Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Service Insurance

Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Service Insurance

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Installation of the church tower bell tower. Find church bell and clock tower installation insurance.

Church bell and clock tower installation may be a niche business but the work still needs to be completed safely and successfully. Before you begin repairing or installing bells and clocks, make sure your business is adequately protected with business insurance.

An independent insurance agent can help you shop church bell and clock tower installation service insurance. They understand your risks and needs and will secure an insurance package that leaves you feeling confident in operating your business.

Why Do Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Services Need Insurance?

Business insurance is crucial so that your company does not go out of business from an event that could have been paid for by insurance. Whether you face a liability claim, property damage, or employee injury, potential business risks can be costly. Without proper coverage, the financial turmoil could shut you down.

For church bell and clock tower installation services, there are several unique risks that you face.

  • You're installing a clock tower during church services and an attendee trips over your equipment and ends up needing medical attention
  • Your equipment is stolen, vandalized, or broken on a job site
  • An employee is electrocuted while repairing a bell or clock tower
  • You install a church bell and several days later it falls and causes property damage to the church building
  • An employee gets in an accident in a company vehicle on the way to or from a job site

These risks along with several others is why church bell and clock tower installation services need the proper coverage for their business. 


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What Does Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Services Insurance Cover?

Most businesses need basic insurance coverages in order to safely operate. For church bell and clock tower installation services, the following business insurance provides basic coverage.

  • Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance: Pays for medical bills, legal fees, court fees, and additional costs related to third-party bodily injuries or property damage. 
  • Commercial property insurance: Covers damage to your business property including buildings, materials, equipment, and other contents in the event of a fire, vandalism, smoke, wind, and other named perils. 
  • Business interruption insurance: Helps cover daily expenses should your company have to cease operations because of fire damage or other covered events. Business interruption will cover salaries, mortgage, rent, utility bills, and other ongoing expenses. 
  • Business owners policy: Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, a BOP combines commercial liability, property, and business interruption insurance into an affordable package that is typically more affordable than purchasing the policies individually. Your agent can advise you on whether you qualify for a BOP.

How to Protect Your Tools and Equipment When on a Job Site?

Church bell and clock tower installers rely on a variety of tools and equipment to get their work done. At times these materials may be on a job site for multiple days or weeks. They also need to be transported between the warehouse to the church. 

The best way to insure your equipment is with an inland marine policy. This is a type of property insurance that is highly customizable through floaters in order to cover different types of business property. For church bell and clock tower installers, inland marine can cover the following situations.

  • Equipment that’s being transported to job sites or moved between locations
  • Any business property that may be stored or located at a different location than your headquarters or warehouse
  • Property or equipment that’s stored in a vehicle
  • Materials that are being used to build things
  • Tools and equipment that stays on a job site in order to be installed
  • Coverage for scaffolding 

Inland marine policies also allow you to set limits on specific equipment. Your agent can go into further detail about how inland marine insurance can work for you.

The Benefits of Workers' Compensation 

Church bells can be heavy and dangerous to work with and clock towers can put employees in high-risk installation scenarios. Should an employee get injured on the job, any medical bills would be the responsibility of the business owner. Even more, an employee could sue you claiming they were put in an unsafe situation.

Workers’ compensation is required by most states, and for good reason. In the unfortunate event that an employee is injured or falls ill during work, this helps pay any associated fees and bills. It will even cover lost wages and salaries for extended periods of time should the employee not be able to return to work.

Additional Coverages for Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Services

With such a unique service being offered, you may need additional business insurance coverages to be fully protected. Your agent will be able to advise you on extra coverages, such as the following policies.

  • Equipment breakdown insurance: Pays for any damage or repairs to equipment that unexpectedly breaks down. This includes machinery as well as in-office HVAC systems. It will not cover general wear and tear.
  • Cyber liability coverage: Will cover costs related to a data breach if you keep any customer data on a computer.
  • Flood insurance: Damage from natural waters is excluded from property insurance. Flood insurance can be purchased separately. 
  • Employee dishonesty coverage: Pays for claims made by an employee, former employee or group of employees claiming discrimination, wrongful termination or other harassment.
  • Errors and omissions insurance: Also known as professional liability insurance, this coverage will pay for claims resulting from negligence or poor workmanship.

How Much Does Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Service Cost?

Business insurance premiums are calculated by a number of factors. To start, companies will consider the following details.

  • Number of policies
  • Policy limits
  • Deductible
  • Location
  • Local crime rates
  • Number of employees
  • Danger of work
  • Number of company vehicles
  • Type of equipment and materials used

Your agent can help you understand what may impact your rates and work with you to save money where possible.


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The Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agents have experience working with different types of installation services. They understand the unique coverages that your church bell and clock tower installation company will need and where to find it.

Independent agents work within a network of insurance carriers and therefore shop for insurance with your best interest in mind. 

Should you need to file an insurance claim, an agent will help you through that process. They understand the ins and outs of filing and can help you navigate the situation and work with your carrier.

Compare Quotes for Church Bell and Clock Tower Installation Service Insurance

Online quotes can miss important coverages for your business. Skip the hassle of shopping online and work directly with an independent insurance agent today.

Agents will talk with you, one-on-one, and provide customized insurance quotes for your church bell and clock tower installation service business. They'll then help you determine the best coverage for your business.

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