of your mortgage holder and the state of Wisconsin. Find an Oshkosh insurance agent today and get started right away. 

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Oshkosh, WI?

Wisconsin homeowners insurance costs a lot less than the national average. Even so, it's important to shop around to get the best possible rates. Doing so could save you hundreds of dollars each year. 

  • National average yearly premium: $1,173
  • Wisconsin average yearly premium: $750
  • 49th most expensive homeowners insurance in the country

While average premiums are useful if you are trying to understand what to expect as you evaluate insurance companies, you'll only be able to choose an insurance provider based on their personalized quote. 

Each insurance company has their own algorithm that helps them set rates. They evaluate customers based on some or all of these factors: 

  • The size and value of your home
  • The age of your home
  • Whether you are insuring a single-family home, a condo, or vacation home
  • The crime rate and number of natural disasters in your ZIP code
  • Your credit score and claims history

Comparing quotes lets you choose a homeowners policy that offers the best possible combination of low premiums and great coverage. 

Does Oshkosh Homeowners Insurance Cover against Catastrophic Events?

Your homeowners insurance policy covers you for many hazards you may face during the time you own your home. Make sure your coverage limits are high enough to allow you to replace or rebuild your home and replace its contents in the event of a disaster. Your agent can walk you through your choices when it comes to designing a homeowners policy. 

Catastrophic Events in Wisconsin

  • Number of federally declared disasters in Wisconsin since 1953: 46
  • Most common reasons for disasters in WI: Severe storms, lightning, flooding, and tornadoes
  • Average number of tornadoes per year in Wisconsin: 23.5
  • Home insurance claims $585,360,000

Residents of Oshkosh are most at risk for damage caused by storms, hurricanes, heavy snows, freezing temperatures, water main breaks, and wind. Fortunately, these hazards are all covered by most homeowners insurance policies.

Damage from flooding may not be covered by home insurance. Even if the flood is the result of a weather event, you'll need a separate flood insurance policy to take care of damages. Talk with your agent about the specific perils that your insurance policy covers. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why Do Oshkosh Homeowners Need Liability Insurance?

Without liability insurance, a homeowner could be personally responsible for a number of different accidents and incidents, even if they aren't at fault. 

Personal liability coverage can protect you in a number of situations:

  • A visitor in your home trips and breaks their ankle.
  • Your child breaks your neighbor's window with a basketball.
  • Your dog bits someone walking by your home.

Liability lawsuits are notoriously expensive. Having the right types of insurance is crucial to protect you from the negative financial effects of a liability lawsuit. 

Does Oshkosh Homeowners Insurance Cover against Burglaries?

The burglary rate in Wisconsin is lower than the national average. In Oshkosh, there were just 126 burglaries reported in 2018. Here's how Oshkosh compares to the rest of the state and the country:

  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in the US: 4.69
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in Wisconsin: 3.36
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 homes in Oshkosh: 1.26

Having your home broken into is a stressful situation, but with the right home insurance policy, you can get any damage to your home fixed right away. Home insurance can also provide you with compensation to replace any property loss. 

If you don't already have a home security system, talk with your agent about your options. A security system is an effective theft deterrent and it may earn you a discount on your home insurance premiums. 

What about Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance?

You may own another home, either as a vacation rental or a place to enjoy milder weather during Wisconsin's winters. If you own more than one home, you'll need special types of home insurance to cover your properties.

The house that you don't live in full time may have additional risks that require certain types of insurance. If your second home is tenant occupied, you may need higher liability and property damage insurance limits. Vacation homes that are often unoccupied may be at a higher risk of property damage and break-ins. 

Your agent can talk with you about possible risks and make sure all of your property is insured with the right type of policy. 

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Oshkosh, WI?

Working with an independent insurance agent is the easiest way to get the insurance you need at a great rate. You can get multiple insurance quotes from different companies with a single point of contact. An independent agent works for you, not a specific insurance company. 

Contact an insurance agent in Oshkosh and get personalized quotes and the advice you need to make the right decisions about your home insurance. 

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