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As a home carpet cleaning company, homeowners trust you to enter their home and understand the right process and products to clean their carpets. Being entrusted with someone else's property is a big responsibility, which is why you need specific business insurance to protect yourself and your clients.

Finding the right blend of coverage is a different process for every home carpet cleaning company, which is where an independent insurance agent can help. An agent understands the necessary business insurance you need and can help you find it. 

Why Does a Home Carpet Cleaning Company Need Insurance?

Every business can benefit from insurance coverage, but home carpet cleaning companies face unique risks because they operate a mobile business that interacts with a variety of different clients and products. 

For these reasons you need protection for your equipment, vehicles, employees, and the services you offer. Home carpet cleaning companies are at risk of the following potential scenarios.

  • Damaging the carpet you are cleaning or other property in the house
  • An employee getting injured while on the job
  • A homeowner or other occupant tripping over your equipment
  • Equipment malfunction during a job
  • Being sued by a client for poor execution 
  • An employee being in a car accident while going to or from a job

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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Home Carpet Cleaning Companies Need Liability Insurance

Anytime your business directly interacts with clients or their property, liability insurance is essential. Should a client get injured while you're cleaning their carpets or should you cause damage to their property, you could be sued for a variety of things. 

Fortunately, multiple liability coverages exist to cover every aspect of your business. The following are the most common policies to discuss with your agent.

  • Commercial general liability insurance: This policy protects your home carpet cleaning company from a range of scenarios where you could be sued. Should you or an employee injure a third party or damage their property in any way, commercial liability insurance will help pay for things like legal fees, medical bills, and property replacement.
  • Commercial auto liability insurance: Your carpet cleaning business needs a way to transport all of your equipment. Should an employee get in an accident while driving the company car, your business is at risk financially for the damage. 
  • Professional liability insurance:  Every business runs the risk of making a mistake and professional liability insurance would help pay for any legal fees if a customer were to sue you for a professional error. 
  • Commercial umbrella insurance:  Liability coverage has policy limits and if your business needs protection above and beyond these limits, a commercial umbrella policy can provide that covered. 

Workers' Compensation Can Protect Your Employees While on the Job

If your home carpet cleaning company employs multiple carpet cleaners, you're likely to be required to purchase workers' compensation. This type of coverage will help pay for any medical bills and income associated with an injury or illness that occurs while the employee is on the job.

  • Example 1: An employee is cleaning the carpet in a home and steps on a nail sticking out of the floor and has to go to the hospital for stitches.
  • Example 2: Your employee is injured while moving cleaning products from the company vehicle into the house and is out of work for two months.
  • Example 3: An employee has an allergic reaction to something in a customer's home. 

Every state has their own workers' compensation laws. These requirements set the amount of coverage that is required for each employee and the types of incidents that are covered. Workers' compensation is also designed to pay lost wages if an employee is out for an extended period.

Why Your Home Carpet Cleaning Company Needs Pollution Insurance

Pollution insurance, or environmental insurance, is a type of policy that will pay for damage or losses that result from the release of pollutants. General liability and property insurance typically exclude any third-party illnesses or property damage as a result of pollution, which is why your home carpet cleaning company needs pollution insurance.

An environmental hazard claim can lead to a lawsuit, business interruption, and hefty clean-up costs. Pollution insurance will help cover all these costs should a product you use in your carpet cleaning have negative impacts on a client or their property.

Additional Insurance Coverages to Consider

Depending on the size of your home carpet cleaning company, you may benefit from additional coverages that can protect your business. 

  • Equipment breakdown insurance: Should your cleaning equipment be damaged by severe weather or break down, it could majorly set back the productivity of your business. Equipment breakdown pays to repair or replace equipment when it's been damaged. 
  • Business property insurance: If your company has a building that it operates out of, business property insurance will protect the building and the contents inside, such as office equipment and furniture, if it's damaged by events such as fire, theft, vandalism, or something similar. 
  • Inland marine insurance: You take your cleaning equipment and tools from home to home, and inland marine coverage protects your stuff while it's in transit. 
  • Cyber liability insurance: Providing quality carpet cleaning services will keep clients coming back to you time and time again. If you keep personal information and payment information on file, a cyber liability package can protect your customers' personal information in the event of a cyberattack. 
  • Business interruption coverage: Should your business have to temporarily cease operations due to a covered peril, business interruption helps pay ongoing bills and payroll if necessary.
  • Business owners policy (BOP): For small to medium businesses that make less than $5 million a year, a business owners policy combines liability, property, and business interruption into an affordable package that costs less than purchasing these coverages individually.

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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Let an Independent Agent Help You 

As a business owner, protecting your property and your employees is crucial. And because you provide a majority of your business services on someone else's property, it's essential that your business insurance provide protection from getting sued. 

An independent agent is an expert in business insurance and understands the unique situations that a home carpet cleaning company needs protection from. An agent is on your side from day one and can even assist in filing a claim and making sure your coverage is always working for you.  

Find and Compare Quotes for Home Carpet Cleaning Company Insurance

Skip the time and effort it takes to get online quotes and go directly to working with an independent insurance agent today. They'll chat with you, free of charge, then assist you in finding coverage that meets all of your home carpet cleaning business's needs.

Agents work with multiple carriers to pull several price quotes and packages. They can walk you through their recommendations, make suggestions, and assist you in your final decision-making.

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