Seasonal Property Management Insurance

Seasonal Property Management Service Insurance Guide

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Seasonal Property Management Insurance

Seasonal property management services offer a wide variety of year-round property management services, from landscaping to snowplowing and everything in between.

As a business owner, you face a variety of potentially costly risks. If something goes wrong while you’re clearing snow or mowing the lawn at someone’s home or at a business, the consequences can be devastating.

Seasonal property management service insurance can help you cover your losses and protect your business. A local independent insurance agent can help you assess your risks and find the right business insurance policies that are tailored to your industry.

Why Do You Need Seasonal Property Management Service Insurance?

When you work on someone else’s property, you expose both your customers and your employees to injuries and other problems. Seasonal property management insurance protects you from financial losses related to these and other problems, including the following.

  • Damage to a client's property during the course of your work
  • Property losses (losses to tools, equipment, and other valuable commercial property) from a variety of sources, including fire, theft, severe weather, and vandalism
  • Lawsuits
  • Motor vehicle accidents

If someone sues you after you cause an injury or property damage, you’ll have to pay for your own legal fees. And if you sustain damage to your own property, you’ll have to pay to repair or replace it. That’s where your snowplowing and landscaping insurance plays an invaluable role.


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General Liability Insurance for Seasonal Property Management Services

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is essential coverage for seasonal property management services.

CGL insurance protects you from having to pay out of pocket for damage and medical expenses if your services cause damage to any of the homes you work on, or if you injure a customer or a bystander. It also covers your legal fees and any financial settlements or judgments that you’d have to pay out if you were sued. 

General liability insurance offers broad protection for a wide variety of negligence claims and lawsuits.

Do You Need Other Types of Liability Insurance?

Owners of seasonal property management services will likely need to invest in several other types of liability insurance in order to ensure that you have no gaps in your coverage. Discuss the following types of policies with your independent insurance agent.

  • Commercial vehicle insurance: This covers your cars, trucks, and any other vehicles you use for business. In addition to liability coverage, it provides collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. If you have employees who drive personal vehicles for business purposes, talk to your insurance agent about your need for non-owned auto liability insurance.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: Also known as excess liability coverage, this coverage provides supplemental liability protection beyond the limits of certain other liability policies. This policy can be invaluable for that once-in-a-lifetime judgment rendered against you.
  • Employment practices liability insurance: This covers you if an employee sues you for discriminatory employment practices.
  • Cyber liability insurance: This provides coverage in the event of a data breach involving your business.

An independent insurance agent can help you customize these policies for your unique needs.

Property Insurance for Seasonal Property Management Services

Commercial property insurance protects buildings and their contents, including computers, office equipment, furniture, and all of your commercial property (whether it is owned or leased) if it is damaged by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, or some other covered peril.

If you sustain damage that forces you to temporarily close or relocate, business interruption coverage will reimburse you for ongoing expenses (rent, salaries, etc.) and lost income during the closure or relocation period.

You may also need additional property coverage for your snowplowing and landscaping business. Talk to your independent insurance agent about your need for the following.

  • Employee crime and dishonesty coverage protects your business from the costs of theft, dishonesty, and fraudulent acts committed by an individual employee or a group of employees. It provides coverage for forgery, alteration, theft, unauthorized electronic funds transfers, credit card fraud, computer fraud, money order fraud, and counterfeit fraud.
  • Inland marine insurance covers tools, equipment, and supplies as they are in transit. And if any of your tools are stolen from a job site, inland marine insurance will cover the cost of replacing the tools.

These policies can be tailored to your unique needs.


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Why Do You Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Accidents involving your workers can happen at any time. If one of your employees gets injured while on the job, you’re responsible for paying for his or her medical expenses. What’s more, he or she may not be able to work until fully recovered, leaving the employee without his or her income.

Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees and your business from the costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses. It provides coverage for medical care and income protection for an injured worker while he or she is unable to work. Workers’ compensation insurance also helps protect employers from lawsuits by injured employees.

How Much Does Seasonal Property Management Service Insurance Cost?

Your costs for seasonal property management service insurance will vary depending on the unique characteristics of your business, such as the location, the number of employees, the value of your commercial property (building plus contents), whether or not you own your building, and how many trucks, plows, or other commercial vehicles you own and operate.

Benefits of an Independent Agent

An independent insurance agent who has experience working with seasonal property management services and other similar businesses can help you decide the types and amounts of coverage that you need for your business. The choices you make will determine your cost of coverage.

Independent agents can work with numerous, reputable insurance companies who specialize in your type of business. Together you can review a variety of proposals and choose the best mix of coverage that meets your needs and budget.


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Find and Compare Quotes for Seasonal Property Management Service Insurance

Instead of getting an online quote, find an independent insurance agent now, and get one-on-one consultation and affordable options for the best coverage for your unique needs.

Your agent will work with you free of charge to get quotes from multiple insurance companies so you can make the best choice.

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