Streetbike & Sportbike Insurance

(Why Sport Bike Riders Need Better Protection)

Streetbike and Sportbike Insurance

If you are a new owner of a street bike or sport motorcycle, you might be wondering where to find quality, affordable insurance that can protect you financially in the event of an accident. 

Or perhaps you are looking for better rates than your current carrier provides. These bikes are fast, and accidents do happen. Preparing yourself with coverage that can help you replace a damaged bike is critical.

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Better Motorcycle Insurance

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Motorcycle Safety Statistics

  • Motorcycle fatalities doubled over the ten years prior to 2006, peaking at 4,810.
  • Motorcycle helmet usage dropped during that period. In 2000, 71% of all riders wore a helmet regularly. In 2006, that number was only 51%.
  • Motorcycle accidents accounted for 11% of all highway deaths in 2006.

Are Street and Sport Bikes Risky?

If you ride a street bike, you may know that you are at a much greater risk of injury than other motorists. 

Drivers encased in the sturdy, metal frame of a sport utility vehicle or large sedan are more protected from injury during collisions or other mishaps. Sport and street bike riders, on the other hand, are exposed and vulnerable to injury.

Any collision on a motorcycle can cause severe injury or death. In October 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released statistics that indicated motorcycle operators are 25 times more likely to die in an accident than automobile passengers, and are five times as likely to be injured.

The high rates of speed and easy maneuverability of street and sport bikes make it tempting for riders to weave through traffic, passing slower vehicles and leaving traffic jams in the dust. However, because of their small size and lack of visibility, these motorcycles are at a high risk of collision. 

Operators should always be vigilant and drive defensively. Other motorists often have difficulty seeing motorcycles on the road, since they are so much smaller and quicker than other vehicles.

The risks of serious injury are even greater for riders of super sport bikes, which are becoming more popular. A supersport, sometimes called a “crotch rocket,” is a lightweight, extremely powerful motorcycle built for racing, modified for highway use, and sold to consumers. 

The typical supersport buyer is a male under age 30, who seeks a vehicle with rocket-like speed and tremendous horsepower. If you own one of these high-performance bikes, and are looking for “crotch rocket insurance,” you should look around for quotes that are in your budget and provide the coverage you need.

Speeding Is More Risky on Sport Bikes and Super Sports

Speeding and driver errors both play a much larger role as causes of highway fatalities among supersport operators than they do among traditional street bikes or other sport cycles. In 2005, speeding was a major factor in:

  • 57% of all supersport fatalities
  • 46% of sport and unclad sport bike fatalities
  • 27% of all fatalities among riders of cruisers and standards
  • 22% of all fatalities among riders of touring cycles

In fact, some studies indicate that although “crotch rockets” make up less than 10 percent of all motorcycles on the road, they account for upwards of 25 percent of all rider fatalities. 

Statistics such as these indicate that if you ride a supercharged bike, then you may want to consider some form of super sport insurance coverage to protect yourself and your machine.

What Kinds of Street Bike Insurance Are Available?

There are several types of coverage you can buy to protect yourself and your motorcycle. Some coverage protects your bike against damage or theft, some covers you in case you get injured, and some protects you financially if you cause injury to others. The following are some of the types of coverage you may need:

  • Comprehensive and collision: Collision insurance covers you if your motorcycle is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object such as a sign post, even if you are the one at fault. It will pay to replace any damaged parts or repair those that can be fixed. Comprehensive covers non-collision events such as theft, damage from a fire or vandalism.
  • Medical payment insurance: Medical payment insurance covers the cost of medical treatments or hospital stays you undergo resulting from an accident on your street bike or supersport bike. This coverage normally protects you whether you were at fault or not. Coverage is usually limited to treatments that take place within a certain amount of time after the accident. Three years is a common cut-off period. It is often limited to a certain dollar amount, as well.
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance: Bodily injury and property damage liability insurance protects you against costs that you may be liable for in an accident that damages someone else’s property or injures another person. You are covered up to the limit of the liability amount. Most insurance carriers allow you to select the liability amount; higher liability amounts have higher premiums, however.
  • Custom parts and equipment or accessory insurance: This special insurance covers any equipment or accessories on your bike in addition to the originally manufactured equipment. This includes an item that enhances the performance, appearance, or utility of the bike. Equipment often covered under this type of insurance include the following:
    • Electronic audio or communication equipment, including mounting hardware
    • Custom paint or exhaust equipment
    • Trike conversion kits
    • Trailers designed for use with a motorcycle (if attached at time of incident)
    • Sidecars (if attached at time of incident)
    • Protective apparel, including helmets, chaps, goggles and gloves

Better Motorcycle Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How to Search for Street Bike Insurance

To search for quotes, you can search insurance agencies online quickly and easily. Check consumer reports and ratings to make sure you're finding an agency that's reputable and an insurance agent who knows a lot about sport bikes. 

Local independent agents in your area can also tell you about the risks, rates, and the laws regarding street bike use in your city and state.

You can also choose to call directly to these insurers and speak over the phone. 

Online quoting for sportbike insurance may be available with some agencies, but if you have more complicated questions, it might be a good idea to have a conversation over the phone, or a meeting in person.

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