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How to Insure Your Antique Furniture Restoration Business

The best coverage for when you're bringing history back to life

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If you're a business that offers antique furniture restoration, you have the responsibility of bringing history back to life while taking exceptional care of someone else's valuable property. 

Should something go wrong, your business could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, liability claims, or other financial losses. That's why an independent insurance agent is there to help you get the business insurance coverage you need so you can offer the best restoration services possible. 

What Type of Insurance Does an Antique Furniture Restoration Service Need?

Restoring antique furniture means dealing with historic pieces of furniture that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Antique furniture also tends to come with sentimental value to its owner. There's minimal room for mistakes but some risks are out of your hands.

In order to best protect your business, the furniture, and your employees, it's best to start with the following types of coverages.

  • Commercial property insurance: Whether you restore furniture out of a warehouse or a small office space, commercial property insurance protects the building and your contents inside in the event of damage from a fire, theft, vandalism, or similar events. 
  • General liability insurance: Even if you're a one-person restoration shop, there's always a risk that someone coming onto your property will slip and fall or experience property damage. A general liability policy covers things like medical bills, legal fees, and court fees if you're sued for third-party bodily or property damage.
  • Commercial auto liability insurance: If you offer pickup or delivery of your customer's furniture, you will want to invest in a commercial auto policy. This will provide coverage should you or an employee be in an accident while operating the company vehicle. 

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Antique Furniture Restoration Services Need Bailee's Coverage

Bailee's coverage is a type of business property insurance that is designed for businesses that have other people's property in their care, like antique furniture. 

While you are restoring someone's furniture, a number of things could go wrong such as a fire, theft, vandalism, or similar event. Since the furniture is in your care during the event, it is your financial responsibility. However, general liability and property insurance are only designed to cover your property and assets, not those of your customers. That is what bailee's coverage is for.

Bailee's coverage can be added to your policy as an add-on that your independent agent can help you secure. 

Other Types of Coverage to Consider

Depending on the size of your business and how you operate, there are additional coverages that can protect your business. Speak to your agent about the following options to see if you could benefit from them.

  • Workers' compensation: If you have employees, most states will require you to provide coverage in the event that an employee is injured or falls ill during working hours.
  • Flood insurance: If your business is located in a state that is prone to severe storms, flood insurance is essential. Damage from natural waters is not provided in commercial property insurance, and flood coverage must be purchased separately.
  • Business owners policy: A business owner policy is designed for small businesses and combines liability, property, and business interruption insurance in one package. Should you qualify, it could provide adequate coverage for an affordable price.
  • Crime insurance: If someone breaks into your office space or warehouse and steals your customer's furniture, you're responsible for the cost of replacement. Crime coverage can help pay for those costs.
  • Umbrella coverage: If you find yourself restoring highly valuable antique furniture, an umbrella policy can offer additional coverage above and beyond your business policy limits. 

How Much Does Antique Furniture Restoration Service Insurance Cost? 

The cost of business insurance varies from business to business and even between antique furniture restoration companies. If you specialize in a specific type of furniture or employ a lot of people, it can impact your rates.

Other factors like your business's location, local crime rates, and the risk for damaging weather can add to your premium costs. You'll also be impacted by the deductible that you choose. 

Rather than stress over the possible costs, speak with an independent agent who will pull multiple quotes for you from several different companies. They can walk you through the different coverages and discuss premium options and make recommendations.  


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why Work with an Independent Insurance Agent? 

Antique furniture restoration services are a unique type of business offering which requires an expert insurance agent who has experience in insuring this type of business. 

Once they have the information they need, they'll shop for different carriers and make suggestions of coverage and the best insurance companies to work with for your coverage. In addition, should you need to file a claim, your agent will be there with you to walk you through the process and assist you in filing your claim and receiving your benefits. 

Find and Compare Quotes for Antique Furniture Restoration Service Insurance

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Agents will chat with you, free of charge, and pull quotes from multiple carriers. They'll walk you through the benefits of each policy and advise you on the best coverage and company to fit your antique furniture restoration business.

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